Resources. To top. M Series data sheet M 2G User Manual Maestro Version: 1 – File size: . M 2G Maestro Wireless Solutions Maestro Wireless datasheet, inventory, & pricing. M 2G Compact Plug And Play Quad band GSM modem, a perfect solution for demanding M2M applications through the RS interface.

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Maestro M100 2G Quick Start Manual & User Manual

Configure AI 3 trigger condition that value is higher than the high limit threshold value 2s, and trigger Command String 1 if signal condition match: There are three option parameters: It covers a hardware installation, quick start guide, accessories listing, and troubleshooting details.

The length of the command is limited to characters. Command strings can be executed upon power up or directly by AT commands 3. If time is passed the setting will be cancelled.

Only incoming SMS with the first 6 characters matching with this key will be treated as a valid source of remote AT command. No No Client mode? If it is set to 0 initiates the sending of a TCP frame as soon as possible after the reception of a single character value from the host.


M 2G – Gallery – Maestro Wireless Solutions Ltd.

Low-to-High exceed High Limit to trigger – 0: Equipments Description Connect an antenna with SMA male connector on the modem, make sure the antenna is tightly secured. Unit is in millisecond. Unlike AT command, Command strings can be stored inside M 2G and can be executed upon output of certain services. If the input signal change is less than ms this feature will not be able to detect accurately.

This chapter will describe those required setups. Please refer to Chapter And once data enter to serial port data will maestto buffered and then start connecting remote TCP server. This can be used as a identifier to the remote party.

Revision History Edit address This manual is written without any warranty. Default value is 0 i. It will be executed even it is not a valid AT command or even not an AT command. This command is to read current parameter or status of a particular service. So user can access M 2G with pre-registered hostname. Trigger Type c. If two or more Timers expire at the same timer, Maestrk with smaller id has higher priority, i.

m10 Following providers are tested working correctly: Possible arguements Defined Madstro The Service cannot detect AI value change period less than 1s.


Maximum three group of reipent s can be sent for a single email: Valid range is 1 to Default value is 0 no retry. If the second time retry i. Setting up EM set 2 with elements: Up to 10 set of groups service type EM, id 1 to 10 can be set with different combinations of “elements”: See following for more explanation.

For details please read AT command document. However, if one Command String is incorrect or invalid execution will be stopped and successive Command Stings will not be executed. Maximum 60 bytes can be set.

M100 2G – Technical specifications

The socket communication service is one way only. So changing the values by this command will also change the corresponding Command String values at the same time. It can be consisting 1 to 16 alphanumeric characters. There are two kinds of Services: Execute stored Command String to control Services again Confidential, the whole present document is the sole property of Maestro Wireless Solution Ltd.

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