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STAM was founded in In NIMS took over the management of its peer review and financial systems, resulting in a continuous rise of the impact of the journal. Empa will provide further support for the editorial management of STAM. In particular, it will establish a European office in Switzerland trevisn reinforce the Editorial Board. From this point of view, I am pleased and excited to have new colleagues from Empa on our Editorial Board, and I believe that this collaboration will bring us a remarkable improvement in the international visibility of STAM and increase the number of paper submissions from Europe.

It will expand the topics covered in the journal from traditional fields of materials science with a focus on energy and environmental issues to medical and bioengineering applications, where Empa has a significant expertise. I firmly believe that Empa’s participation in publishing STAM will reinforce its position as an open-access journal with a global audience.

I am also pleased to learn that the year not only marks the 15th anniversary of STAMbut also the th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Switzerland. Toyonobu Yoshida Advances in ligros science are key for the sustainable development of our society.

That is why, starting from JanuaryEmpa, the Lauo Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, have engaged in an entirely new field of activity: We have a clear-cut goal in mind: I would like to extend my warmest greetings to the readers and staff of Science and Technology of Advanced Materials STAMon the occasion of its 10th anniversary.

Launched inSTAM marks this year an important milestone in its history. This is a great occasion to celebrate. It was initially supported by several materials research societies and was published as a regular peer-reviewed journal.

Significant changes occurred inwhen the National Institute for Materials Science NIMS became solely responsible for all the costs of maintaining the journal. As a result, the publication charges were waived and the entire STAM content, including all back issues, became freely accessible through the IOP Publishing website. The transition has made STAM more competitive and successful in global publication communities, with innovative ideas and approaches. The journal has also changed its publication strategy, aiming to publish a limited number of high-quality articles covering the frontiers of materials science.

Special emphasis has been placed on reviews and focus issues, providing recent summaries of hot materials science topics. Publication trevisna become electronic only; however, selected issues are printed and livroe distributed lajro major international scientific events. The Editorial Board has been expanded to include leading experts from all over the world and, together with the Editorial Office, the board members are doing their best to transform STAM into a leading materials science journal.


These efforts are paying off, as shown by the rapidly increasing number of article downloads and citations in I believe that the STAM audience can not only deepen their knowledge in their own specialties but. I denne bacheloroppgaven tar jeg opp temaet stamming i barnehagen. Kunnskap om stammingsamarbei Mart Stam y la creatividad colectiva. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Gerontechnology acceptance by elderly Hong Kong Chinese: The purpose of this study was to develop and test a senior technology acceptance model STAM aimed at understanding the acceptance of gerontechnology by older Hong Kong Chinese people.

The proposed STAM extended previous technology acceptance models and theories by adding age-related health and ability characteristics of older people. The proposed STAM was empirically tested using a cross-sectional questionnaire survey with a sample of seniors aged 55 and over in Hong Kong. For older Hong Kong Chinese, individual attributes, which include age, gender, education, gerontechnology self-efficacy and anxiety, and health and ability characteristics, as well as facilitating conditions explicitly and directly affected technology acceptance.


These were better predictors of gerontechnology usage behaviour UB than the conventionally used attitudinal factors usefulness and ease of use. Endocytosis is a key regulatory step of diverse signalling pathways, including receptor tyrosine kinase RTK signalling. Hrs and Stam constitute the ESCRT-0 complex that controls the initial selection of ubiquitinated proteins, which will subsequently be degraded in lysosomes. We have recently isolated the first mutations of stam in flies and shown that Stam is required for air sac morphogenesis, a larval respiratory structure whose formation critically depends on finely tuned levels of FGFR activity.

We show that stam and hrs are required for efficient FGFR signalling in the tracheal system, both during cell migration in the air sac primordium and during the formation of fine cytoplasmic extensions in terminal cells. Electron microscopy analyses indicate that endosome maturation is impaired at distinct steps by hrs and stam mutations. These somewhat unexpected results prompted us to further explore the function of stam and hrs in EGFR signalling. We show that while stam and hrs together downregulate EGFR signalling in the embryo, they are required for full activation of EGFR signalling during wing development.

Our study shows that the ESCRT-0 complex differentially regulates RTK signalling, either positively or negatively depending on tissues and developmental stages, further highlighting the importance of endocytosis in modulating signalling pathways during development.

On the age of the Nele asteroid family. The Nele group, formerly known as the Iannini family, is one of the youngest asteroid families in the main belt. Here, we verify this conclusion by detailed orbit-propagation of a synthetic Nele family and show that the current level of clustering of secular angles of the largest Nele family members requires an approximate age limit of 4.


Additionally, we make use of an updated and largely extended Nele membership to obtain, for the first time, an age estimate of this family using the backward integration method. Convergence of the secular angles in a purely gravitational model and in a model including the non-gravitational forces caused by the Yarkovsky effect are both compatible with an age younger than 7 Myr. Laurl accurate determination of the Nele family age would require additional data about the llivros state of its members.

Lotte Stam -Beese The path she travelled to get there. Chagas disease also known as American laruo is caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi. Over the last 30 trveisan, Chagas disease has expanded from a neglected parasitic infection of the rural population to an urbanized chronic disease, becoming a potentially emergent global health problem. Indeed, diverse clinical manifestations from asymptomatic to highly severe disease have been attempted to be related to T.


Due to that, several DTU typing methods have been introduced. Each method has its own advantages and drawbacks such as high complexity and analysis time and all rrevisan them are based on genetic signatures. Recently, a novel method discriminated bacterial strains using a peptide identification-free, genome sequence-independent shotgun proteomics workflow. The method was robust towards different sample preparations, length of chromatographic gradients and fragmentation techniques.

Moreover, a pilot inter-laboratory study showed the applicability treviean different MS platforms. This is the first study that develops a MS-based platform for T. Full Text Available Information-theoretic inequalities play a fundamental role in numerous scientific and technological areas e.

In particular, they gave rise to the design of various quantifiers statistical complexity measures of the internal tfevisan of a quantum system. The latter is proved by generalizing the Stam inequality, which lowerbounds the product of the Shannon entropy power and the Fisher information of a probability density function.

An extension of this inequality was already proposed by Bercher and Lutwak, a particular case of the general one, where the three parameters are linked, allowing to determine the sharp lower bound and the associated probability density with minimal complexity.

Using the notion of differential-escort deformation, we are able to determine the sharp bound of the complexity measure even when the three parameters are decoupled in a certain range. We determine as well the distribution that saturates the inequality: Finally, the complexity measure is calculated for various quantum-mechanical states of the harmonic and hydrogenic systems, which are the two main. The subject matter of this article is the authorship and co-authorship of Dr.

Made in Estonia maraton Suri Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. Eksklusiivne plaadileping Ksenija Sidorovale.

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