Centro de Estudios Teosóficos de Atlixco’s photo. LAS 7 LEYES HERMETICAS DEL KYBALION. 6 photos. Centro de Estudios Teosóficos de Atlixco’s photo. las 7 leyes universales del kybalion pdf e investigadores de las Doctrinas Secretas, obra que esta basada en las antiquisimas ensenanzas hermeticas.

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On the other hand if Unity of Mind is accomplished, the various religions in the world would melt into a single Universal Hermericas that is based on Knowledge and not beliefs, hypothesis, or theory. Humans, are subject to the Law of Attraction and Repulsion in that it makes each of us a very distinct and unique individual, each with likes and dislikes that differ one from the other.

The well spiritually informed person becomes a mover of the chessboard of LIFE instead of being a mere pawn that is moved about by forces stronger than themselves. Knowing this, how is it that humanity can be so violent towards each other except for gross ignorance, being that we all appear from the same field of energy and we all return to it every moment of our lives?

It is a personal undertaking.

The Subconscious Mind edits and removes from the Mind the things that the individual “believes” to be non-existent and tailors its perception of reality according to his or her beliefs. This principle states that there is a harmony which can be made, agreement and correspondence between these planes, delineated as:. They have barely come hermeyicas of their Dark Age conceptions in the lapse of the centuries while they clutched and attached themselves to their blind kybzlion and keeping humanity ignorant regarding SPIRIT.

Moreover, the bible has been corrupted by religious imposters who have imposed their own written beliefs in the last two thousand years and causing disunity within their membership who blindly call the bible “The Word of God” without investigating the underlying reality of the Truth regarding the corruption of the kybaliln.


Their self made conceptions of ethics are unable to sustain their political walk in a proper manner. All religions in the world have varying degrees of disagreements amongst themselves and are the reason for the various divisions and denominations that are unable to agree on anything. All of this because of the ignorance of Spiritual LAW that will take a hand in their demise. There can be no unity within a religion or between religions because of the lack of a unifying centralized Knowledge that is not based on beliefs, but is based upon firmly established Principles that are not of man’s invention or ideas that unifies the diversity of all religions.


Is it a wonder why most humans live in “unconsciousness,” completely unaware of the reality they live in? Disembodiment terminates the experience of Space, Time, and Change or at least retards the experience.

The human genome is an aspect of consciousness bodily presence and is connected kyblaion the Seven Chakras and higher up kybaion the scale of Life to SPIRIT itself of which most of it is unknowable in today’s mass consciousness. Sexual energy is a powerful attraction between male and female that very few people can properly control its power and is in place to prevent the extinction of mortal humans. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted.

It is a benevolent power when properly utilized in knowledge and awareness. They are for the most part non-existent to the world because they do not belong to our Plane of Life and Being but can manifest themselves and appear any place at any time for any reason of their own digression and will. Humans who are involved in terrorism will be leyfs by the return swing of the pendulum in the Principle of RHYTHM and as time goes by, the terrorist becomes the terrorized as they will reap what they have sown.

Examples of alternate non-depleting energy: They have become as gods, the gods of their own being.

This article’s use of external links may not follow Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines. In the hogwash state of Mind, much Knowledge will escape the grasp of the physicist but will be found again by another who will help the human race to advance further along. The religious belief regarding a conditional and limited Creator allows the concept of duality that God is in heaven above and Satan is in hell below.

There will be no reason for disagreement or disharmony.

hermeicas They simply go through physical objects as if it is non-existent. Nothing is allowed to stand still; that is true evolution. Now, imagine that the Universe is full of this free flowing energy. If man should succeed to utilize this Knowledge for evil ambitions, the total decimation of the human race is guaranteed and there is nothing to worry about anymore except for a handful of humans who have attained self-mastery and who have momentarily stepped out of physical hermetiicas to escape the massive destruction by converting their physical bodies into the pure energy field of reality.

In the Hermetocas view, would this be considered a “Christ Principle” or would it be an “anti-Christ Principle” that the financial institutions and certain individuals engaged themselves in? There are many other triggers staged in other parts of the world and our solar system.


The Kybalion – Wikipedia

All the pearls, gold, silk, or change in their environment will not solve their disunity. In this way can mutual respect be accomplish as we can enjoy each other’s culture and learn from each other and speak of ONE GOD whose presence is observed in the unseen Cosmic Energy and Principles.

We create poverty because of our ignorance of the abundance of SPIRIT and because of shortsighted greed that will prevent us from recognizing our own wealth and we are found in wanton and turn to the dark side in the futility of low passions and appetites for survival Ideally, one wants to have a balanced mental gender.

The Principle of Polarity manifests the “Heart Chakra,” therefore, “Where a man’s heart is, there is his treasure also. An observant person can see the Truth on their own and find the answer if he or she will but look that the true meaning of The Devil that is in fact the dark and evil side of the Human Nature.

At the moment we are living in a time that will display the very best and the very worst in humans with a increasingly widening gap between the two aspects in all levels of society as humans become increasingly polarized in groups according to their conduct and choices in Life.

The moving vibratory timeline of the “present” animates that which is in the future and are events that momentarily pass through our lives and becomes the recorded history of the present. As for all governments in the world, the greater the evil ambitions of a government, the quicker their demise will be. It the only way to make sense of measuring enormous vast distances. Their physical features would scare humans to insanity because of ignorance.

The Law of Repulsion is important because it is otherwise not possible for each of the four elements to remain as individual distinct manifestations. It is better we clean up our environment then to have Nature do it for us.

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