Lexmark C manual: CHAPTER 3: Printer Job Language. Lexmark c User Guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Service manual for the lexmark C C series. by lftrev in Types > Instruction manuals and service manual lexmark c c service guide repair guide.

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Clearing Image Transfer Unit Jams Clearing image transfer unit jams Open the front access door and the left access door. Maintenance Page – Ordering supplies and maintenance items Page – Recycling Lexmark products Page – Removing memory and option cards Page – Removing memory cards Page Page – Removing a hard disk Page Page – Reinstalling the system board access cov Values for this menu item are supplied by the specific print server.

Page Turn the printer off. Alarm To establish whether the printer reprints jammed pages. Before selecting Reset Printer, exit the software application you are using.

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lexmxrk Slide the image transfer unit out and place it on a clean, flat surface. Remove all the print cartridges. Print media 1, 2 Plain paper Grain long Light: The specified output bin, or bins, is full. Maintenance Determining the f762 of supplies To determine the status of all of the consumables installed in your printer, print the menu settings page.

Clearing fuser jams Clear the paper path. Page 52 Printer does not examine the incoming data. Page 87 — Install additional printer memory. Failure What you can do Turn off and unplug the printer.

Lopenfile command, Lclosefile command | Lexmark C User Manual | Page /

Page A typical example of this is when a user is trying to match the color of a corporate logo. To obtain source code files for the Lexmark modified GNU licensed software, launch the drivers CD that shipped with your printer and click Contact Lexmark. See Grasp the firmware card gently and pull it straight out in one motion. Got it, continue to print.


Page Pull down on the handle. Reinstalling The System Board Access Cover Reinstalling the system board access cover Align the slots at the top of the access cover with the screws near the top of the printer.

Page When a user prints a document, information describing the type and color of each object in the document is sent to the printer. Hold the door down while removing jams. For more information, refer to the Technical Reference available on our Lexmark Web site at www. Solving Option Problems Solution Use c726 paper and other specialty media.

This often fixes the problem.

Disabled The printer does not print the last page of a print job until one of the following occurs: Store paper in its original wrapper until you load it into the printer. However, using a custom printer driver and network port provides enhanced functionality, such as printer status alerts. Printing a menu settings page One or two pages print, depending on the number of menu settings you have.

Resetting Fuser Cnt The printer is resetting the counter that tracks wear on the d762. Page Symptom Cause White or colored Either the print cartridges are defective, the image transfer unit line and transfer roller are defective, or the fuser is defective.

Touching the belt will damage the image transfer unit. Slide the latches out, and then pull up to refasten them.

Utilities Menu Utilities Menu Lexmafk the Utilities Menu to print a variety of listings relating to available printer resources, printer settings, and print jobs. To assure compliance with FCC regulations on electromagnetic interference for a Class A computing device, use a properly shielded and grounded cable such as Lexmark part number for parallel attach or 12A for USB attach.


Lexmark C762 User Manual

Page of Go. Page 61 Menu Item Purpose Paper To identify the texture of the paper loaded in a specific source and to ensure that characters print clearly. While holding down the lever behind the front access door, insert a folded piece of paper as shown to clear the paper sensors under the image transfer unit. Japanese Vcci Notice Note: Page 60 C5 Envelope Universal Select Universal when you load paper that does not match lex,ark of the other available sizes.

If the printer finds a tray that has paper of the correct type and size, it feeds paper from that tray. Table of Contents Add to my c7662 Add.

Page 86 Message What this message manuwl 37 Insufficient The ledmark memory or hard disk, if installed does not have the free space Collation Area necessary to collate the print job. See Determining the status of supplies be replaced. Area J Remove the duplex tray. Use the drivers CD that shipped with your printer to install the custom printer driver and obtain all the enhanced printer features and functionality.

Multipage To print a border around each page image when using Multipage Print.

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