“Leiningen Versus the Ants” is a gripping tale of Man versus Nature. As a virtual plague of voracious, thinking creatures marches toward the expansive coffee. Leiningen Versus the Ants has ratings and 26 reviews. Gbolahan said: Read this some 25 years ago. Can’t remember where (a collection of short stories. Leiningen Versus the Ants, a Short Story by Carl Stephenson.

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Of the three great petrol cisterns near the house, one had already been half emptied by the constant withdrawals needed for the pumps during the fight at the water ditch.

It was kinda of a boring book. He had underestimated the might of the enemy; he really would have to bestir himself if he hoped to outwit them. The thwarted river had swept over the plantation, carrying with it the entire army. For Leiningen had not erred when he decided he would fight elemental with elemental.

The biggest danger now, he decided, was the point where the western section of the ditch curved southwards. Now that he had completed his task, he felt the smart raging over his flesh from the bites of sawing and piercing insects.

It had strayed near the zone of the army. Something must be blocking the outflow pipe of the third and last cistern-a snake or a dead rat? Nov 13, Noah McClintock rated it liked it. However, Leiningen realizes that his original principle of canals and damming can be put to use: You don’t know these ants!

It was with a contented mind that he finally betook himself to bed where he slept deeply until dawn, undisturbed by any thought that next day little more might be left of him than a glistening skeleton.


Leiningen Versus the Ants by Carl Stephenson

For a while an alluvial of ants tried again and again to attain this dry land, only to be repulsed by streams of petrol back into the merciless flood. Now, for the first time, he realized he was coated from head to foot with a layer of ants. He saw he was drawing appreciably nearer the weir–the distance grew less and less–sank to five hundred–three–two–one hundred yards.

He also detailed parties of them to patrol the ditch in two of his motor cars and angs to illuminate the surface of the water with headlights and electric torches. A third rode away to summon to the zone of the offensive all the men, except the observation posts, on the near-by sections of the ditch, which were not yet actively threatened.

Leiningen Versus the Ants

Once more an oily girdle surrounded the garrison, once more it was possible to hold the position–for the moment. It is not easy for the average person to imagine that an animal, not to mention an insect, can think. No, I called the tune, and now I’m going to pay the piper.

This was two miles from the point of invasion. The review is of the radio script only. He eventually brings in by air enough garlic and butter to cook all the snails into escargot. Then they began to climb up this to make straight for the helpless garrison.

The bridges over the concrete ditch were removed.

He reaches the dam controls and floods the plantation; this means the destruction of his year’s crop, but it will save his men, preserve the contents of his granaries and destroy the menace of the ants.

View all 5 comments. Read this some 25 years ago. The peons rushed to him, stripped off his clothes, tore away the ants from a body that seemed almost one open wound; in some paces the bones were showing. Had it not been for the awe in which they held the boss, they would infallibly have carried him shoulder high. As twilight began to fall, a cordon of ants marched around the petrol trench, but as yet made no move towards its brink.


Oct 21, Keith rated it liked it Shelves: He started the wheel–before it turned once on its axis the swarm covered his face. Stock footage from The Naked Jungle was used in the episode.

It puts forward the ideal of a heroic individual fighting against evil the ants without help from a cowardly, self-interested public. I really liked the love interest with his mail order bride, which was in the movie, but not the book. It really was senseless, wasn’t it? Before he could direct the river anew into the safeguarding bed he saw himself surrounded by raging ants. Rushing across the ditch, they attained the inner bank before the slow-witted Indians fully grasped the situation.

Perhaps the failure to find a way over the ditch was persuading the ants to withdraw from the plantation in search of spoils more easily attainable.

True, streams of petrol and clumps of earth still prevented a landing. It was not only hoped but expected that the ants would remain quiet until dawn. And now he was sure he would prove more than a match for the “irresistible” ants. Anything, even a fight midstream against alligators, seemed better than powerlessly waiting for death to come and slowly consume their living bodies.

Jun 08, Scott rated it liked it Shelves:

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