Anul aparitiei: Caracterele 2 vol. Stoc anticariat ce trebuie reconfirmat. Adauga in cos. La Bruyere. Caracterele 2 vol. Editura: Pentru Literatura Universala. La Bruyere în Caracterele. grosolănie, totuşi o femeie se uită pururi la un bărbat ca la un bărbat şi, la rândul său, un bărbat se uită la o femeie ca la o femeie. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Les caractères, by Jean de la Bruyère This Quelquefois aussi il sait feindre le caractère le plus conforme aux vues qu’il a et.

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Our mind is kept more occupied by Cor- neille’s tragedies, but by Racine’s we are more softened and moved.

Colbert induced some Dutch and Flemish weavers to settle in France, where they made a cloth called Toile Colbertine, of which Moliere wore a doublet as the Marquis in les Facheux.

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Carti la bruyere

The youth of Smyrna, who saw her formerly so proud and so void of feeling, now think that the gods have punished her too severely. Chassang have laid me under great obligations. A good author, who writes carefully, laa finds that the expression he has been looking for for some time, and which he did not know, proves, when found at last, to be the most simple, the most natural, and the one which was most likely to present itself to him spontaneously at first.

The result was quite unlike anything that had been seen previously, and, it has not been exactly reproduced since, although the essay of Addison and Steele resembles it very closely, especially in the introduction of fancy portraits. At this the unfeeling Emira be- came jealous ; she perceived that Ctesiphon spoke what he caraxterele felt, and that he was not only capable of gallantry, but even of tenderness.

If women were by nature what they make themselves by art ; if they were to lose suddenly all the freshness of their complexion, and their faces to become as fiery and as leaden as they make them with the red and the paint they bruyete themselves with, they would consider themselves the most wretched creatures on earth. It is perhaps less difficult for uncommon minds to hit upon the grand and the sublime than to avoid all kinds of errors.

Eloquence may be found in conversations and in all kind of writings ; it is rarely found when looked for, and sometimes discovered where it is least expected. From that time she cooled towards her friend ; yet she wished to see the couple together once more, to make quite sure that her suspicions were well-founded.


It is no more in our power to love bruyre than it was not to love at all. An intelligent man, of a simple and straight- forward character, may fall into some snare, for he does not think that anybody would spread one for him or select him in order to deceive him.

He makes the whole company intoxicated, and caacterele the last to remain comparatively sober. Among the Romans a lawyer was brave and a soldier learned ; a Roman was a soldier and a lawyer, How we are tortured when we hear a dull soliloquy delivered in a pompous tone, or indifferent verses read with all the emphasis of a wretched poet!

If sometimes one of the varacterele is portrayed with too many details, it is because it is taken not from one man, but composed of a series of shrewd and clever observa- tions made on different personages ; and hence our author caracferele them ” Characters,” and not “portraits.

Some men, satisfied with themselves because their actions or works have been tolerably successful, and having heard that modesty becomes great men, affect the simplicity and the natural air of truly modest people, like those persons of middling size who stoop, when under a doorway, for fear of hurting their heads. Criticism is often not a science but a trade, re- quiring more health than intelligence, more industry than capacity, more practice than genius.

The lives of caracgerele have enriched history, and history has adorned the actions of heroes ; and thus I cannot say whether the historians are more indebted to those who provided them with such noble materials, or those great men to their historians. He has done and performed deeds before he knew caractereel ; or rather, he knew what was never taught him. But they had been reconciled more than a year before the “Characters” were published.

In war it is very difficult to make a distinction between a hero and a great man, for both possess military virtues. A blockhead cannot enter a room, nor leave it, nor sit down, nor rise, nor be silent, cafacterele stand on his legs like an intelligent man. Or is it so easily to be pleased, and is no verisimilitude needed?

Carti la bruyere

If at any time we have been liberal to those we loved, whatever happens afterwards, there is no occasion to think of what we have given. There were fifteen tresoriers at Caen, of whom only some were obliged to reside there, but all became ennobled by virtue of their office, and received as non-residents a yearly salary of about livres.

The 18th century was a wealth of knowledge, exploration and rapidly growing technology and expanding record-keeping made possible by advances in the printing press. An inconstant woman is one who is no longer in love ; a giddy woman is one who is already in love with another person ; a flighty woman neither knows if she loves or whom she loves ; and an indifferent woman is one who loves nobody.


This translation seems to have been very successful, for the sixth edition, the only one I have seen, was published in two volumes caractrele 1 7 1 3: Terentius 2 wanted nothing but to be less cold.

When now and then his feelings get the better of him, he expresses his opinions 1 It was the custom in Paris, at the time La Bruyere wrote, for any gentleman or lady to leave part of their gains on the table, to pay, as it were, for the cards ; hence the allusion.

Corneille is more moral, Racine more 1 Three tragedies by Corneille. It is not so difficult to meet with excessive love as with perfect friendship.

bruyfre We should always aim at perfection, and then posterity will do us that justice which sometimes our contemporaries refuse us.

During the eighteenth century the names of the Marechale de la Ferte, and of her sister the Countess d’Olonne see page 61, noteboth of very dissolute manners, were mentioned as having been the originals of Claudia and Messalina, whilst Claudia was also, according to some, a portrait of Marie-Anne Mancini, Duchesse de Bouillon, though it is not probable that La Bruyere intended to allude caracterle her.

Full text of “The “Characters” of Jean de la Bruyère”

Love receives its death-wound from aversion, and forgetfulness buries it. Most women judge of the merits and good looks of a man by the impression he makes on them, and very rarely allow either of those qualities to a person who is indifferent to them. Montaigne was of opinion that women had no need of learning, and Moliere, in his Fenimes Savantes, holds the golden mean.

I cannot help admiring and being amazed on beholding some people who shall be name- less ; I open my eyes wide when I see them ; I gaze on them ; they speak and I listen ; then I inquire, and am told certain things, which I do not forget.

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I praise, therefore, the skill of his tailor. Perhaps it may be said that ” such characters are natural. A certain magistrate was going to be raised by his merit to the highest legal dignity ; he was a man of subtle mind and of experience, but must needs print a treatise of morality, which was quickly bought up on account of its absurdity.

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