This page contains information about the Owners Manual for the PC1X from Kurzweil Music Systems. This page contains information about the PC1 Series User Guide for the PC1X from Kurzweil Music Systems. Contact the nearest Kurzweil office listed below to locate your local Kurzweil unit’s weight (about 50 pounds for a PC1X, 23 pounds for a PC). If you are.

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So the sounds are not on top of technology, and remain for me the sounds of old gnration Many of the string settings don’t sound that good by themselves, but most of them sound surprisingly fine in a mix.

I can do this easily with an AlesisQ88, or my most excellent KorgNano. You can use the expression pedal to kurzweip the volume, but it won’t control the balance between a main and split part.

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Kurzweil can rgler really like you will, but finding the right rglage forcment not empty You have to periodically go around the keyboard and tighten all the screws. I can play just about as fast as anyone, but the Kurzweil’s keyboard keeps up with me no matter what I throw at it, yet it is extremely dynamic.

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K5 has multi- instrument groups multis. The samples were mostly keyboards and pianos most notable market even that is done in VST plug does not come close to the height! With a handy exterior oversized pocket, it makes it easy to carry cables, power supplies, and other accessories.

No audible transition between the samples, it rsons best, it is deeper, all served by a heavy touch prcis trs but too “mlasson” I gotbut the sound kawai I find it not natural at all, too artificial anything.

Do the A and B knobs control volume? Bu the way, Kurzweil used to have a sort of “Kurzweil for Dummies” downloadable pdf msnual don’t remember the exact title that walked you through the steps for programming many valuable tricks, including cross-fades, on the PC2 series. More sophisticated real time editing is a bit of an art. Just a quick note Advance your skills with the built-in score learning mode.

Features two 6,5″ speakers 2 x 20 W, 8 Ohmpreset programs, 68 voice polyphony, 26 rhytms, 1 demo song and different play modes Splits, Layers, Dual.

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Kurzweil PC1X Performance Controller – Kurzweil – Encyclotronic

I was hoping there was a more accessible control. The workstation features a note lightly-weighted synth action keyboard with velocity and aftertouch sensitive keys Fatar TP9 and a x64 angled, backlit CCFL display with dedicated back panel brightness and contrast controls. If you are going to be selecting different sounds on the fly: The config is simple and uneventful. Half-damper functionality allows different levels of sustain depending on how far you press the pedal. Has at least 3 Tutorials just on setting and adjusting volume in different zones.


However, it is by far the best keyboard digital piano to reach the market. Piano bench is included.


Spinet-stye cabinet available in simulated rosewood or white finishes, featuring a 30 Watt, 2-speaker, stereo sound system, built-in music stand and slide-out fallboard. I kurzwil that the Rhodes and Wurlitzer samples have about a 3 octave limit in the center of the keyboard.

Each setup contains four zones that can cover any part of the keyboard, or overlap across the entire keyboard.

Be the first to review this item. This manual also for: This was a terrible engineering oversight. Kurzwril text from picture: We can add an expansion card for additional sounds. Some of them also show up here, so keep monitoring your thread here. Operation is simple matter of getting used to fawn all

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