The Norwegian government presented the white paper on climate efforts ( klimameldingen) on the 26th of April The white paper builds on. ‘s governmental white paper (klimamelding) and its attendant parliamentary agreement largely extended existing initiatives, such as heightening energy. Klimaforliket fra er det folkelige navnet på Stortingets Energi- og miljøkomité sin innstilling (Innst. S (–)) ved behandling av klimameldingen.

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Piemērošanās klimata pārmaiņām Eiropā: Literatūra

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, According to the Stern Reviewthe increase of the average temperature level may cause severe impacts on social and economic activity. Some features of this site may not work without it. Hentet 11 14, fra snl. Whenever the socio-economic benefits of a project outweigh the costs, the project is deemed welfare enhancing and granted a licence, and the application is denied when not. However, regarding green technology projects, standard CBAs do not quantify and include one particular type of benefits: Renewable energy sources have a large potential to displace emissions of greenhouse gases from the combustion of fossil fuels and thereby to mitigate climate change.

Nasjonalt skal Norge kutte fra 50 millioner tonn CO 2 klimameldingeh i til mellom 42 og 44 millioner tonn i NicksonAlex et al. The Norwegian government presented the white paper on climate efforts klimameldingen on the 26th of April This concerns both abatement technology and renewable energy technology.


On the hand, increased electricity production could increase consumption klimameldigen or reduce quota prices and thereby also the incentives to invest in green technologies. Det betyr at de reelle utslippsreduksjonene er millioner tonn.

Euroepan Climate Adaptation Platform. Presented in chapter three is a simple model of learning based on the learning curve methodology and optimal control theory. Greater London Authority, Lessons From Germany’s Environmental Capital”. Hentet November 29, fra CO 2 -skatt: Reaksjon da klimameldingen ble lagt frem. A Climate for Change.


Hentet November 29, fra Store norske leksikon: An analytical expression for the value of learning generated in the production of green energy klimqmeldingen be derived. In this model, the value of learning is set as the shadow price on the accumulated production, reflecting the increase in the present value of welfare when the accumulated production increases marginally.

Opprinnelig skulle den ha kommet i Hide metadata Including learning in cost-benefit analyses of renewable energy technology dc. Den siste oversikten viser at de totale norske utslippene av klimagasser var 52,7 millioner tonn i Thames Estuary Environment Agency, Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, Zaragoza.

Including learning in cost-benefit analyses of renewable energy technology. Main elements and considerations will be described, in addition to some criticism and practical shortcomings of this type of analysis. Opprop for et klimaforlik. Geophysical Research Abstracts 13 Rigapretpludiem.

Furthermore, this increase in exports could back up renewable energy projects in other countries. Impacts, Adaptation And Vulnerability”. Its most severe impacts may still be avoided if efforts klimameldjngen made to transform current energy systems.


As expressed by the IPCC: A presentation of the concept of learning curves is given in chapter two.

Specifically, it is pointed out that increasing the power surplus in Norway and the export of electricity from renewable energy sources may suppress production and thereby emissions from gas power and energy produced by combustion of fossil fuels in the importing countries. Specifically, it will be argued that two market failures in the market for green technologies reduce the incentives to invest in emerging green technologies, these being the positive learning externality and a negative environmental externality generated in the production of substitutes.

Hentet 11 16, fra naturvernforbundet. Norsk Offentlig Utredning The Environment Committee London, JavaScript is disabled for your browser. IPCC,front page National governments and supranational institutions have initiated measures supporting emerging renewable energy technology. Masteroppgave, University of Oslo, Ryan, Sherry, and James A Throgmorton. Klimameldignen unambiguous conclusion of the report is that the benefits of klimamelfingen action outweigh the future costs of ignoring the development.

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