Kimpa Vita also called Dona Beatriz continued the resistance against the Portuguese slave traders. Prophetess Kimpa Vita (Dona Beatriz) (circa – ). Kimpa Vita (circa July 2, ), whose baptized name was Dona Beatriz, founded a religious sect known as the Antonians. The goal of this movement was . Vita kimpa was born in in the village called songololo, in the town of Bakongo at the time when the country was the Kingdom of Kongo Dia Ntotela.

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They show the sort of culture a person educated entirely in Kongo could show, in addition to a fascinating array of Kongolese administrative documents — the only ones we have.

Mama Mafuta at this time was about 65 years old when she began to preach. The name “Dona” indicates that she was born into a family of high Kongolese nobility; she was later given the name “Beatriz” after the Catholic Saint. While the role of Dona Beatriz Kimpa Vita is widely overlooked, the years of her movement are some of the best documented in Kongo’s history.

The prophet Simon Kimbangu has frequently been regarded as the spiritual and political descendant of the martyred Kimpa Vita. Since he chose his devotion to Beatriz as an opportunity to rebel, Pedro IV, who had been guardedly neutral to her, to decide to destroy her, all the more as his own wife, Hipolitahad become an Antonian convert. Here is my contribution in the matter. During this period as well, the worship of Ancestral religion of the people of Kongo was banned and the occupiers imposed their religion which was Christianity.

She concerned herself with the restoration, spiritually and politically, of the Kongo Kingdom. Many Angolans believe that somehow the Portuguese organized all that Christian stuff in Kongo and the local people resisted or rejected it. Henry Wilson, shy subject Before I give a brief account of her life and history I would like to share one of her prophecies: As Kongo had been a Catholic kingdom for two centuries before her birth, she was baptised into the Roman Catholic church at birth.


Due to her innate spirituality, Kimpa Vita was limpa as a Shaman Nganga marinda, a individual who consults the supernatural world to solve problems within the community. When my wife, Linda Heywood and I went to Mbanza Kongo inwe specifically asked about traditions concerning Kimpa Vita as she is usually called today and were taken to a man who claimed to be the local expert on her.

More recently, some see present day Kimbanguism as its successor. In at the age of 20 vit had a near death experience when she appeared to die of a vira. There was a King by the name of Vita Kanga whose killing led to civil war, divided the Kingdom into two; the kingdom of Ndompetelo and the Kingdom of Ndozuao. She died every Friday and went to spend the weekend in heaven where she met God personally and discussed such topics as Kongo politics.

Much of her teaching is known from the Salve Antoniana, a prayer she adapted from the Catholic prayer Salve Regina Hail Holy Queen into an anthem of the movement. Once Beatriz threw herself in with Pedro Constantinho she was doomed because the other contenders became her enemies.

Due to her innate spirituality, Kimpa Vita was trained as a Shaman Nganga marinda, a individual who consults the supernatural world to solve problems within the community. Prophetess Kimpa Vita Dona Beatriz circa — Saint of Kongo was burn at stake for heresy and the Pontiff refused the request for her rehabilitation in This article has multiple issues.


Had she remained unmolested, what trajectory might her movement have been on? Dona Beatriz believed she was the reincarnation of St. At this time Ancestral religion worship was banned and the occupiers imposed their religion which was Christianity. The kings were all buried there, the cathedral was there. I might have easily concluded kinpa both his kimmpa and those Bockie heard as a youth were simply feed back stories made to surround an event known only from modern historical reconstruction.

She rebuilt the city of Mbanza Kongo, which defied the ban imposed by the Portuguese.

Kimpa Vita of Kongo – Africa Heritages

It could be true, or it could be simply propaganda of these movements, also fed back into tradition. Mama Vita Kimpa eased the tensions and was a guide to both Kings. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Kongos were pretty sure, I think, that God was an African and kimpw pride also gradually placed stories in Africa, so in this way Beatriz was confirming what people believed or wanted to believe.

Kimpa Vita (C )

Retrieved from ” https: This seems like the right move for the progress of her movement and her mission towards rebuilding Kongo but was a wrong move politically as her ally with Kibenga pits her against the other two political figures especially Nusamu a Mvemba Pedro IV who seems to be the leading contender to the throne and the favorite of the church.

The Anthonian prophetic movement outlasted viya death. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat

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