And yet, there it is, Jeremias Gotthelf’s “The Black Spider” (or, as it was titled in its original German, “Die schwarze Spinne”), holding pride of place in Jones. The Black Spider. by Jeremias Gotthelf. Translated by Susan Bernofsky. NYRB Classics, I picked up The Black Spider because of its. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Black Spider by Jeremias Gotthelf.

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An argument could be made that much of that supportive idea has been eroded by a secularization of society, an argument that many conservatives make about liberals. The story does get a bit preachy toward the end.

The Black Spider – Wikipedia

This story, written before when it was first translated into English, is a combination of “The Devil and Daniel Webster” rhe “Arachnophobia”. In the case of ‘The Black Spider’, I was beginning to get depressed by page 20 of this classic early nineteenth century Swiss horror novella. The spider that was Christine terrorizes the valley just as the smaller spiders had, but this time it is the people who are killed, not spjder animals. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The more political power you gain, the less accountable you are Building a strong case, however, for the negativedemons and Hell and eternal damnationis much easier because we jereemias a frame of reference. Strike while everyone is relaxed and happy and dressed up. However, Christine soon felt a burning pain on her cheek, exactly where the hunter had kissed her.

Here young Bitzius grew up, receiving his early education and consorting with the boys of the village, as well as helping his father to cultivate his glebe. Facebook Google Twitter Print Email. He also blck several volumes of shorter tales. People are waiting for food. The indifference inhabits the faces of those who no longeror never actually did to begin withbelieve in God: Unless you aren’t squeed out by spiders, of course, but then that makes you untrustworthy because how can you not be a bit icked out by a spider, or even the thought of a spider on someone’s face.


The Black Spider By Jeremias Gotthelf – The

Finally, Christine convinced the farmers to accept the bargain, believing that they could escape it by baptizing every child immediately at birth. He started writing late in life. It IS a folk tale. The Black Spider can spkder seen as a parable of evil in the heart or at large in society, or as a vision, anticipating H. Gothtelf painful black speck appears at the place on her cheek where the green man kissed her. The first quarter of the book roughly 25 pages gives the reader a detailed account of the christening party and the various personages in attendance, but things get serious when the grandfather tells a story to explain the strange window post that jars so inharmoniously in one wall.

The Black Spider

But some stories are enjoyable in entirely new and unexpected ways. And although I rarely find blurbs to be helpful, I was further intrigued by the Thomas Mann quote printed on the back cover: It is instructive to see how the recalcitrant crooked timber of men house timber represents an apposite metaphor as you will see if you read the tale is brought into line by fear of the physical and supernatural consequences of questioning tradition and defying authority.

As a Christian parable it is predictable and heavy-handed, but as a horror story it is as haunting as the best works jeemias Edgar Allan Poe. I didn’t really see in this book an instance of justice actually done – only indiscriminate pointless death of the poor and innocent.

What was up with all that other stuff? This novella took me four days to read, which makes no sense because it really is not that long.


Some of the best fire-and-brimstone preachers in history have capitalized on this fact. At the next birth, Christen, a servant of the farmhand who released the spider, rescues the child from the Devil’s clutches, captures the spider, and returns it to its old prison.

The more money you steal in this country, the less accountable you are. The untenable situation of the peasants forced to serve lords like von Stoffeln is unfortunate, but, hey, what can you do? It is as if he wants to improve the lot of his peasant congregation but not at the expense of the values that hold the community together.

If you’ve enjoyed Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown Stephen King has called it his favou A cautionary morality tale which will be appreciated by the religious-minded. What have I done to deserve this? Then generations pass and they have to do it all over again. Een spided allegorie, bij momenten ijzingwekkend. He entered into the great mountain temple of nature, blakc within the veil such great high-priests as Wordsworth and Novalis.

Return to Book Page. To ask other readers questions about Die schwarze Spinneplease sign up.

Strangely enough, the only time a real fear of God comes into play for me is when I read a good, old-fashioned scary horror story or watch a well-made horror movie. All right, I’m gottnelf it.

Good people who believe in God will never have troubles! Refresh and try again. People simply don’t think about why life is good when life is actually good.

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