Interview with Jan Kersschot for Natural Spirit: Starpeople Vol. 55 Q: What made you come back “Home”? JK: Coming Home to your true nature. The Daydream Unmasked Jan Kersschot. flower picture. Jan Kersschot. book cover. Purchase Jan’s latest book – This is It: The Nature of Oneness. Link to Jan’s . Jan Kersschot has 16 books on Goodreads with ratings. Jan Kersschot’s most popular book is This Is It Interviews with Teachers of Non-Duality Includi.

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Tony Parsons and Nathan Gill. It is not a state of mind either. I also started kefsschot practice mantra meditation, known as TM or transcendental meditation. It all depends from where you are looking. During the TM, these moments of pure beingness were appearing again in my life. If you would send a journalist from the BBC to make a movie about him, he will not feel anything if he is very critical about the guru. Everything is as it is.

Purchase from Amazon UK: And group settings usually only intensify this sense of being in a horse race. It is amazing to see that some teachers say they only talk about Advaita and 5 minutes later they tell someone to still their minds or to be careful with egocentric thoughts.

What prescription can I give you if there is no you to give the prescription to?


Everything is Light, nobody is not-awake. It is the Light that makes your movie shine. The essence is the same, no matter what form it takes. The daydream still goes on, even when the daydream has been unmasked as a daydream. The mind of the seeker is to small to see the infinite — all it could do is make concepts about infinity.

The ego likes that of course, but is that nondualism?

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It is the one Beingness that does not exclude anyone or anything. I think it is one of the greatest discoveries you can make in life, really seeing that the ego is an idea that appears in the mind.

Jan is just one of the ten thousand actors on the screen. But if the person has been seen through as a ghost, what can this phantom then afterwards claim to feel or not feel?

Interview with Jan Kersschot | doorzie

What was the point of departure? And the Light is not separate from me or you: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. I mean kdrsschot every day life. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

And when the spiritual seeker is unmasked, the whole spiritual game may become obsolete. There is only one of it: Clear seeing is seeing through the common idea that we are limited to this individual we see in the mirror, a spiritual seeker who has to make his or her life work.


When the Dalai Lama speaks about compassion, he can inspire millions of people worldwide. People say that when the master enters the room, the energy is uplifted. Your parents have given you a name. It is beyond any sense of past or present. To name just the two I know quite well personally: Several Advaita teachers claim to be speaking from the non-dual perspective, and yet the majority of these teachings still lersschot a dualistic message of getting better.

See if there really is a person inside that brain that does the thinking. There are no steps. All this is fine.

Teacher and Seeker – Jan Kersschot | Advaita Vision

You may indeed discover a new book if you look at it this way. Now you are running after special experiences. Because he is telling the reader what to do.

Although it is impossible to describe, it seems as if the thinking mind comes to a nan and something else which is much bigger than yourself takes over. What I am talking about in my books and lectures is not something I have reached.

All the images on the screen are made of the same substance.

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