These books are made available to you for preparation of ADEN’s ċ. Presentation on Role of field officials and experiences of SCR on TMS at IRICEN( 1).pptx. IRICEN Library. IRICEN. Search for: Forthcoming Courses. C/No, C/Name, From. IRSS , Posting exam an 07/ BFP 01/19, Gr.B Foundation 07/ Get started with a FREE account. 1 INDIAN RAILWAYS BRIDGE MANUAL ( Edition – . Pdfdrive:hope Give books away. Get books you want.

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II Service Document Type: Return the question paper along with the Answer Books. Answers can be given in English or Hindi.

All iricenn must be answered. List, which in your opinion the five most important achievements made by human mankind in the 20 th Century.

STUDY MATERIAL – ट्रैक सेल राजकोट

High flood level is 25 feet above average bed level. While carrying out survey for a new railway line, how would you decide the water ways required for a bridge.


Design a water supply scheme for a station, adopting the following data — a Source of water — River flow at a distance bloks 1 km. Attempt any two questions. All questions carry equal marks. If a Class IV staff slaps a clerk in your office, please give in detail the action you will take and the DAR procedure to be followed.


Describe briefly the various Welfare measures available for Railway men on the Railways. Jency 3 Comments Add a Comment C.

Patnaik June 12, at How the foundation of a bridge can be decided? How to add comment: Home You are here: All iricrn from wiki. June 12, at What is the maximum days permissible for granting Child Care Leave?

May 20, at 7: List of various allowances and leaves a railway personnel are entitled to. Leave a Reply Cancel reply How to add comment: Search for Question Papers:

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