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The Use of a Representative Form [IMM ]. Purpose: For appointing a representative for doing business on behalf of the applicant and the. Help! We dont have representative/agency.. But im confused. Do i (applicant) need to accomplish imm and put my spouse (sponsor) as my. Today I received an email from cic to submit form IMM Use of representative. There is one field in the form which says: “If you have.

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Out of the IMM package, not all members of the refugee family will have to complete all of the immigration forms.

The table below specifies 546 forms are only for the principal applicant, and which are for dependent family members. To declare basic personal details and contact information for the principal applicant and their dependents.


To go over in detail the reasons why the refugee left their home country, and why they do not have a durable solution in the country they are living now.

Parents with three children, ages 22, 18, and The family has chosen to put the mother as the principal applicant. However, it is still possible to link the files together if they apply at the same time see Who can be included in an application.

For information about limits and restrictions applying inincluding the suspension of new applications in Quebec, see Private sponsorship of 5746 in Which immigration forms should each family member complete? Canadian Council for Refugees.

Who must complete it? Generic Application Form for Canada.

If I am not using a representative, do I need to send a blank Use of a Representative form?

Only the principal applicant. One for each family member who could not ijm on the Generic Application it fits 6 people. Same purpose as the Generic Application.


Use of a Representative Optional. To designate a representative who can enquire about the file on behalf of the refugee. Generic Application Schedule A Schedule 2. Schedule A Schedule 2. The principal 54766 must complete all three forms.

3. Which immigration forms should each family member complete? | Canadian Council for Refugees

The spouse completes only the two Schedules. The child is under 18 years and so they do not have any forms of their own. The child is over 18 years so they must also complete the two Schedules. The child is over 19 years so they must have their own application.

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