The HXR-MCU provides a professional look and shooting style which is ideal for weddings, corporate Manual Lens Ring with Assignable Parameters. Sony’s HXR-MCU shoulder camcorder is loaded with features, yet easy to mm Sony G Lens (HXR-MCU) Manual and Auto Control Options. (BEST BUY) Sony HXR-MCU MC Shoulder Mount Avchd Setup Instruction. The trial version Hxr-Mc Service Manual BanderSnatch has a.

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The LCD screen and the viewfinder are the camcorder, recording media, etc. To view your recordings on a operational for effective use. Notes on optional accessories external media p. We recommend using genuine Sony accessories.

Notes on use Do not do any of the following. Useful functions for playing movies and photos Getting mc2000y Step 1: Attaching the eyecup Attach the eyecup aligned with the eyecup groove in the viewfinder. You can attach the eyecup facing either the right or left side.

Attach the eyecup securely until it fits the corresponding part properly. Attaching the lens hood Align the marks on the lens hood to those on the camcorder, and turn the lens hood in the direction of the arrow. To remove the Lens hood Turn the lens hood cover in the direction of the arrow as illustrated while pressing the lever on the lens hood cover.

Sony HXR-MC2000U Operating Manual

PL filter or MC protector, remove the lens hood. Select the desired geographical area withthen touch [NEXT]. The shimmering colors will not be recorded on the recording media. Preparing the recording media The recording media of your camcorder are displayed on the screen as follows.

Internal memory Memory card In the default setting, both movies and photos are recorded on this recording media. You can perform recording, playback and editing operations on the selected medium. To check the recording media settings In either movie recording mode or photo recording mode, the media icon of the selected recording media is displayed at the top right corner of the screen.

Open the cover, and insert the memory card with the notched edge in the direction as illustrated until it clicks. Close the cover after inserting the memory card. The [Create a new Image Database File.


Movies are recorded with high definition image quality HD. The LCD screen display switches for movie recording mode, and the screen aspect ratio becomes During this time, do not apply shock or vibration to the camcorder, or remove the battery or AC Adaptor. Shutter function, and your camcorder records a Prioritizing the subject photo automatically when it detects a smile on the prioritized face.

Useful functions for playing movies and photos Searching for desired scene by pinpoint Film Roll Index Searching for desired images by date Date Index Movies can be divided by a set time and the first scene of each division is displayed on You can search for desired images by date the INDEX screen.


Highlight Playback is selected. You can save the desired Highlight Playback scenario. Playing images on a TV Playback image quality depends on the type of TV, or the jacks used to make the connection. Refer also to the instruction manuals supplied with the device to be connected. Jacks on your camcorder Open the jack cover and connect the cable. Connecting to a non-high-definition Making good use of your camcorder Deleting movies and photos You can free media space by deleting Touch and display the mark movies and photos from recording media.

To protect all the movies and photos Touch the movie to be divided. To select movies and [DUB by date]: The original movies are not changed even [COPY by select]: Touch the photo to if you edit or erase the movies added to the be copied, and mark with.

Sony HXR-MC2000U

HD disc is created. You cannot play the disc on ordinary DVD m2c000u. Creating a disc with one touch One Touch Disc Burn Movies and photos recorded on your Turn on your camcorder, then camcorder that have not yet been saved connect the camcorder to the with One Touch Disc Burn function can computer using the supplied USB be saved on a disc automatically.

Importing movies and photos to a computer Movies and photos recorded on your camcorder can be imported to a computer.

Turn on the computer beforehand. You can create a standard definition image The window used to select movies quality STD disc by selecting movies appears. To save desired movies and photos After the mahual is completed, You can save hcr from the memory touch on the camcorder cards to the external media. Customizing your camcorder Using menus Using the menus, you can perform useful functions and change various settings.

If you manaul good use of menu operations, you can enjoy using your camcorder. The camcorder has various menu items under each of eight menu categories. You touchand the menu items you can change in the context appear. You can adjust the focus manually. Nxr can select and adjust the focal point to aim it at a subject not located at the center of the screen.

You can blur out desired setting using backgrounds and the subject stands out the setting value appear when you use [WB clearer. Detects even a slight smile. The SteadyShot function is used.

Displays the date and time. See page 97, To prevent data on the internal memory from being recovered [EMPTY] allows you to write unintelligible data onto the internal memory of the camcorder.

Mznual recorded movies and photos camcorder to a TV that has the component are played back as shown below. Leave your camcorder with the in order to investigate the problem.

However, power m2c000u your camcorder on. Turn off your your Sony dealer will neither copy nor retain camcorder and take it to a warm place. If the problem persists, disconnect the AC Adaptor from the wall The buttons on the touch panel quickly outlet wall socket and contact your Sony disappear. The battery pack may be damaged. The image in the viewfinder is not clear.


Horizontal ,c2000u appear on the images. Nxr sure to connect the cable to the on the TV, projector, or AV amplifier input jack of another device p. In this case, when you higher. Warning indicator pertaining to Warning indicator pertaining to memory card photo recording Slow flashing The recording media is full. For the type of memory card you can use Wait for a while, then record.

The Image Database File is damaged. Do Inconsistencies found in Image Database you want to create a new file? Do you want to repair the Image Database The management file is damaged. World time difference Time-zone Area setting On charging the pre-installed rechargeable battery Your camcorder has a pre-installed rechargeable battery to retain the date, time, and other settings even when the LCD screen is closed.

Specifications dispose of the memory card, it is recommended System that you destroy the actual body of the memory Signal format: URL to download it. Parts and controls The numbers in are reference pages. Page of Go.

Turning the power on, and settin Page 17 – Changing the language setting Page 18 – Step 4: Making setting adjustments befor Page 19 – The shoulder pad Page 20 – Step 5: Page 28 – Selecting high definition image quality Page 29 – Selecting the recording mode Page 30 – Prioritizing the subject Page 31 – Mqnual high quality photos during mov Page 37 – Playing back a digest of your movies Hi Page 43 Page 44 – Making good use of your camcorder Page 45 – Protecting recorded movies and photos P Page 58 Page 59 – Creating a disc with one touch One Touc Page 60 – Importing movies and photos to a compute Page 67 – Creating a disc with the dedicated DVD w Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 4 Notes on optional accessories external media p. Notes On Use Notes on use Do not do any of the following. Table Of Contents Table of contents Read this first Page 7 Useful functions for playing movies and photos Page 9 Additional information Troubleshooting Getting Started Getting started Step 1: Attaching The Eyecup Attaching the eyecup Attach the eyecup aligned with the eyecup groove in the viewfinder.

Page 12 To remove the Lens hood Turn the lens hood cover in the direction of the arrow as illustrated while pressing the lever on the bxr hood cover.

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