In our last Lock Picking article on the SerePick Bogota Entry Toolset, a lot of people commented that they were unable to purchase Lock Picks. DIY Windshield Lock Picks. Lock picking is an Previously we demonstrated how to make your own pick out of a paperclip. Today, I’ll discuss. For instructions on how to make your own lockpicks from dinner knives (also incorrectly known as butter knives), check out wizwazzle’s part.

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To pick locks, one must either have an expensive lock-picking set or be skilled with whatever they have available to them. Bobby pins, soda cans, and even butter knives can get the job done, but each needs to be reworked into something more appropriate for the lock in question. YouTube user wizwazzle prefers a butter knife to pick locks MacGyver-style, but it takes some work to fashion that steel into a useable lockpick.


For instructions on how to make your own lockpicks from dinner knives also incorrectly known as butter knivescheck out wizwazzle’s part video series below. You’ll need some safety glasses, a dust mask, hearing protection, stainless hoomemade knives, a bench grinder, files, and sandpaper.

If you want to learn more moves, check out all of the other lockpicking guides here on WonderHowTo. Totally impressed with this.

And I love the background noise in the video – worth the watch. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.

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