Hercolubus Or Red Planet has ratings and 56 reviews. Jen said: My favorite work-acquired book. Crazy, crazy ramblings. The best bits are about the Ve. I read Hercólubus or Red Planet by V.M. Rabolú because I was curious to see if the author was riding the coattails of the Mayan/Nibiru cataclysm prophecy. Hercolubus or Red Planet [V. M. Rabolu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An important message and the need to warm humanity of the.

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This sounds like the plot to a bad science fiction story.

Its most recent promoter is the Colombian New Age author V. Joaquin Enrique Amortegui Valbuena, If you want to enjoy the BS by yourself, the pllanet is sent for free.


It’s not that they have a great choice of actions — it’s either that, or claiming that there are multiple incoming planets. The latter may be too much to swallow even for the most gullible among their followers.

Hercolubus or red planet

The less one talks hercolubs the life that could develop in a planet so big, the better. He uses just a couple of pages to talk about Hercowhatever, its effects, and to insult scientists, and changes subject to this.

In the s and s, some astronomers believed that they have detected planets in orbit around it, but this was later refuted.

See the Wikipedia article for details. It’s embedded on the front page of http: Said volume would mean it’s as large as Jupiter.

Still, WTF wth the size? Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit Fossil record. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on?

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