Read “Hardcourt Confidential Tales from Twenty Years in the Pro Tennis Trenches” by Patrick McEnroe with Rakuten Kobo. An entertaining and unfiltered look. I have been reading the new Patrick McEnroe/Peter Bodo book. I like it though it’s not as “confidential” (that’s in the title, “Hardcourt. In “Hardcourt Confidential,” Patrick McEnroe tells what the world of tennis is like, on and off the court. Read an excerpt of the book below, and.

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I thought about Dan Redhead reading it as McEnroe talks about Blake and his stubbornness and unwillingness to change. Some good John McEnroe anecdotes in here like the time the brothers McEnroe played doubles together at the Paris indoors, benefited from a bad hwrdcourt against a French pair, had the crowd hardcour and jeering and Patrick said he got a glimpse of what it must feel like to be Johnny Mac. Interestingly, John seemed to relish it like he was giving a big middle finger to all the French fans.

He basically says Agassi not only bitched and moaned about the surface all week, but he mercilessly rode Bob Bryan who was dating an actress and AA after the Brooke Shields debacle was apparently anti-actress to the point where Bob Donfidential really could not play well.

Hardcourt Confidential: Tales from Twenty Years in the Pro Tennis Trenches by Patrick McEnroe

Do you intend to? These are your words, submitted by me in proxy. I,in fact, am stunned by a big publisher, Hyperion, the same people who published confjdential Walt Frazier book, putting out a Patrick McEnroe book. I would not think much. The Agassi anecdote sounds amusing. Bodo always pulls punches so he was probably the best writer to collaborate with on this book. Are there any bombshells or particularly revelatory and confidenrial only in a National Enquirer way sections in the book?

You can never underestimate Patrick McEnroe. As a player, he became a champion. As a Davis Cup captain, he won the Cup. As a TV commentator, he became one of the very best in the business. As a director of junior development, we will see, and I expect success. Nobody really thought a guy like Vince Spadea could pen a cult classic but he did, with a little help from his friend.

You see, Scoop, first off, when did PMac ever become a champion? Aussie Open, he reached the semis, right? Spadea is glib while PMac is guarded.

Spadea had no ties with the powers that be in the game, in fact, he was and is a pariah of sorts in the game. Yes, Patrick McEnroe has a lot of insight for a tennis fan. Maybe not to the layperson but there are millions of tennis fans to equate good sales for his new book. I for one am buying this book. You are right, Patrick can be a corporate man but if you listen to him sometimes he will say things that surprise. Like Srinivas, I very much respect Patrick, what he says and his tennis judgements and fully expect this book to be a big winner because many tennis fans admire him.


I will buy it. No way can this book be a yawner! Oh, so many good places to eat in Newport. I do recall the PMac line about Melzer, that was funny. Concidential, does PMac get a foreign publisher buying this book?

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Not a chance, Confivential think. He does get into growing up with John a little bit and there are some funny moments like John watching Patrick practice cross-court drills with Palmer and asking what the hell are you doing that for? John apparently had little use for those kind of drills.

There are ocnfidential at revelations that are not followed up on. A dangling idea and sentence left hanging. He goes through his own coaches and then discusses people like Lansdorp, Jose Higueras, Bollettieri, etc. There are definitely some interesting moments and well worth reading.

So in some of those cases you kind of wish they named names. At times you realize what a true and adept politician Patrick is and how that quality has served him so well with organizations like the USTA that are so obsessed with appearances and being politically correct.

I just wish he would have detailed his own vision more clearly in regards to developing players since he is now arguably the most important figure in player development in the USA certainly one of the most. In the book, he assigns more blame to AA for bitching and moaning from the first day of practice, for riding Bob Bryan and for generally showing a lack of leadership and professionalism in that tie.

Basically, he suggests Blake was way too tactically rigid, was reluctant to even experiment with a basic thing like changing string tension and says the reason Barker survived as long as he did is he basically told Blake exactly what he wanted to hear. If even most of tht is true it is remarkable Blake rose as high as he did and remember I am someone who always liked Blake. But it seems that he by and large bypasses that.

I mean who cares if you tell someone to hit from an open or closed stance? PMac apparently finds fault with everyone except himself: Yet he never acknowledges any of that! Perhaps Agassi was carping about something true — the surface was rubbish. Alas no sign of any such self-examination in this book…. If he fails, he fails.

Anyone can shred anybody as nobody is perfect we all make mistakes. IMO he is just as entertaining and intelligent to listen to as his brother, really enjoy listening to Patrick do TV matches always.

Nobody knew if Brad Gilbert would be a good coach when he took his first coaching job but he proved himself. Patrick is proving he is a good coach, with his Davis Cup success, managing that team to the Cup in and we will see how confidejtial USTA job goes hardckurt the near future.

If not Patrick McEnroe, who would you prefer to see in the leadership position tennisfan? Well, there are more obvious choices, Scoop.

Guys or gals who had been coaches before they were named the head person. I just wonder, Is he the most interesting character in the game today to write a book?


Until I read it, I have to await judgment. What I wanted to know was: Aside from turning to Jose Higueras what is your plan, your mission statement, your philosophy to do that? How do you operate to get that position in the political culture that is the USTA? I mean where you like the guy or not he is obviously an adept corporate politician to not only survive but thrive as long as he has there.

His Davis Cup tenure is the longest of any captain in US history. So yes, these top Americans are paid very handsomely. Interesting how he has the nerve to slam the William sisters just to get people to buy his book.

Patrick is nothing but a racist!!! He became confidentkal successful commentator only because John was expensive and difficult.

‘Hardcourt Confidential’ by Patrick McEnroe

Patrick saw his opportunity and took it, making himself the kinder, gentler version of John. His tv commentary is banal, snide at times, and rarely insightful. And confidentiak oozes insecurity to the extent that he takes offense whenever Chris Fowler makes a good point and looks for ways to be contrary.

If you wonder why American junior tennis is in the toilet, look no further than Patrick McEnroe. I thought his exclusion of the Bryan twins during his final Davis Cup tie was very revealing of his character. Patrick, if you want respect, do something to deserve it. On the court and in life you will always be the little brother of John. He brings a mix of knowledge, enthusiasm, excitement, love for the sport. Now as a player, I think any player who makes it to the top in confiential world is an amazing athlete.

Go and watch a Div 2 college team and see how good those guys are. Go to any local open tournament and see how good they are. Confkdential knowledgeable fair minded tennis fans should have the utmost respect for any player in the top and all the players who try to compete in Challengers, Futures and Satellites. Paul I think you are being unfairly harsh with your criticism.

Harry Hopman was not a champion himself, as far as I know, yet he had a major influence on developing many champions. Right now, in the two one on one international sports of tennis and boxing, and to an extent track and field, the US is struggling to produce world champions like we used to. By the way, Hardcourt Confidential was a fantastic read. Will Novak Djokovic win another slam? Donate to Tennis Prose with Paypal Get Scoop’s New Book!

Click here to order. Tennis-Prose Mission The views by the authors published at this web site will study, chronicle and profile the range of characters and issues that make the great sport of tennis. Harddcourt you’re interested in advertising on Tennis-Prose.

Has anyone in history ridden the coattails of a famous sibling farther than Patrick McEnroe?

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