We’re proud to announce that Atomic Overmind Press is teaming up with writer and RPG designer extraordinaire Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies. Reign is an RPG by Greg Stolze. It uses the One Roll Engine (ORE) and focuses on leadership and the interplay between factions. It comes. Well, following this convoluted logic, then REIGN is that young woman . Greg Stolze commented once that he might stat up some of the occult.

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Reign is a high fantasy game where you can give quests instead of taking them. In addition to the usual FRPG heroics and enchantment, it has a system for statting up nations, or cults, or secret conspiracies and resolving their broader conflicts, instead of just leaving the fallout of their clashes to GM narration.

Reign first edition was released way back inself published by Greg Stolze, with a stunning layout design by a then-new designer name Daniel Solis, and art by Langdon Foss. In the 11 years since it was first published, the hardcover edition is long out of print, and it’s been supported by a series of PDF releases from Greg. The time has come to bring it back, in an updated, expanded, polished, reorganized, full color version.

Together, the two books constitute almost pages of RPG goodness! If they just want it to be one element amongst skullduggery and political intrigue and low comedy, just use C.

This applies to chase, intrigue and other rules systems as well. Finally, we’re revising the layout while absolutely striving to maintain the fantastic feel that Daniel Solis’ first edition had and going full color, with all new art!

On the other hand, it also lets you play the kind of game you want by offloading some tasks onto your underlings. Imagine a game with elements of investigation and elements of big hairy fights.

One group that lives for detective work could do all their own spying, then have a mighty army for their company. Once they know where and what the stlze are, they just write a memo to the generals and have a lovely dinner on the back deck. A different group might LOVE the combat elements but find the spy stuff confusing or tedious.

Reign is powered by the One Roll Engine. You roll a pool of ten sided dice and look for matches. But the neat part is that you can pull more information out of a single roll, because every relgn set has two pieces of information embedded in it—how many dice turned up in the set, and what the number is that they matched on.

A pair of tens beats a pair of eights, but three deuces beats any pair. In Reignreivn, height and width can mean different things. Sometimes you want a wide set, sometimes you want a high set.

The engine makes those sorts of decisions quick, easy and intuitive. You roll one set of dice and it tells you 1 sto,ze you hit or missed, 2 how geg you acted, 3 how hard your shot was and 4 where you hit the enemy. As mentioned above, we’ve split Reign into 2 books to more efficiently present all of the material. The two books are Reign: The game part of Reign consists of rules that balance complicated outcomes with simple inputs.

Reign by Greg Stolze

Resolution is just one throw of the dice, but each result is rich in meaning, giving you a lot of options and meaningful choices without slow handling time. Rules will be an approximately page full color book, 3-board smythe-sewn case-bound, reig on 70 lb.

Paper stock is now 80 lb. We’re also going to produce Kickstarter-exclusive limited edition leatherette versions of both Reign 2E books.

Rules will feature a red faux leather, and Realms will be bound in blue. They’ll both be gold-foil stamped and embossed with Daniel Solis’s evocative cover freg from the first edition of Reign. This price will stay consistent for Kickstarter backers no matter how large the book gets, it if goes hardcover, etc.


The current contents and current estimated book characteristics can be seen below. It’ll pay for all the brand new color art, the layout and design done in house by Hal Mangoldand the printing of the book. We have our printer lined up, and the costs specced out.

If we hit our initial funding goal, Reign 2E becomes a reality, with a projected publishing date of Augustjust in time for Gen Con. We hope you’ll help us get there! We’d also love to hear stories of how your games of Reign have gone in the past, how you’ve used or hacked the system, of how you’d like to do so in the future. We’re now basically funded, and ready to move on to stretch goals! We have two types of stretch goals, funding goals and backer goals.

The current funding stretch goals are listed below with blue banners. The first three all add more written material to the Reign, Second Edition project.

After those goals, you’ll see a set of backer stretch goals with purple banners. Those goals are tied to how many backers we get on board with the project, and add new cool upgrades and improvements to the books.

Click here for descriptions of all unlocked Reign: By Rabbit and Brandes Stoddard. The slipcase unfolds to serve as a full-function game master screen. This screen will be exclusively made to order for the Reign 2E Kickstarter, and will not be available in the normal distribution chain. Just as a note, this setting is of substantially larger size than our previous ones roughly three times their sizethus the higher stretch goal increment. By John Snead Click here for descriptions of all unlocked Reign: Greg designed the system of Reign to, in addition to being its own thing, function as a capstone system for running organizations in other systems.

With that in mind, we’re enlisting a variety of game designers and writers to pen a set of what we’re calling “Capstone Essays”. These are articles that basically spin off on what Reign might do as a capstone or alternate rule-set for a different game, genre or approach.

They’ll be included in both the electronic and physical print version of Reign: Lead a club or a clique as a student. Be a department head as a teacher.

Reign Returns!

In this world, nothing important is ever just one thing. The student council secretly vies for control over the city or the world. The school’s football team might be the foot soldiers counting coup against their opponents or they might secretly be cultists or an experimental group of golems or robots. The theater club might be made up of slumming fae folk on vacation.

Perhaps the trophy for a particular athletic contest is also the Holy Grail. Or the giant diamond that the Physics Department uses to create new particles is also an ancient Sumerian rekgn stolen from stozle History Department — and the History Department wants it back!

The dwarves came with their massive, metal destroyers and our ancestors bound their spirits to the bones of dead giants to fight back.

Fifty years ago, the dwarves just They left behind their dwarven metal fortresses, their technology, and a legacy of ruin.

War of Dust and Bone is a genre-bending setting combining elements of Norse myth with westerns. Reclaim what the dwarves took from your people and reverse the Ragnarok that has gripped Midgard.

Reign – 1d4chan

By Cam Banks A titan awakes on the ocean floor after a nuclear test and wreaks havoc on a coastal city in Japan. Aliens send a colossus to Earth as the vanguard of their invasion. The planet manifests a massive spirit to thwart humanity’s extinction. Roar is a drift of Reign that brings the rrign monsters and machines of Japanese film to the tabletop as foes and allies of your own military, scientific, or civilian companies, just in time to cancel the apocalypse!


At this point, the Reign: Realities book is now a hardcover, sharing all enhancements with the standard editions of Reign Rules and Reign: Over a century ago, a revolution shattered the arcane force powering the empires of old and scattered its pieces among the people. Now, in the bustling city of Hecantz, political machines known as Foundations battle for mystical superiority at the ballot box, and you and your friends will play those embroiled in the fight.

Whether your Company chooses to join the Foundations or go it alone, winning the hearts and minds of the people of an ancient, living city will be tough. Dealing with the secrets that lie in its underbelly will be even tougher. By Lochlan Sudarshan The year eeign Giving birth to live young is an eccentricity. In a post-scarcity world, information is king. People are always fighting over the rights to this gret that in the news and grdg are even trying to block their own geg templates from being copied and mass-marketed.

The Amish and the guys who yell at you on the subway feel differently. By Caleb Stokes In a time before recorded history, the immortal masters of Nagalisitu blighted the world to fuel the dark ritual that transported their malignant kingdom of decadent sorcery into another realm. Locked away in a dimension of their own twisted design, the yreg wizards became gods outside of space and time, isolating themselves to study the profane, arcane mysteries free from the interference of the humanity they had left yreg.

It took centuries for the world to recover from the unnatural excision of the Nagalisitu lands, but their influence has haunted stolzw civilization since. Every few decades, entire villages went missing in the night, gone without trace save burned buildings and slain elders. These unfortunates are the “Reaved,” abducted by the Nagalisitu to serve as slaves in grrg hellish kingdom. The disappearances have always been seen as unpreventable tragedy: The Nagalisitu have been felled by their own chattel.

After generations of abuse and slavery, the descendants of the Reaved have revolted and slain their dark captors. However, the freed remain magically trapped in the Naglisitu realm despite their victory, unable to escape to our world and bereft of shared language, religion, and culture after centuries of oppression. The kingdom needs to import scientists, philosophers, generals, and merchants to build a new people before their shared trauma reduces the survivors to anarchy.

Heroes from the outside world must bring aid, but culture is not easily stilled long enough to be engineered, especially amongst the weird distortions of the Naglisitu’s corrupted time. The order in which stolxe comes will shape the emerging people in drastic and unpredictable ways. Can the heroes grow a great civilization from the ashes of erign, or will their interference send its people collapsing into a new tyranny?

Its last recorded presence in the historical records was in AD in Eboracum modern day York. In the gerg version of history, the legion vanished when it went north to put down an uprising of Picts in Scotland.

In the Ninth Legion setting, the entire legion found itself transported to another world, which they called Arcadia. Gteg Arcadia, magic and monsters are real, geography is sometimes fluid, and cursing an enemy is a dangerous thing to do.

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