View and Download Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 user manual online. GA-H55N- USB3 Motherboard pdf manual download. I have two Gigabyte LGA boards, one is an H55N-USB3 (mini ITX) and the other The manual only indicates that a blinking light may indicate it’s in sleep. Seite 1 von Datenblatt zum Produkt GigaByte GA-H55N-USB3 S H55 MITX mit Specifications to GIGABYTE’s website for the latest CPU support list .

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When it comes to motherboards, they really do come in every shape and size. With high performance gaming motherboards, generally you have to get a full ATX motherboard to get a wide selection of features.

Micro ATX is a little smaller but not small enough for true portability.

Most of the Mini-ITX boards on the market use the older socket and have a limited number of features. With my recent obsession with small form factor gaming rigs, you will have to forgive my excitement to check this out. Review Sample Provided by: Due to different Linux support condition provided by chipset vendors, please download Linux driver from chipset vendors’ website or 3rd party website.

Note 1 Due to Windows bit operating system limitation, when more than 4 GB of physical memory is installed, the actual memory size displayed will be less than 4 GB.

Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 User Manual

Note 6 Available functions in EasyTune may differ by motherboard model. The bios is well laid out and easy to navigate. The MIT option will bring you to gigabyhe home of all of your overclocking related options. Memory settings include the ability to run off of Extreme Memory Profiles, changing the memory multiplier, and even setting the timing settings for each manaul of ram individually.


Advance BIOS features include setting your boot devices and your hard disk boot priority. You can also find your S. Why do you want to have these profiles?

Well when overclocking, you can save when you get to a stable overclock, then move on knowing you can always jump back to your previous settings, even after having to reset the BIOS. Another good example of this is if you change your cooling or room temperature, ie hot summer days you can drop your overclock down to a previous profile.

Instead, giving you an unlimited amount of profiles; knowing that their users will find a way to put them to good use. I should point out that this build used the stock heatsinkeven for the overclocking testing. Obviously, the cooling was the most limiting factor, but I was interested to see what kind of bump anyone would be able to reach.

Being in a small form factor case would also limit the amount of cooling and heatsink selection. In reality I was just excited to see what the motherboard was capable of doing, even if my wife could care less. Not being dissuaded by my wife rolling her eyes, I was able to edge the iS from 2. Overclocking using the BIOS was no different than to be expected.

GA-H55M-USB3 (rev. ) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

What was surprising was how easy using their windows based software was. Not only can you adjust all of the voltage, BCLK, and memory settings as you would in the bios. They have also made it as simple as selecting between the three red, yellow, and green color coded buttons.

This kind of simplicity makes overclocking easy for even someone like my wife, who has no interest in overclocking. All she wants is for her computer to work and to work quickly. Gigabyte has given the user the ability to put the pedal to the metal without touching a BCLK or voltage settings, impressive.


All of this testing was manua to show the durability of the H55N-USB3 along with its performance in this configuration.

As you can see from the performance numbers as a whole, this rig is more than capable of playing just about anything you throw at it. The best part about the H55N is the flexibility. You can drop anything from a low end i3, for a powerful htpcor an i5 or i7, for a powerful workstation or gaming rig. If you are looking to build a small form factor system that is capable of gaming, this is one of the best choices on the market right now.

Gigabyte hit the nail on the head with this one! Thursday, 02 September Onboard Graphics Integrated in the Chipset: Note Note 1 Due to Windows bit operating system limitation, when more than 4 GB of physical memory is installed, the actual memory size displayed will be less than 4 GB. You might call him obsessed or manua a hardcore geek. Wes’s obsession with gaming hardware and gadgets isn’t anything new, he could be found taking things apart even as a child.

A car guy at heart, the same things that draw him into tweaking cars apply when building good looking fast computers. If you are interested in writing for Wes here at LanOC you can reach out to him directly using our contact form. Username Password Remember Me Forgot your password? Our Gigabytd Server Info: L3 cache varies with CPU.

Integrated in the Chipset:

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