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Her life started out as the apple of her parents eye, the princess who never went without And Cassi pays the price. Having spent the last twelve years of her life suffering constant frlm, Cassi is quiet and reserved. Down trodden mcada,s afraid. Which is how she ends up moving from California to Texas with her best friend, Tyler. And is also warned to back off just as quickly.

Because, truthfully, someone needs to watch out for her.

The progress they make mcadzms. Seeing every step forward and back, seeing their friendship and romance from beginning to end.

I like being there for it all. And Miz McAdams did a wonderful job engaging my emotions. Making me care for Cassi and for Gage. And completely NOT care for Tyler.

I like that she gave Cassi real issues and made her struggle to overcome them and, essentially, herself. And Gage was a very understanding and supportive partner.

: From Ashes eBook: Molly McAdams: Kindle Store

I was rooting for them the entire time. From Ashes has a frenzy of emotions and turmoil and passion within its pages.

It is full of characters that are dealing with serious matters and have a lot to overcome. She nodded against me. I wanted her to leave Tyler, to love me, to want to live here with me for the rest of our lives. I wanted so damn much. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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A from Ashes Novella: Needing Her 1 by Molly McAdams (2014, Paperback)

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Aside from her dad, who passed frok when she was six, Cassidy Jameson has only ever trusted one man: So bj course she follows him to Texas when he leaves for college. She just didn’t expect to be so drawn to their new roommate, Gage, a gorgeous guy with a husky Southern drawl. Gage Carson was excited to share an Aside from her dad, who passed away when she was six, Cassidy Jameson has only ever trusted one man: Gage Carson was excited to share an apartment off campus with his cousin.


From Ashes Series by Molly McAdams

He didn’t mind that Tyler was bringing the mysterious friend he’d heard about since they were kids There’s something about Cassi that makes Gage want to give her everything. Too bad Tyler has warned him that she’s strictly off-limits. Despite everything keeping them apart, Cassi and Gage dance dangerously close to the touch they’re both been craving. But when disaster sends her running into Tyler’s arms, Cassi will have to decide whether to face the demons of her past Paperbackpages.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about From Ashesplease sign up. Has Molly McAdams won any awards for this book? See 1 question about From Ashes…. Lists with This Book. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This review contains unmarked spoilers. We are not friends at all. Not because that plot twist completely crushed my heartor because the main character didn’t end up with whom every one wanted.

In all honesty, I was hoping it would be be much better than its predecessor, so I could write a nice review instead of a incoherent, angr This review contains unmarked spoilers.

In all honesty, I was hoping it would be be much better than its predecessor, so I could write a nice review instead of a incoherent, angry, babbling rant. I didn’t expect much, but a girl can dream. And once in a while, one shall stumble across a book that makes their blood boil and their vision red. It was unfortunate that for me, I found several books like that this year. But both of Ms. McAdam’s books were near the top of ‘s fume list. Synopsis Cassidy Jameson has been physically, mentally, and emotionally abused by her mother and stepfather since her father’s death.

It is a secret that she keeps completely under lock and key, but there is one person that knows: Tyler takes Cassidy with him to Texas when he attends college, and there she meets his cousin, Gage. It’s practically love at first site for these two, but Tyler successfully keeps them apart First of all, Cassidy being abused does not belong in this book. It’s just a plot device to give Cassidy a problem in life since she has none, a reason to be ‘broken’, to let Tyler take care of her, and to allow Gage to protect her and eventually end up with her.

You could have removed the parts of the book where Cassidy talks about how she’s been abused, and it will not have changed in the least. Because in the end, it’s not a story about a shattered character who needs some TLC. It’s pure love triangle – or actually, a near fucking pentagon – and shoving in a background of abuse in this story is total crap and absolutely out of place. You know what’s a real love story with a tortured main character?


Anyway, model-handsome Tyler drags Cassidy to Texas, where she meets his hotter cousin Gage who even knew it was possible to get sexier than Tyler, right? You thought you knew insta-love? Hahaha, bitch, you’re wrong. These two lay eyes on each other and it’s a total nuclear explosion.

But what attracts them in the first place? How beautiful they both are, of course! You can’t have average or even pretty-looking characters in these books. They’ve all got to be the most stunning white people mlly the world. I mean, they look better together than Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev! Says the girl who pages before, claimed that she didn’t trust men. I don’t give two shits if there was ‘electricity’. I’d already pictured her beneath me.

However, Tyler blackmails Cassidy into being his girlfriend, or he’ll bring her back to her abusive household and she’ll loose him. Who the actual fuck would even want to stay with an asshole who would blackmail and threaten and manipulate you for SEX?

This should be the end, right? Mcaeams been a long ride, anyway. She also meets detective Connor Vrom he’s achingly handsome!

Anyhow, she goes back to Texas, has a lot of sex with Gage in the house that they bought together, and then Connor comes back to confess that he ‘needs’ Cassidy “I need you,” but she brushes off the horny son of a bitch and tells him to go home. Then, like the rabbits they are, Gage and Cassi screw in more sexy places. Like on their kitchen island. Watch out, innocent children! Stay out of that kitchen! Cassidy and Gage get married less than two months later because marriage is the most important thing in the world to them, and it must be done immediately.

Who cares that Cassidy isn’t even old enough to legally drink a beer? But, alas, she survives what else? You find out she and her second baby almost died in delivery – her heart literally stopped and started again. She had to almost freaking die? That is such crap! Characters Cassidy is like this Chihuahua I know called Fifi. She’s tiny, stupid, and constantly shaking in fear for no reason.

Oh, and a serious damsel in distress. I have almost literally never encountered a heroine who was just so naive and empty and freaking idiotic. I wanted to grab her by the nonexistent balls and fling her around until the parts of her brain settled into the right places.

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