Has anyone gotten this book and is it any good? The Award-Winning Rope Magic of Francis Tabary The Magical Duo. You’ve got to remember. Tabary Elegant Rope Magic (Volumes 1 & 2): From France comes F.I.S.M. World Champion, Francis Tabary-the greatest Rope Magician in the world!Tabary’s. From France comes F.I.S.M. World Champion, Francis Tabary-the greatest Rope Magician in the world!Tabary’s innovative effects, methods, and techniques are.

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Mentalism secrets unknown by even top pros. The Other Brothers Tabary’s innovative effects, methods, and techniques are unsurpassed in the realm of rope magic. He has elevated rope magic to such a high level it now takes on an elegant artistry that no one else has ever achieved.

This act has received standing ovations all over the world, and he now explains how to do it in every minute detail.

The Award-Winning Rope Magic Of Francis Download ( Pages | Free )

Explaining his techniques as well as the subtle nuances of rope magic. Tabary teaches you step-by-step this eye-popping, show-stopping routine.

Featuring four outstanding routines, Tabary explains each in every detail. Two of the frahcis deal with knots appearing and vanishing from ropes; this is rope magic like you have never seen it before. The highlight of this DVD is a brand-new, never-before-released rope routine that you – simply won’t believe – it takes rope magic even further than the rope routine described on Volume 1.

Once again, Tabary holds nothing back in teaching you every detail. You simply won’t believe your eyes. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate.

Questions about this product. Have a question about this product? Customer Reviews showing 1 – 10 of Showing the Most Helpful Newest. It is inherently visual, quite mysterious, and often fairly easy to master. You hardly need any patter, because rope is just so simple and visual.

Look at Tabary, who won first place with this routine in a worldwide competition, and he hardly needs to speak at all to blow everyone away. Tabary’s effects are not only mind-blowing, but very neat and tidy for the magician. You typically end up in the same setup as you started, so you’re ready to do another effect.

Tabxry of the effects in the first volume’s routine and many from the second use the same setup, so it’s very easy to string together whatever you’d like, and everything stays clean and perfectly in order.

The Award-Winning Rope Magic Of Francis Tabary.pdf

The routine on the first volume is more than worth the price of the DVD. It’s Tabary’s first-place rope routine, and it’s unbelievable. The DVD has a live performance in front of an audience, and watching Tabary do his stuff leaves your brain hurting.


The other routines are also very good, though not quite as phenomenal, and at the very least provide extra effects to string into whatever routine you create. The moves Tabary teaches he claims there are only three, but that’s not quite true are relatively easy. Practice is necessary, of course, but magic that doesn’t require practice usually sucks. This does not suck. Tabary teaches the tricks nicely, going slowly with different colored ropes. I sometimes wished he spoke a bit more English so he could explain things just a little more he really only uses a few wordsbut the visual is generally enough.

In short, I give this DVD a high recommendation. Ryan The Amazing Miglavs. Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review? Tabary’s instructions are concise, detailed and comprehensive: I find Tabary’s style to be gracious Some learners who use this DVD find Tabary’s pronunciation difficult to follow: The words Tabary uses are, of course, supplemented with camera descriptions. I found these to be excellent Each step of each routine is clearly and unambiguously shown several times and verbally described.

Tabary is a rope genius. His material is incredible. If all you know is the basic cut and restored rope, then you don’t know rope magic. I remember first seeing Tabary on World’s Greatest Magic 4. I was blown away. This routine is not out of the grasp of the average magician, but it is complex.

There is a lot of remember and it can get confusing at first, but once you have it down you will have a solid piece magic that is truly packs small, plays big.

Disc 2 will add a variety of other rope routines to your arsenal. There is an incredible knot routine, a 3 rope routine and my favorite, the ring and rope routine.

I was amazed by the stuff he does that I hadn’t seen yet. Over all this is a solid set of closeup dvds that you won’t regret adding to your collection. The magic here is the best I’ve seen ever in my life. It’s very simple, interesting for the magician, and this will fool quite a few magicians. Not only is it mind boggling, but it also looks good.

If you were a real magician, doing real magic, this is what it would look like. Also, there is so much room for comedy in this act, though Tabary doesn’t take full advantage of that because of his limited English. That said, the instructions, when listened to, are horrid. But it doesn’t really matter, because he shows things repeatedly from different angles, and with different colored ropes.

Maybe if you’re just starting out this isn’t the best because of the not so perfect instructions, but if it’s not your first DVD, go for it! This is really amazing, It’s the last word on rope magic. The only trouble I’m having is making sure my act doesn’t just turn into a rope act.


It is very easy to transition between the tricks, since they, in general, start and end the same frajcis sleight modifications which is even better for the audience. It is good, but to be honest it will take a lot of practice and time to learn. I am interested in the ring and rope effect, but it is taking me alot of time to learn it, there are a couple other rope effects I like grancis, they to takes the time and patience to learn. It is not one that you will learn easy, it is worth the money and time to learn.

He can be a bit hard to understand in spots but if you stick with it you will have a routine you will use for a very long time. Tabary is the best when it comes to rope. If you buy these seperatley you will wish you had them both so get them both and know that you are getting some great material.

I use stuff from these in every show almost without exception. Practice will be required to make your routine smooth. Good value for your money. Learn a rope routine from Tabary and you have a complete rope routine. I learnt this years ago when I was only Anyone can learn these routines and I don’t even have to say that they are very impressive! If you want maglc get into rope stuff, this is it. Having a video tutorial really aids in the learning process especially when dealing with rope.

I’m sure it’s because Tabary doesn’t speak English as his first language. But I got awfully tired of “Not ‘ere I will decipher everything, mgic one of the nice things about video is that you usually DON’T have to work too hard to get the inner workings I also did not enjoy trying to hit pause on the player while keeping the rope in the correct position.

Just not that useful. The accent of Mr Tabary is hard to understand but play it loud and many times. The instructions are very good and Mr Tabary is a master at rope magic. The End by Rick. Suit Cut to Orde. Marked Cards reviews. Little Door by R. Where It Has To.

The World’s Greatest Magic – Rope magic

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