The Fletcher Pratt Naval Wargame was one of the most successful naval wargames of the 20th century. The straightforward rules, based on the innovation of. Murray Fletcher Pratt (25 April – 10 June ) was an American writer of science fiction, This was known as the “Fletcher Pratt Naval War Game” and it involved dozens of tiny wooden ships, built on a scale of one inch to 50 feet. The Hunt for the Fletcher Pratt Wargame outlines my search to find the WWII The Complete Rules for the Fletcher Pratt Naval War Game as used by the New.

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Abandon Ship! A Review of ‘Fletcher Pratt’s Naval Wargame: Wargaming with Model Ships 1900-1945’

The random thoughts of an ancient wargamer. Featuring rules, battle reports, and all sorts of miscellaneous wargaming and other topics. How long does it take to play a game of this size out of interest? Would love to play a game of this.

Sadly, I don’t think it would work very well solo! Thanks for the report and the pictures. Millsy, I wargamme very pleased to read that you found this blog entry of interest.

If each side has two battleships, four cruisers, and eight destroyers, and has three or four players, then a couple of umpires can run a battle that will last two to three hours.


All the best, Bob. Prufrock AaronIt is a great game system, but it does need more at least fldtcher player per side. I have yet to find a way of making it a solo game … but if I ever do you can be sure that I will write a blog entry about it! Sunday, 28 April COW Fletcher Pratt Naval War Game.

John ran a session at COW where the rules were used, and the following photographs were taken during that session. The Imperial Japanese Fleetcher sets sail.

Two of the Kongo-class battleships and one of their escorts. The current editor of The Nugget carefully measures the range from one of the British cruisers that is firing at a group of Japanese destroyers. Once the range is measured, shell splashes up-turned golf tees are placed so that players can see how effective or ineffective fletfher gunfire has been.

The red golf tee warvame a hit on one of the Japanese destroyers.

Wargamee pair of Japanese battleships: The former had been ‘substituted’ for one of the original Kongo-class battleships once the battle had begun. Its appearance was a bit of a shock for the Allies!

Another hit on a Japanese destroyer. HMS Exeter suffers a number of hits Millsy Monday, April 29, 3: Prufrock Monday, April 29, 8: Robert Bob Cordery Wednesday, May 08, 8: Newer Post Older Post Home.

The Nations The Imagi-world of Maps The Imagi-world of Links to downloads Publications Miscellaneous. The game relies on the integrity of the individual players to show consideration for other players and to abide by the rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be.


This is the spirit of the wargame. The Guns of Toblerone or who do you thin Redcoats and Dervishes or the Attack on The Sword in Palestine or the Barber of Another day, another visit to the bookshop The Fool on the Hill: The Duchy of Tradgardland. Grid based wargaming – but not always.

Well quite a bit of in-filling and a few new things too. Above we see a couple of Zvezda fighters … n Battle Game of the Month. The Games We Play. They can be seen in their new home in 8th Armoured Bri Numbers, Wargames and Arsing About. The Barbary Pirates by C.

Wargaming Miscellany: COW Fletcher Pratt Naval War Game

One of the first toys that I was bought was a wooden fort that was garrisoned by assorted lead soldiers My first 20mm figures were the good old Airfix Guards Infantry and Band in shocking pink! I also have a special interest in wargames that use square or hex grids for movement anval weapon ranges.

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