Extraterritorial: George Steiner: underlies translation and multilingualism; in Extraterritorial () he focuses on linguistics and authors who wrote in several . f critics were to be turned into parlor games, George Steiner would be Monopoly. I don’t intend this to be an unkind comment, because I enjoy. Extraterritorial: papers on literature and the language revolution. by Steiner, George, Publication date Topics Psycholinguistics, Literature, Modern.

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The New York Observer. Bryan Cheyette, professor of 20th-century literature at the University of Southampton said that at the time, “Britain [ Email alerts New issue alert.

Papers on Literature and the Language Revolution. The Philosophical Foundations of Extraterritorial Punishment.

German, English, and French; his mother was multilingual and would often “begin a sentence in one language and end it in another. He is reported to have said: Archived from the original on December 30, Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

You do not currently have access to this article. He lived by Goethe ‘s maxim that “no monoglot truly knows his own language. Retrieved March 27, He has published original essays and books that address the anomalies of contemporary Western cultureissues of language and its “debasement” in the post- Holocaust age. No Passion Spent is a collection of essays on topics as diverse as KierkegaardHomer in translation, Biblical texts, and Freud ‘s dream theory.

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A Deft Jumble of Cultural Correlatives

The Times Literary SupplementDecember 13, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Archived from the original on January 24, Author, essayist, literary criticprofessor.

After high school, Steiner went to the University of Chicagowhere he studied literature as well as mathematics and physics, and obtained a BA degree in While Steiner generally takes things very seriously, he also reveals an unexpected deadpan humor: And marched me off to Cicero, Illinoisa town justly ill famed but, by virtue of its name, reassuring to me.

Henri Godin; George Steiner, Extraterritorial. George Steiner’s career spans half a century.


Retrieved from ” https: He also held a Fulbright professorship in InnsbruckAustria from to It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, fxtraterritorial, and education by publishing worldwide. Don’t have an account?

National Adult Literacy Database. An Examined Life by George Steiner”.

Steiner grew up with three mother tongues: Steiner has suggested that Nazism was Europe’s revenge on the Jews for inventing conscience. Latest Most Read Most Cited He then became a founding fellow of Churchill College at the University of Cambridge in Language and Silence Essays It is this unlikely gentleness, the caring under circumstances so outwardly crass, that blesses me still.


Extraterritorial: Papers on Literature and the Language Revolution

Canadian Broadcasting CorporationJanuary 3, No keywords specified fix it. This entry has no external links.

You could not be signed in. Steiner remained in England because “I’d do anything rather than face such contempt from my father. Inhe extrateerritorial appointed Gauss Lecturer at Princeton, where he lectured for another two years. But ask me the same thing if a Jamaican family moved next door with six children and they play reggae and rock music all day.

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