As Christopher and his friends continue to survive in Everworld until they can find a way back to their own world, they find themselves witnessing the Hetwans. No one knows what it’s like to be Christopher, David, April, Jalil, or even Senna. Living part of their lives in Everworld and the other part in the real world. High school students Christopher, Jalil, David, and April lead strange lives. They exist in two different worlds: the regular world with school, jobs, girlfrien.

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Return to Book Page. Preview — Fear the Fantastic by Katherine Applegate.

Fear the Fantastic (Everworld, #6) by Katherine Applegate

Fear the Fantastic Everworld 6 by Katherine Applegate. Welcome to a land where all of your dreams and nightmares are very real—and often deadly. Living part of their lives in Everworld and the other in the real world. The next they find themselves sitting in the middle of history class. All it takes to move between the worlds is to fall asleep. Now Christopher and the others find themselves at the single most powerful area in Everworld, Olympus.

As in Greek gods. Mass Market Paperbackpages. Published September 15th by Scholastic first published March To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Fear the Fantasticplease sign up. Lists with This Book.

Christopher and the gang are sent off on their second ever quest: It took me several weeks to read this book. It was Christopher and the gang are sent off on their second ever quest: But the most interesting part in the book was when Christopher fell asleep and had to go and deal with real-life shit, like being threatened by a Nazi supremacist for not joining their little cult!

It really beats Christopher up and he takes it hard that he owed his life to someone and then just let him die.

Mar 14, Amanda Orlich rated it liked it Shelves: So far for me, this has been the weakest book in the series. I still read it very quickly, but it wasn’t as exciting. Yes, there was immense danger at every corner, but the majority of the book involved running from the Hetwan.


Run run run, almost die, run run run, meet a Greek god, run run run. This story is told from Christopher’s point of view. Christopher is one of my favorite characters; he’s witty, extremely cynical and very jaded.

Fear the Fantastic (EverWorld #6) by Katherine A. Applegate Book Reviews

So hearing his thoughts is always entertaining. I won’t giv So far for me, this has been the weakest book in the series. I won’t give away any spoilers, but there are certain events that occur at the end of the book that really help one understand Christopher’s character a bit more. It makes him a bit more likable. I’d rate this book three stars. It was okay, but not quite fatnastic exciting as the other books.

Dionysus is a funny characters, though Sep 12, Trisha rated it it was ok. Fear the Fantastic follows Discover the Destroyer, and more than any other installment I’ve read, it reminded me that this series is best read as one long book. While Dionysus appears for the first time and the four travelers get to have a bit of a fight from time to time, this book is primarily a transition book. We are simply moving from one place to the next. Now I have to wait Fear the Fantastic follows Discover the Destroyer, and more than any other installment I’ve read, it reminded me that this series is best read as one long book.

Now I have to wait until BookMooch or SwapTree makes it possible for me to get the next book in the series Jul 15, Katelynn rated it it fhe amazing. Nov 13, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: The Everworld kids find themselves in Hetwan country, where trees sing and giant ants will plow right over you as they harvest huge swaths of trees.

Welcome to Everworld, vear What the last book did for revealing more about David, this book does the same for revealing more about Christopher.

Except with Christopher, we are getting all current-day issues that he is going through, in Everworld and the real world. Basically, I eberworld giving this book 4 solid stars in large part due to the deepening characterization we get of Christopher.

He has more skeletons in his closet than seemed apparent from his previous book, and man are these some skeletons! But this meandering literally! Giant bugs and singing trees. It is also a bit of a break to the Everworld kids that they are encountering immortals who are not interested gantastic killing them for once, and instead are, in their own ways, even helpful view spoiler [ to the point that Ganymede risks his life for Christopher hide spoiler ].


I want to unpack the exchange they have on pages in the quotes belowjumping off a conversation about Ganymede. All of our reactions as we grow are framed and shaped by our prior experiences, no matter what they were, whether they were benign or harmful.

Where are they from? Like, you know, Americanized? I mean, this is still America. You know what I mean. Do people forget that the US as we know it is a nation made up of all different peoples from all corners of the globe?

I went to college there. Fortunately David remained David, bless his crazy little heart. I heard the sound of drawn steel. He knew he was the cockroach in the Raid commercial. It looked like a calm, deliberate thing to do. He wiped too long. He wanted it off. He had the creeps, no question.

But there were other levels to David. It everwrold gave him a rush. I mean, what are you, fanhastic stupid? How smart is that? I had been joking. Now David was siding with Jalil, who was just mad because his brilliant plan had been voted down. And now, suddenly, because of some joke I was in the KKK? Being close to Ganymede did. I mean, to everowrld his own, right?

Just not around me. You have to turn it into a sexual thing, a challenge to your manhood. Sorry to complicate your little fantasies, sweetheart, but I believe in sex within marriage. Look at those th. The boy could single-handedly kill the cumulative buzz of the entire population of Jamaica on a Saturday night.

He was trying to seem like a happy, drunken party boy and it was pitiful to see. But too many dashes! Trent, was laying all kinds of stuff off on fantawtic, and I was feeling edgy. Trent was into some strange stuff, but why drag me into it? I was trying to sneak past Ka Anor.

Starting a revolution was not the top thing on my priority list. Besides, like I was hot to join these losers? How do you not risk death to save the one who saved you?

How do you not die trying? How do you still think of yourself as a man?


I was a useless piece of crap of a human being. Losers like Trent and Keith thought I belonged with them, and Jesus, maybe they were right.

Ganymede had saved me. No forgiveness for this.

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