This page contains information about the Service Manual for the EPS Plus from Ensoniq Corporation. Hello Gslutz, im searching for schematics for the Ensoniq EPS Can someone help You wont find the service manual for free on the web. 21 EPS—16 PLUS Service Manual Table of Contents — 1 Table of Contents . For more information about the Poly-Key Keyboard assembly, see ENSONIQ.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of ” Ensoniq: Com Technical Document Distribution Brand: Performance Sampler Keyboard Description: This PDF package may contain information, schematics, parts lists, images, engineering changes, srevice versions, circuit descriptions, and many other unique features about the product you have chosen. This document was assembled from a variety of sources and is the result of our many years in the music repair business.

Large original over-sized drawings will need to be taped together. We feel this is better than reducing them and losing the fine details. This will let you navigate to any page without waiting for the entire file to download.

Just click ON the thumbnails. Also please stay online while printing this document to make sure you get all the pages. Visit us on the web at: Rather than diagnose and exchange individual components, you will replace complete modules. We feel that this is the most time and cost effective method of repair, both for you and your customers. Communications Test Board 2.

For this reason, when necessary, you will be swapping it out as a whole unit. In most cases, you should not update this version nor change the KPC board that is attached to the Keyboard. If one fuse blows, the other will also blow; you will have to replace both. When installing the keyboard back into the EPS, be sure that the keyboard cable is flat under the keyboard and that the ferrite bead is not trapped on top of the main board.

You must remove this sheet before powering on the unit. There is a printed label near the Disk Drive on every new unit shipped. To reiterate, we do not, under any circumstances, recommend the Insertion of an actual disk during transport nor do we recommend the use of cardboard disk sheets in place of plastic ones.

Full text of “Ensoniq: ensoniq eps eps m sm”

Transport the unit only with either a plastic sheet in the drive or nothing in the drive at all. If you must, wrap the entire enwoniq in plastic first. These peanuts may cause severe damage to the Disk Drive or Keyboard. What disks to use It is very important to use double-sided, double-density 3. If the formatting attempt fails, it is likely that the disk itself is faulty. Always try formatting another blank disk before determining that the Disk Drive is faulty.

The entire disk must be good for successful formatting. The function of this plate is to keep the pin ribbon cable from interfering with the Ensonqi Drive motor.


Replacement Disk Drives are not sent with metal plates attached. It is important, therefore, epx transfer the metal plate from the old drive to the replacement drive.

The plate is attached with two screws and accompanying star washers This plate must be installed to ensure proper operation of the drive. EPS’s with serial numbers greater than should use O. An EPS 0 S. For best results when testing, use the latest version of the operating system. Avoid over-tightening screws in the plastic case when executing any repair servicd When replacing any ensooniq the self-tapping screws, it is possible to over-tighten the screws and strip a hole in the case, servoce it necessary to replace the case or control panel.

To keep this from happening, follow these procedures: Install the screw, and tighten it only until the sub-assembly being attached is snug against the case. Do not tighten the screws any further. When the glue sets, the screws will hold the sub-assembly tightly in place.


It is important to make sure that there are no loose screws, as they may come loose and short out something Brass In se rt s To prevent stripping, there are brass inserts in the Main Board ground boss and in the four control panel holes. Be sure to use machine screws in these locations. Do not use a self-tapping screw in a brass Insert as this will ruin the Insert. Please read this carefully.

The modules communicate with each other using serial communication ports Whenever a key is played on the Keyboard, for example, the Keyboard microprocessor transmits this information to the microprocessor on the Main Board. The communications path is shown in Figure 1. Due to the complexity of the modules involved, it is often difficult to determine which module is at fault when a communications problem occurs.

These tones are quite loud, so keep the sound system volume low. It could be something as simple as a bad ribbon cable or Display cable, or it could be a problem in one of the modules. In order to help you identify a faulty module, a special Communication Test Board is included with this service kit. When using the Communication Test Board, keep in mind that it is sensitive to static discharge. Handle the board by the edges and store it in the anti-static shipping bag when not in use.

Do not let the board short out when testing, place an insulator cardboard, paper, etc. Turn the system on.

See the flow charts on pages for troubleshooting procedures. There is one further complication. Check to make sure that all the cable connections are secure and correct. Plug the EPS in and turn it on. Figure 3 shows the connector terminal numbers for the Power Supply and Transformer.

The following chart lists the voltage ranges for proper operation of each supply fully loaded and the appropriate terminals to read across with the volt meter refer to Figure 3 for terminal locations: In this case, you should test the Power Supply unloaded before proceeding.

To do so, follow this procedure: Turn the unit OFF and remove the three connectors on the right side of the Power Supply, leaving only the connector from the Transformer attached at J1. Voltages should read as in the chart on page 6.


In Self-test mode, the Display remains blank until you press the buttons on the control panel. Pressing various control panel buttons will cause the Display to print characters, home the cursor, etc. If the unit comes in with a blank display, but is in Self-test mode i e.

If you can’t isolate a problem that seems related to the display, the display can be forced into Self-test mode using the following procedure.

With the power off, face the front of the unit, then: In some cases, however, it is difficult to isolate the problem.

The following flow charts can help you diagnose units sevrice appear dead no display. This will prevent a faulty expander from complicating your troubleshooting. The procedure servicce testing the OEX-8 can be found on page The following pages include troubleshooting flow charts: The following are the most common problems which could be caused by a faulty power supply: Hum or buzz in audio output; EPS crashes randomly; or problems develop after inserting a memory expander.

Check the voltages on the power supply at J4 with the power supply loaded main board and display board connected. The AC ripple on these pins should be enosniq than 50mV. If the voltages are not within this range or the AC ripple is greater than 50mV, replace the power supply.

EPS is dead on power up. Perform solution 1 servicee. If no problem is found, check the voltages on the power supply at J3. Using pin 23 as ground see Figure 3 enoniq, the voltages on pins 27 and 28 of J3 should be If the voltages are not within this range, replace the power supply. If no problem is found, check the voltage at pin 25 of J3. It should be to If the voltage is not in this range, replace the power supply.

EPS has disk eensoniq loading problems. If no problem is found, check the voltages on the power supply at J2. The AC ripple on this pin should be less than 50mV If the voltage is not within this range or the AC ripple is greater than 50mV, replace the power supply.

The following are other common problems: Some drives may have had a half inch square metal plate fall out of them as a result of a glue problem. This plate could be loose inside the EPS.

Find and remove the plate to prevent it from shorting components.

Remove the Disk Drive see Section H and check the datecode on the label on the top side of the drive. The correct glue was used on those drives which have a bar above the datecode regardless of the datecode.

Replace the drive if:

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