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Rubem Fonseca and Noir Literature. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Rubem Fonseca is considered a key author in the introduction of crime fiction in Brazil. This article reviews his contribution to the genre and analyzes the specifics of his narrative in the context of Brazilian literature, in which Fonseca breaks from and exceeds the traditional dichotomies between high and popular literature.

Fonseca becomes part of the distinct tradition of crime fiction, which he reinterprets differently in his short stories by giving voice to the marginalized, and in his novels by incorporating elements of hardboiled, noir fiction, and even whodunit.

The character of Mandrake is situated in a context that increasingly includes paraliterary concerns. This paper touches upon one of the most odious political figures of modern world – Philippine president Rodrigo Roa Duterte who has been at his post for a year so far.

The author aims to take a closer look into his personal and political qualities, figure out in which manner they influence and determine his decision-making process. The article analyses the most significant steps taken by Duterte in his presiden-tial career in order to predict further development of his international and domes Full Text Available This paper touches upon one of the most odious political figures of modern world – Philippine president Rodrigo Roa Duterte who has been at his post for a year so far.

The article analyses the most significant steps taken by Duterte in his presiden-tial career in order to predict further development of his international and domestic policies alongside with the possible changes in the political layout in the Philippines.

Using mostly theoretical methods of analyses and induction the author makes a number of conclusions stating that despite the image of a straight-forwarded brute, Rodrigo Duterte is a much more complex politi-cian, who uses such an image for his own purposes.

Being a cunning and wise leader, he knows the bounda-ries that are not to be crossed – this way even his unprecedented behaviour does not undermine his at-tempts to maintain balance among the most influential nations in the world.

simklador Massive critique from the outside world does not seem simuladod matter to Duterte since in his politics he firstly relies on the support of his own people, who despite his unconventional methods see him not as a dictator, but as a rather unusual reformist ready to introduce in the Philippines some changes instead of maintaining status-quo.

ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by their The lost castle of Count Rodrigo Gonzalez. Full Text Available This article suggests that a castle called Toron built in by Count Rodrigo of Lara, and granted to the Templar Order was in Summil, where remains of a Crusader castles are still visible ca. This opinion opposes a consensual view that the castle built by Count Rodrigo was in Latrun, midway between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

The article also suggest that there was a village near the castle, called Casale Sancti Salvatoris, and also discusses Frankish fortifi cation and settlement policy during the twelfth century. Eleonora de Fonseca Pimentel: At fall of Republic, she showed herself fearless in meeting the death on the scaffold.

Intellectual virtues do not seem to be sexed any longer: Weaving Webs of Intrigue: This simuladoe focuses on some of the classical features of Rubem Fonseca ‘s “A grande arte” in order to emphasize the puzzle-solving tradition of the detective novel that is embedded within Fonseca ‘s crime thriller, producing a work that does not entirely fit into traditional divisions of detective, hardboiled, or crime….

The uranium ore deposits in Ciudad Rodrigo Phyllites. The main features of the genesis of uranium deposits of the Fe mine type, are discussed in this paper. Pitchblende ore is related with phyllites bearing organic material and with geomorphological level, fossilized by eocene sediments.

As a result, new uranium ore deposits are possible under Ciudad Rodrigo tertiary basin, tertiary cover depth being little more than three hundred feet. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan kebijakan politik luar negeri Filipi The article looks for to demonstrate as Literature can be used as historical document, disclosing some aspects of the society of a time, as author thinks this society of which he writes, as its positioning was affected by it and front to the problems for it faced.


About of the celebrated architect madilenian belonging to the second half of the 17th century Rodrigo Carrasco Gallego f, is possible amplify his biography, documentting the period of his career than colud cali toledan, between and approximatiy. The characters of the novels and the actions that are presented somehow reproduce some of the individual attributes and events experienced by the writer. The hypothesis of an autoficcional project seems valid to us, justifying therefore different degrees of relationship between the literary work and its creator.

Factor and Rasch analysis of the Fonseca anamnestic index for the diagnosis of myogenous temporomandibular disorder. Rasch analysis has been used in recent studies to test the psychometric properties of a questionnaire. The conditions for use of the Rasch model are one-dimensionality assessed via prior factor analysis and local independence the probability derrecho getting a particular item right or wrong should not be conditioned upon success or failure in another. To evaluate the dimensionality and the psychometric properties of the Fonseca anamnestic index FAIsuch as the fit of the data to derecuo model, simuladlr degree of difficulty of the items, and the ability to respond in patients with myogenous temporomandibular disorder TMD.

For the factor analysis, we applied the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin test, Bartlett’s sphericity, Spearman’s correlation, and the determinant of the correlation matrix.

The Rasch analysis was conducted on the dimension that showed the highest proportion of variance explained. Adequate sample “n” and FAI multidimensionality were observed. Dimension 1 primary consisted of items 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7. All items of dimension 1 showed adequate fit to the model, being observed according to the degree of difficulty from most difficult to easiestrespectively, items 2, 1, 3, 6, and 7.

The FAI presented multidimensionality with its main dimension consisting of five reliable items with adequate fit to the composition of its structure. Publicado por Elsevier Editora Ltda. Professor Rafael Molla Rodrigo is considered by some the author who contributed with his scientific work and solid technique to consolidate Urology as a speciality in Valencia. Such importance is also perceived in a national level, as demonstrated by the fact that he belonged to the first board of the Spanish Association of Urology and contributed to its foundation in the two-year periodfrom his position of head of the department of Surgical Therapy and Operations at the Central University.

Genitourinary tuberculosis is one of the most outstanding chapters of his extensive works. We reviewed all his works, selecting all original articles about genitourinary tuberculosis. Throughout his work he analyzes features of relevance about this disease, such as diagnosis, about which he emphasizes the clinical and bacteriological difficulties, and treatment, which was only feasible by precocious nephrectomy. He dedicates a great part of his work to the study of this pathology and defends a precocious diagnosis in order to perform the only treatment that had demonstrated efficacy.

He also exposes the symptoms and variety of clinical presentations, as well as diagnosis through separate kidney catheterization with the aim to determine unilateral involvement. Fonseca reported severe deforestation on the banks of the river Paraguay and advocated for protectionist measures from the state government.

He set out a vision for Mato Grosso’s development that involved better use of the state’s natural resources, raw materials exports, and regional industrialization support. The methodology created an interface between environmental history and history of the sciences. The pitchblende of Fe mine Ciudad RodrigoSalamanca as natural analogue of spent fuel behaviour matrix I project ; La pechblenda de la mina Fe Ciudad RodrigoSalamancacomo analogo natural del comportamiento del combustible gastado Proyecto Matrix I.

Uranium ore deposits have been extensively studied as natural analogues to the deep geological disposal of radioactive waste.

These investigations constitute an librp element of both national and international research programmes applied to the assessment of geological repositories in crystalline, clayey and even in schistose rocks. However, the similarities with some of the repository features and the analogies with the processes involved in the degradation of the yy deposits made advisable its study as natural analogue.

The most important features are. The pitchblende of Fe mine Ciudad RodrigoSalamanca as natural analogue of spent fuel behaviour matrix I project. Perez del Villar, L. The downscaling methodology is adjusted after looking for good predictor fields for this area where the geostrophic approximation fails and the real wind fields are the most applicable.


The method’s performance for daily precipitation and maximum and minimum temperature is analysed and revealed suitable results for all variables. For instance, the method is able to simulate the characteristic cycle derrcho the wet season for this area, which includes a mid-summer drought between two peaks. Future projections show a gradual temperature increase throughout the twenty-first century and a change in the features of the wet season the first peak and mid-summer rainfall being reduced relative to the second peak, earlier onset of the wet season and a broader second peak.

Ensaio sobre arte e testemunho: Full Text Available Six blooms of Heterosigma akashiwo Raphidophyceae were observed from March through March in the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, a semi-confined eutrophic system located in Rio de Janeiro state, southeast Brazil. Vegetative cells of H. The salinity of subsurface water and the channel depth showed significant negative correlations with H.

No fish mortality was associated with the H. In the late 15th century and the early 16th century, the rivalry among the main noble families in Ciudad Rodrigo also included the clergy. Conflicts often resulted in assaults and encastillamientos, i. Civil and military powers in town were at stake, as well as life annuities in dompleto monasteries.

There was also conflict over the jurisdiction of the church and the possession of endowments. Between anthropology and medicine: During this period, he brought together scientists, developed and directed several works on physical anthropology and the ‘anthropological types’, focusing on developing methods and patterns of racial classification, i. Magmas with slab fluid and decompression melting signatures coexisting in the Gulf of Fonseca: Isla El Tigre volcano is located in the Gulf of Fonseca Honduras along the Central America volcanic front, where a significant change in the strike of the volcanic chain is observed.

Ignacio Burgoa

On the basis of petrographic and geochemical features, two groups of rocks have been distinguished. Lavas from the main volcanic edifice are highly porphyritic and hy-qz normative, and have lower MgO contents 5 wt. This suggests that mantle-derived magmas were not produced by the same process simullador the activity of the volcano.

The coexistence of these two different mantle melting generation processes is likely related to the complex geodynamic setting of the Gulf of Juriztawhere the volcanic front changes direction by ca. Alfredo Bonifaz Fonseca – Full Text Available Resumo: Spoligotypes foram identificados como shared types ST recorrendo a uma base de dados internacional.

Rev Port Pneumol ; XI 6: The present population study, from tohas been based on the use of Spoligotyping in the genotyping of isolates of. Rodrigo de Ceballos’s Magnificat cycle on the eight tones: A description and comparison with similar cycles by Cristobal de Morales and Francisco Guerrero.

Until recently the music of Rodrigo de Ceballos ca. Research by the musicologist Robert Snow proved this assumption wrong and placed the composer among important figures of Spanish music during the sixteenth century.

Should theatre come about through the meeting of printed matter on paper and of a place in which to execute it, then death — offering neither the ability to say nor to do — can only ever appear foreign to it.

rodrigo fonseca farinaz: Topics by

Deprived of words and of images, and shrouded in both dissolution and silence, this death is seconded only by nothingness — the nothingness itself according no representation. It was found that the iguanas captured in Mamatoco presented a relative bigger protein percentage, calcium, iron and potassium; those captured in Bonda, bigger quantity of humidity, ashy and sodium; those captured in Minca, bigger content of fat, chloride and calories; while those of contained bigger Fonseca of magnesium, manganese, sulphates and carbohydrates.

What transforms the Green Iguana into a source of nutritious economic whenever it is used in rationally. Green iguana; food habits; reptiles; proximate analysis; meat. Ixodidaean endemic tick species of Brazil. Larvae, nymphs and females of I. Only female ticks were obtained from engorged nymphs.

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