I ordered the EFCom Pro GSM module this month and to be honest it was beyond “fun” to get it working. Being cheap I ordered it for half of what. Power Supply: +5V; 1x GPRS Module -EFCom Pro; 1x 4 Frequency antenna; 4x Copper cylinder; Control via AT commands (GSM , and EFCOM. Only US$, buy EFCom Pro Wireless ///MHz GPRS/GSM Module w/ Antenna – White from DealExtreme with free shipping now.

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Welcome to My Binary Life!: EFCom Pro GSM connecting to Arduino

This module support software power on and reset. You just need connect proo below: If you want to make voice calls, you would also require a headset with microphone. So you received your GPRSwhat would be the first thing you would want to do with it? Send out a text SMS to efccom cell phone? On a Mac you may use the command line application “screen” available through Terminal. The best way to do this using an Arduino board is described below. Arduino One boards are confirmed to work as well January For developing such a program, we require installation of a new Arduino library – NewSoftSerial Notice: See example code below.

The library can be obtained from here. Extract the folder NewSoftSerial from within this. Make sure to restart the Arduino IDE after the library. For users with Arduino 1.


However, you must be aware that the buffer reserved for incoming messages are hardcoded to 64 bytes in the library ffcom, “SoftwareSerial. This means that if the GPRS module responds with more data than that, you are likely to loose it with a buffer overflow! Now that our test setup is ready, let’s play around with some AT Effcom before moving on to programming the Arduino to do it by itself instead of doing it manually.

EFCom Pro GPRS/GSM Module

To start off let’s try sending an SMS. If, in spite of following the steps as specified above, you aren’t able to receive the message on the target handset, then it might be that you need to set the SMS Message Center number. You can get the message center number by calling up the customer care center of the GSM Service Provider and asking them for it. Now that you have gotten a taste of how the AT Commands work, you can try out some more of them before moving on to developing sketches for Arduino to use the GPRS.

GPRS/GSM Module-EFCom Pro EFComPro (EF-03045)

You can go through the AT Commands reference manual to figure out the sequence of commands required to do a particular task. If while developing an Pfo sketch, you find that the GPRS isn’t what you expected it to do, then you will need to check your AT Commands and their sequence.

To do this, reload the serial relay sketch attached above in the getting started section into ATmegaP and rfcom out the AT Commands manually and check the output. A C program to perfom the same task as the serial relay sketch present above has also been developed and attached: The program was developed on a Windows PC. XLoader is such a program which runs on Windows can upload. This section is a work in efcon Here are the list of connectors and pin headers present on-board the GPRS:.


The Arduino sketch for sending an SMS is presented below.

ElecFreaks – ElecFreaks

It has been tested on Arduino Duemilanove but will work on any compatible variant. Please follow the following steps for running this sketch.

But the library used. Bug Tracker is the place you can publish any bugs you think you might pgo found during use. Please write down what you have to say, your answers will help us improve our.

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