EE DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS TWO MARK QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. Sign in. Main menu. EE Data Structures and Algorithms – 2 MARKS. Instructions: 1. CLICK HERE to view the document online. 2. CLICK HERE to Download. EE DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHM (Common to EEE, EIE & ICE) UNIT I LINEAR STRUCTURES Abstract Data Types (ADT) List ADT array-based .

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What is meant by an abstract data type? An ADT is a set of operation. Abstract data types are mathematical abstractions. What are the operations of ADT? Union, Intersection, size, complement and find are the various operations of ADT. What is meant by list ADT? List ADT is a sequential storage structure. General list of the form a1, a2, a3. What are the various operations done under list ADT?

What are the different ways to implement list? What strcutures the advantages in the array implementation of list? What is a linked list? Linked list is a kind of series of data structures, which are not necessarily adjacent in memory.

Each structure contain the element and a pointer to a record containing its successor. What is a pointer? Pointer is a variable, which stores the address of the next element in the list.

Pointer is basically a number. What is a doubly linked list? Define double circularly linked list? In a structuers linked list, if the last node or pointer of the list, point to the first element of the list, then it is a circularly linked list. What is the need for the header? Header of the linked list is the first element in the list algoritms it stores the number of elements in the list. It points strucutres the first data element of the list. List three examples that uses linked list?

Give some examples for linear data structures? What is a stack? Stack is a data structure in which both insertion and deletion occur at one end only. Stack is maintained with a single pointer to the top of the list of elements.

The other name of stack is Last-in -First-out list. How do you test for an empty queue? What are the postfix and prefix forms of the expression? Explain the usage of stack in recursive algorithm implementation? In recursive algorithms, stack data structures is used to store the return address when a recursive call is Encountered and also to store the values of all the parameters essential to the current state of the procedure. Write down the operations that can be done with queue data structure?


Queue is a first — in -first out list. The operations that algoritmhs be done with queue are addition and deletion. What is a circular queue? The queue, which wraps around upon reaching the end of the array is called as circular queue. Explain the linked list implementation of list ADT in Detail? Explain the cursor implementation of linked list?

Explain the various applications of linked list? Explain the linked list implementation of stack ADT in detail? Explain the array implementation of queue ADT in detail? Define non-linear data structure Data structure which is capable of expressing more complex relationship than that of physical adjacency is called non-linear data structure.

A tree is a data structure, which represents hierarchical relationship between individual data items. In a directed tree any node which has out degree o is called a terminal node or a leaf.

What is meant by directed tree? Directed tree is an acyclic diagraph which has one node called its root with indegree o whille all other nodes have structuree I. What is a ordered tree? In a directed tree if the ordering of the nodes at each level is prescribed then such a tree is called ordered tree. What are the applications of binary tree? Binary tree is used in data processing.

File index schemes b. Hierarchical database management system 7.

EE Data Structures and Algorithms – 2 MARKS ~ EEEcube

What is meant by traversing? Traversing a tree means processing it in such a way, that each node is visited only once. What are the different types of traversing? The different types of traversing are a. Pre-order traversal-yields prefix from of expression. In-order traversal-yields infix form of expression. Post-order traversal-yields postfix from of expression. What are the two methods of binary tree implementation?

Two methods to implement a binary tree are, a. Pre-order traversal entails the following steps; a. Process the root node b. Process the left subtree c. Process the right subtree Post order traversal entails the following steps; a. Process the left subtree b.


Process the right subtree c. Process the root node Define in -order traversal? In-order traversal entails the following steps; a. Process the root node c. What is a balance factor in AVL trees?

Balance factor of a node is defined to be the difference between the height of the node’s left subtree and the height of the node’s right subtree. What is meant by pivot node? What is the length of the path in a tree? The length of the path is the number of edges on the path. In a tree there is exactly one path form the root to each node. The leaves of an expression tree are operands such as constants or variable names and the other nodes contain operators.

What is the need for hashing?


Hashing is used to perform insertions, deletions and find in constant average time. Hash function takes an identifier and computes the address of that identifier in the hash table using some function.

List out the different types of hashing functions? The alhorithms types of hashing functions are, a. The division method b. The mind square method c.

The folding method d. What are the problems in hashing?

When two keys compute in to the same location or address in the hash table through any of the hashing function then it is termed collision. Explain the different tree traversals with an application? Define binary search tree? Explain the various operations with an example?

Nad the basic heap operation with an example? Explain any two techniques to overcome hash collision?

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A graph G consist of a nonempty set V which is a set of nodes of the graph, a set E which is the set of edges of the graph, and a mapping from the set for edge E to a set of pairs of elements of V. Any two nodes which are connected by an edge in a graph are called adjacent nodes. What is a directed graph?

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