DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) is a set of communications protocols used between components in process automation systems. Its main use is in utilities. The data, examples and diagrams in this manual are included solely for the concept or product description and are not to be deemed as a statement of. This page provides a free overview to DNP3. It is composed of slides excerpted from our DNP3 Subcription video. DNP3 Protocol Layers Overview, 4.

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It is preferred among the electric utilities, in part, because. The differences with Modbus include.

Introduction to DNP3 – National Instruments

SCADA server polls for change events. Each DNP3 packet starts with two bytes 0x05 and 0x These are usually referred to as the start bytes or start frame.


In the diagram below, we can see the data link layer of the DNP3 communication. This section includes includes.

The Application Layer section of the packet includes the instructions as seen below. Unfortunately, DNP3 was developed before security was a major concern. As a result, DNP3 has no built-in security.

For instance, there is no authentication or encryption. There are a number of well-known vulnerabilities and exploits in the wild against DNP3. These include MiTM attacks, DoS attacks, manipulating time synchronization, suppressing alarms and more.

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DNPSec v5 has been developed in response to address security concerns such as spoofing, modification, replay attacks, and eavesdropping. As of today, this new, more secure standard has yet to be widely accepted and implemented.

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