Disciplinas Generales. Disciplinas Exclusivas. Disciplinas Arcanas. Animalismo ( ). Daimonion (1). El Monasterio Negro. Los Fundadores. Matusalenes. Manual del juego vampiro:la mascarada. Para partidas sin largas consultas. – Clanes -Disciplinas -Creación -Rasgos -Sistema -resumen de tiradas -Sencillo. 10 MB) dan Vampire La Masquerade (Descrizioni Al Volo) Clan #2 Gangrel Mp3 El clan al que pertenezcas determina cuáles son las tres Disciplinas que te tocan, Mi nuevo pj de vampiro la mascarada ♡♡ #rol #vampiro I don’t know that.

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Manual Vampiro apk |

Mini perfil del usuario. Lun Dic 08, Most Toreador are bampiro of passion and feeling, embracing art, literature, or even outright hedonism in search of something that truely gives unlife beauty and meaning.

Many of them become great creators, with all eternity to hone their arts, but most of them learn to appreciate, even envy, the tragically fleeting works of the mortal masters.

Cultivating some of the best and sometimes worst aspects of humanity, they wield powers of great social and physical grace.

However, many fall discippinas to their own quest for beauty, their senses eisciplinas so easily ensnared as to make them easy marks for more “practical” Kindred. Mar Sep 30, While many clans seek to embrace their remaining vestiges of humanity, or to reject it altogether, Clan Lasombra laps at the seeping wounds of innocence left bleeding.

Relishing their fall into monstrosity, most members of this clan transform all vestiges of their past humanity into sadistic mockery. As refined as they are cruel, some call them the twisted reflection of Clan Ventrue’s noble or whimperingly anemic numbers.

The terror the Lasombra stir in the hearts of mortals is only heightened by their uncanny affinity for, and even control over, the shadows themselves. But that same power that lets them conjure darkness itself to thrash the life from their foes seems to imbue in them weaknesses as well; Light on reflective surfaces does not catch their image, and the vengeful rays of the sun cut them as deep as an undertaker’s shovel into the moist earth.


The Lasombra claim a measure of leadership over the Sabbat, a vampiric sect that preaches the embrace of monstrosity and the domination and subjugation of mortals.

Vie Mar 17, Their blood intermingled with everything from kings and lords to presidents and corporate moguls, the cunning politics of this clan baffle outside or “lesser” minds. Famously gallant and genteel, the grip of the clan reaches from world governments and business holdings down to individual souls held in bondage of blackmail or manipulation.

The natural capacity for manuevering and mascaarada is one for which members are normally selected, but this is always aided further by the unmathed, unnatural powers the clan wields over the hearts and minds of others. But with exquisite status come exquisite tastes, and a Ventrue must sometimes suffer for their refusal to drink any blood aside from the one sort he or she deems sweetest.

This clan also holds the seat of leadership of the Camarilla, a vast vampiric sect devoted to hiding the species’ existence from the eyes of humanity. Jue May 20, 7: Mar Feb 10, Though they give those outside the disciplinax pause, they are kascarada levelheaded, thoughtful individuals who have learned to look past the superficial surfaces of people and things.

Manual Vampiro APK

Usually making their home in the sewers or other secluded places no others would venture, the monsterous Nosferatu are spies and informants extraordinaire, making a specialty of their neccessity-honed power to remain unseen. The neccessity comes into play with their uniform curse of inhuman ugliness, which perverts the visage discip,inas even the most fair into a blasphemous tribute to pestilence.

  JIS G4051 PDF

Sab Jun 11, 6: These Caitiff are often seen as little more than vam;iro by most factions, especially the Camarilla. Cannon fodder at best and hunted outcasts at worst, they keep to themselves or others of their kind for the most part, viewed by those of “purer” blood as clueless proles or weak-blooded, useless drones.

Of course, at times, their independance from clan politics can prove significantly advantageous. Dom Feb 09, 7: Se que la descripcion se oye bien pero no se si hay mejores clanes. Clan Giovanni is an object of mixed mockery and fear to most vampires.

Vampiro: La Mascarada

Those Embraced to the clan are almost exclusively descendants of the ancient Giovanni family, however far-flung they may be from its roots, and most of them still carry on the clan’s studies of necromancery. Their affinity for the dead is an ironic one, with the Kindred existing in a state of undeath disciplinae, but the Giovanni have turned this connection into an art, said to be able to risciplinas upon those who have gone beyond the veil of death.

But, perhaps in sinister homage to their strange and twisted paths, the fangs of the Giovanni bring to mortals not the exquisite pleasure that debilitates most victims, but only pure, molten agony. Sab May 20, 5:

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