DIN 50962 PDF

DIN Electrodeposited coatings – Chromated coatings of zinc alloys on iron and steel. Title (German). Galvanische Überzüge – Chromatierte. Buy DIN ELECTRODEPOSITED COATINGS – CHROMATED COATINGS OF ZINC ALLOYS ON IRON AND STEEL from SAI. Buy DIN () Electrodeposited Coatings – Chromated Coatings Of Zinc Alloys On Iron And Steel from SAI Global.

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DIN 50962:2013-02

Materials and Surface Finishings of Metal Parts. Unless otherwise stated, all metal parts e.

Besides that, all metal parts are also available. Alternative materials are available upon request. Unless otherwise stated, all metal parts made of.

DIN 50962 PDF

Carbon Steel are available with the following. Free of hexavalent chromium Cr VI.


Restrictions of the Use of Hazardous Substances. End of Life Vehicles Directive.

Alternative surface finishings are available upon request. No signs of corrosion after hours in the salt spray chamber!

Galvanisation and blue-chromating after 96 hours. Galvanisation and yellow-chromating after hours. Zinc-coating, thick-film passivation and sealing after hours.


In all three cases, signs of corrosion are quite clearly visible! The information indicate the minimum requirements; higher property classes are available upon request. DINPart 1. DINPart 2. DINPart 3.

Unless otherwise stated, all threaded parts available with. Table of Contents Flash Version.

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