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Provides the conditions for, rate of and entitlement to injury benefits. Provides for the imposition of a levy on sugar and molasses manufactured in Barbados, to be paid to the National Insurance Board.

Minister may give directions. Establishes requirements and rules of procedure for Severance Payment Tribunals. Provides for minimum wages and guaranteed employment for workers employed in the sugar industry and for incidental or related matters. Amends Labour Clauses Public Contracts Act, by providing that every contractor shall keep displayed in a conspicuous place in his establishment and work places for the information of the workers a notice containing the conditions of their work.

Gives information requirements and procedures for employers making notices of claims for rebates. Nevertheless, the information on the alumina markets provided to the Commission confirms that the authorization of a major part of the aid is appropriate and, as concluded above, can be justified under point 51 1 b of the Environmental aid guidelines by the overall positive results obtained in environmental terms through the adoption of taxes.

Decreto 52054 pdf download

Use the Advanced search. An Act to provide for the making by employers of severance payments to employees who cease to be employed in circumstances amounting to redundancy and for matters incidental thereto and connected therewith.

Rural Development Commission Act Cap. Provides for regulations on the publication of notices of wages council meetings.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Establishes regulations concerning inter alia, trade union trustees, trade union accounts 522054 audits, union amalgamation, name changes, the submission of annual decdeto to the Registrar, application for funds for certain political purposes, peaceful picketing fecreto rules concerning minors. Sets the conditions under which the amount of a severance payment may be reduced or excluded because of a pension.

Urban Development Commission Act Cap. Authorizes these Officers to make inspections of deceeto and employers. In accordance to article 20 of Law on Occupational Safety establishes the Regulation on the procedure of the development and adoption of local normative legal acts containing Occupational safety requirements for professions and or of certain types of works services with the following parts: Provides for the registration, supervision and management of certain societies whose members share a common bond of philosophy and social and economic objectives.


In accordance with article 3 of the Governmental Decree on State normative requirements for occupational safety approves the inter-sectoral rules of occupational safety in sugar production. Authorizes these Officers to make inspections of businesses and employers. Establishes regulations on the constitution, officers and proceedings of wages councils and of commissions of enquiry.

Allows the Cabinet to make minimum wage and guaranteed employment orders number of days or hours of employment.

Regulates retirement pensions for secondary school teachers including circumstances under which pension deceto to be granted, retirement for inefficency, compulsory retirement, maximum pensions, cessation and suspension of pensions, as well as regulations when a beneficary dies or is killed while on duty.

Provides for regulations on the publication of notices of wages council meetings.

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Establishes regulations, procedures and penalties for the deceto, theft and defacement of insurance stamps. Therefore, the aid consists of a series of grants of aid, made each time Aughinish carried out a customs procedure that would, in the absence of the exemption, have incurred a liability to excise duty. Parasparagraphs of para 13, paras of article 1 enter into force three months after official publication; paragraphs of para 13 of article 1 enter into force on 1 January Specifies the conditions under which persons living outside of Barbados are liable for making contribution payments.

It also sets out provisions for the death or bankruptcy of a vecreto. Section 2 regulates duties of immigration officer where he decides that an immigrant is a prohibited immigrant or where an order is made for the removal of an immigrant from the island. 520554 – – Ley Pensions Act Cap. An Act to amend and consolidate the Acts 5204 to bank holidays and public holidays. It sets the constitution of the Board and rules of procedure for Board meetings. Barbados – – Ley. Part Nine provides for the constitution and rules of the Police Association.

Makes provisions for arbitrations.

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Claims for rebates may arise as a consequence of the termination or expiration of an employee’s contract. It also restricts the activities of members of the Force vis-a-vis unauthorized organizations and commercial activity.


This Act establishes the Agricultural Development Fund and provides for its administration. The Minister may make Regulations relative to preservation of parks in accordance with section Section 19 prohibits the taking of water from public taps without permission. Rephrases article 3 which now reads: Gives theses Officers the power to enter premises and obtain information with the exception of when any Officer has a direct or indirect interest in the business in question.

Organization of the Legal Profession Chapter V: Consolidates and amends the Acts of Barbados relating to the Police Force. Sets up, inter alia, the State policy in the sphere of education, its financing, defines the various stages of education pre-school, school, vocational, graduate and post graduate.

The former Co-operative Societies Act is repealed Cap. Regulates relations arising from compulsory isolation and sending of citizens to occupational therapy rehabilitation centres; legal status of citizens residing in these centres as well as defines basis for termination or prolongation of stay at centres. Amends the Schedule of the Labour Clauses Public Contracts Act by deleting the words “or before being allowed to tender for Government contracts” appearing in lines 1 and 2 of paragraph 3.

Regulation 4 prohibits the use of entangling nets, whereas regulation 5 prohibits the uses of seine nets of a specified mesh size. In accordance with the Act on Occupational Pension Insurance, defines the terms and conditions to determine the right to early retirement. An Act to provide for the protection of children from exploitation by preventing the making of indecent photographs of them and matters related thereto.

Legislation on establishment and procedure of increase of the minimum wage, Article IV: Made under Immigration Act, Part one states the entitlement, conditions, rates amountsduration, required documents, conditions for disqualification and special provisions for the distribution of sickness benefits, maternity benefits, funeral grants, invalidity benefits, old age contributory grants and pensions and survivors’ benefits. Provides for the establishment of Wages Councils.

Regulates the granting of pensions upon retirement.

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