De augmentis scientiarum: libri IX. Front Cover · Francis Bacon. Bibliographic information. QR code for De augmentis scientiarum. review? id=l-VBAAAAcAAJ. De augmentis scientiarum: libri IX. By Francis Bacon. DE AUGMENTIS SCIENTIARUM. I have ever observed it to have been the office of a wise patriot, among the greatest affairs of the State, to take care of the.

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Pages Home De Augmentis Scientiarum.

OFB IX & X: De augmentis scientiarum

Francis Bacon first mentioned the Biliteral Cypher in a brief paragraph of his book, Advancement of Learningpublished in Nineteen years later he published a book in Latin inDe Augmentis Scientiarum.

In this book he detailed with illustrations how to write and use the Biliteral Cypher. Fac-simile title page from De Augmentisautmentis system has been recognized, and used, since the day that De Augmentis was published, and has had its place in every translation and publication of that work since, but the ages have waited to learn that it was embedded in the original books themselves from the date of his earliest writings as now known and infolded his secret personal history.

De Augmentis Scientiarum The following excerpt is a translation from Francis Bacon’s Latin by Gilbert Wats,including all its spelling oddities and capital letter peculiarities. Their kinds are many, as Cyphars simple; Cyphars intermixed with Nulloesor non-significant augmentiis Cyphars of double letters under one character; wheele-cyphars; Kay-Cyphars; Cyphars of Words; Others.


But the virtues of them whereby they are to be preferr’d are Three; That they be ready, and not laborious to write; that they be sure, and lie not scientiaru, to deciphering; and lastly, if it be possible, that they be managed augmrntis suspicion.

Fac-simile from De Augmentis”But that jealousies may be taken away, we will annexe an other invention, which, in truth, we devised in our youth, when we were at Paris; and is a thing that yet seemeth to us not worthy to be lost. It containeth the biggest degree of cypher, augmengis is to signify omnia per omniayet so as the writing infolding, may beare a quintuple proportion to the writing infolded; no other condition or restriction whatsoever is required.

It shall be performed thus; First let all the letters of the alphabet, by transposition, be resolved into two letters only; for the transposition of two letters by five placings will be sufficient for Differences, much more for 24, which is the number of the alphabet. The example of such an alphabet is on this wise [page] see Figure 1.

De augmentis scientiarum: libri IX.

Figure 1 illustrates the five-letter code assigned to each code letter. Figure 3 illustrates how the Bi-formed alphabet, two typefaces, are assigned to each letter of the alphabet to then obtain the augemntis coding seen in Figure 1.

For by this Art a way is opened, whereby a man may expresse and signifie the intentions of his minde, at any distance of place, by objects that may be presented to the eye, and accommodated to the eare; provided those objects be capable of a twofold augmdntis onely; as by Bells, by Trumpets, by Lights and Torches, like nature. But to pursue our enterprise, when you addresse your selfe to write, resolve your inward infolded letter into this Bi-literarie Alphabet.


Works by Francis Bacon

Say the interiour Letter be Fuge. Figure 2 and Figure 3: Fac-simile from De Augmentis”Together with scienitarum, you must have ready at hand a Bi-formed Alphabet, which may represent all the Letters of the Common Alphabet, as well Capitall Letters as the Smaller Characters in a double forme, as may fit every mans occasion.

Now to the interiour letter, which is Biliterate, you shall fit a biformed scienntiarum letter, which shall answer the other, letter for letter, and afterwards let it downe.

Let the exteriour example be, Manere te volo, donec venero. An Example of Accommodation. An interiour letter, which to expresse, we have made choice of a Spartan letter sent once in a Scytale or round cypher’d staffe.

The soldiers want food.

We can neither get hence nor stay longer here. Fac-simile title page from De Augmentis Fac-simile from De Augmentis ,

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