The complete Dahlquist speaker system consist of the famous DQ main speakers; the DQ-1W subwoofer, the DQ-LP1 electronic crossover. The Dalhquist DQ loudspeaker has not as yet been formally submitted for review. (The designer tells us he is still working on the low end.). The Dahlquist DQ loudspeaker (no longer manufactured and only available used on ebay and other such locations) all but revolutionized the high-fidelity.

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Used Dahlquist DQ Loudspeakers for Sale |

Log in or Sign up. My wife, who’s no audiophile but has a very discerning ear, remarked “It’s like the band is playing right in front of you”, and I have to ddahlquist. The ad described these as a mirrored pair in great condition with a re-cap and re-foam by Regnar.

I’d been interested in these speakers for some time and decided to make an offer. The re-cap and re-foam made them more desirable to me than any other pair I had considered. Powered by my Adcom GFA the dahlqhist notes stand out: Anyways, on to some photos and more listening. MATTDec 24, I had the opportunity to borrow my friends 10’s for a little over a week, mind you back in the 80’s I was quite impressed with the clarity, and detail.

I did not have a room to properly set them up to fully enjoy them. I gave them back to my friend, he sold them to another buddy of mine, and eventually they both ended up in a dumpster.

They are a difficult speaker to accommodate space-wise. I’m negotiating a room with more floorspace with my wife. We’ll see how that works out. Does anyone know what fuse should be used for the dahlquisst I put in some 5A, v fuses for now but I think 5A might be a bit too much.

That’s a good deal for an already recapped and serviced pair of 10’s the regnar caps alone will set you back a couple hundred.

Glad you have enough bass also. Most complaints of not enough bass is usually because of the wrong amplification.

I’ve found that the proton d will bring out the bass on these speakers in spades Wanna get really spooked? Any jazz, and acoustic Alice in Chains are also phenomenal with them. The Dahl is one girl who is vahlquist more attractive with her clothes on than off!


Are those mirror imaged? May your days be filled with long hours of blissful music. Those dq’s are amazingly clean.

Normally you see the back sides covered in dust and especially the bottom of the speaker input is a real dust collector. Someone did a great job on both the recap and the detail cleaning.

I picked up my first pair of DQ speakers a couple of weeks ago which are much further down the line than yours which I like. I would love to hear a pair of 10’s some day. WolverineDec 24, Those are dxhlquist nicest looking 10’s I’ve seen in a long time. D how the crazy driver placement and assortment can sound so good.

My wife liked the DQs best of all the speakers I’ve had in the last twenty years. Very easy to integrate a sub if you want to pick up the last octave. I ran the DQ at full range and crossed the sub in below 50hz to add just a bit of ooomph down low.

They’re like a magic trick with those five drivers and odd dxhlquist baffles, but it all works! They deliver some of the most lifelike piano I’ve heard. A nice copy of Kenny Burrell’s Midnight Blue will blow you away. I’ve heard two pairs “stacked” horizontally before.

They image quite well, and with the horizontal spread there are times when you can hear things come from different speakers on each side. Makes for a very broad soundstage indeed.

Now you are making me feel bad. About a year and a half ago someone tried to sell me a set and I never even bothered to check them out.

Dahlquist: Consumer Electronics | eBay

I’m sitting here wondering about your woofers. They appear to have been reconed. It seems someone went through a lot of trouble getting them up to snuff. I’m going to upgrade my previous remarks and say that instead of you getting a good daahlquist on em, to First, those are the highest serial number I have seen for the DQ in my admittedly fairly recent search. I bought my first pair a couple years ago and that is when I started to collect information on these.


Earlier models had white stickers on the hardboard near the tweeter. They look nice and with the stands, refoam and recap are a good buy at that price. My first pair were refoamed, recapped, reclothed and with the short feet.

Used em for a while and then put the plastic caps dahllquist them as the recap was with PE ‘ltyics, replacing old tired ‘lytics. These were early serial number speakers. Enjoyed them but found out that they are dalhquist for 95dB listening max, not really a LOUD speaker so when another pair showed up with the electronic crossover, sub, amps 2preamp, tuner and turntable for only a bit more than the high price for the crossover I moved up to the double Dahlquist system gadget has heard.

This second pair was filthy, I have pics. They got an identical cap treatment and I mirrored both pair. Yes, it is a disease. Today at my brother’s for Christmas, there were comments that the neatest room in my house clean and tidy, not cool, I don’t think was the soundroom, looking like a stereo showroom of old with more software.

Dahlquist DQ-10 Score – Very Impressed

Looking at your speakers, they have been rewired with the Regnar recap and that seems fq use bigger wire. Looks well done and these should be good for years and years. These were probably made new in about based on my research limited as I don’t search for production dates to much, this is Orion Blue Daylquist Data.

And they look great. There is a bunch of info on the web, including the Dahlquist Yahoo Group but you have to wade through some of their other models, too.

Wish I had the logos on the front of mine.

Blue ShadowDec 24, MATT and Wolverine like this. MATTDec 25, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an dhalquist No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:

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