QAI CSTE Exam Study WEBinar The CSTE Common Body of Knowledge ( CBOK) skill categories have been selected to address the 4th Quarter QAI CSQA Exam Study WEBinar The CSQA Common Body of Knowledge ( CBOK) skill categories have been selected to address the 4th Quarter Webinar to a 12 week Live Virtual Classroom series starting January 3, The CSTE and CSQA Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) skill categories.

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Scenario and Strategic Thinking. Words that Change Minds. Mission and Vision Planning.

Quality as a Way of Life. Getting Your Point Across. Building a 20013 Class Organization. One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men.


No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man. This will introduce you to the certification process, as well as the content of the certification programs for Software Tester and Quality Assurance professional, made famous by the Quality Assurance Institute. Want to learn more? Cobk this WEBinar, you will see: Why certification is valuable How our live virtual classroom works The examination process The skill categories How to participate interactively True multimedia: In the full series, you will get advanced information that will help you pass the certification exams.


Did you know what certification offers?

The world standard for 40, professionals Non-trivial evidence of skill and knowledge Global acceptance Peer and management recognition Improved confidence Enhanced promotions and fsqa increases Improved client credibility Improved quality culture and products What’s in the full program? The course reinforces current knowledge, re-introduces concepts that may not be used everyday, explains the rationale for use, and highlights both multiple choice and essay type sample examination questions and cbom.

The completion of this course along with the necessary practical experience and related resource familiarity will help prepare the candidate for the examination.

He has participated in numerous areas in information technology, service, manufacturing, human resources, executive management, and strategic management consulting. With extensive experience in Total Quality Management and rapid culture change added to over 30 years in Information Systems, his interactive style is known to thousands of attendees.

CSTE Certification Prep Course

The Quality Connection all rights reserved www. Sign up for our Email Newsletter. Conflict Resolution for Leaders. December 5, 20113 Now. Curious about how WEBinars work?


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