Oct 29, Abstract of Cornel West’s “Nihilism in Black America” by Mike Peterson Description West argues that the two current and polarized “camps” that. Oct 29, Abstract of Cornel West’s “Nihilism in black America” By Jenny Lowry Description of Article West argues that the dilemma of African Americans. Nihilism in Black America. Cornel West ▫ Spring Recent discussions about the plight of African Americans—especially those at the bottom of the social.

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Every “culture and race” goes without “something”, but blacks are structurally deprived of amerjca opportunities that give them a disproportionately small share of the nation’s wealth.

Of course this propels some degree of hopelessness and nihilism: If you have an institution of oppression over your head for hundreds of years, you might develop hopelessness. The solution, of course, is activism, both within white and black communities, producing real and americx outcomes. The trouble with activism is that even when it approaches a transformative solution as it did with black radical thinkers of the 20th centuryor achieves real and measurable outcomes as with the civil rights mass movements, cormel litigation and new americca Finally, the changing and changeable nature of Gargantua appears in the 21st century as the malleable structure of undefeated white supremacist thought, the cold war of racialized violence, and the power of the state to maintain white privilege at all costs.

Multiple and multifaceted approaches at every level of human existence would be more inclusive, realistic and effective — also a very long march stumbling and falling forward it would seem. Subtlety and lifelong ‘guerilla’ actions would be necessary, including the training of children in homes and schools to resist dehumanization of any sort, requiring a different sort of parent at least; deep changes in health and medical care to end pervasive neglect and hostility to black life in medicine; and so on.

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In education, this means for all children that the default human being is no longer a white person. Whiteness as an exemplary human ontology has to be dismissed or put in the dock and examined by all. In medicine it surely means the exposure of certain practices that do not appear racist but in their effects on cancer research, access to care and treatments prove to be so – The immortal Cells of Henrietta Lacks being a most remarkable case; and finally universal single payer access to health care for all children of any class of parents to begin early in life assuring the physical foundation.

Certainly there are other undiscovered cases as remarkable as Lacks in every area of human inquiry and endeavor.

This is a long process and arduous way forward, and at least years in duration forward from this point in time. Looking back, it has been years of discovery, invasion, genocide, human trafficking and breeding, imperialism, colonialism and ib colonialism to reach this dismal state. Community activism as a solution is merely the bothersome bite of the fruit fly on the hard butt of Gargantua!

It’s been a few years. I hope you’ve educated yourself on Black history and the real evils of capitalism by now.

Cornel West’s Race Matters

West contends that these arguments do not come close to understand the problem with African Americans, that the real problem is the threat of nihilism. Historically, blacks were armored against this threat through culture and community, but something happened along the way that changed this.

In this sense, it seems that culture is inseparable from politics and economy; that culture is often times made by politics and economy. Both the liberal structuralists and the conservative behaviorists ignore the nihilistic threat, and the conservative behaviorists add to it. He argues that this threat is invading black America, but the only example he gives is that of commodification of goods in poverty ridden communities.

It sounds like he is arguing that those people are being threatened by nihilism because they cannot afford what other people can.


So, without certain commodities they are doomed to have no meaning in their lives. This is ridiculous; every culture and every race goes without something, but that does not mean that they are devoid of meaningful lives West blames history for the problems of black Americans today for their loss of meaning in life. Slavery and white supremacy are prime examples of where nihilism started in America. He argues that while black criminals should be punished for their crimes, capitalism is to blame for the poverty and lost culture that leads them to nihilism and thus criminal behavior.

This argument is ludicrous. What about white criminals? Is capitalism to blame for their criminal deeds as well?

Cultural Studies: Cornel West: “Nihilism in Black America”

How can capitalism be the problem for all crime? He also feels like black politicians, particularly Jesse Jackson, only serve to halt progression toward eliminating this threat. He sees black politicians as narrow minded and over the top; that politicians like these only serve to further repress black Americans and leave them powerless.

While I am not a black American, this article is rather disturbing to me. It seems like West is dooming black Americans with this incurable disease. The black Americans I do know do not seem depressed or void of meaning in their lives. I agree that political progress should be made within black culture, as it should be in many other cultures in America. The fact that he offers no real evidence of his claim or a solution is problematic.

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