Core Java: An Integrated Approach, New: Includes All Versions upto Java 8 . thanks to seller and thanks to the author of this book Dr. R. Nageswara Rao. Core Java – An Integrated Approach covers all core concepts in a methodical way. Dr. R. Nageswara Rao has been associated with teaching Computer. Core Java An Integrated Approach is written in such a way that learners without any background in programming are able to follow and understand it entirely.

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An Integrated Approach is a guide to Java for beginners, written in simple language. With a majority rule over the complete software industry, it is very evident that an in-depth knowledge of JAVA is a very crucial factor for software and IT professionals.

Core Java: An Integrated Approach, New: Includes All Versions upto Java 8

An Integrated Approach considers new learners while explaining the concepts of Java in a simple and straightforward manner. Once the user is through with the book, they can write at least simple Java programs on their own. Therefore, the book provides them with a head-start. The book does not offer vague explanations, rather, it gives exact descriptions of all aporoach important concepts discussed.

There are several examples in the book to help students overcome their fear of programming.

There also are many questions featured that can be asked during interviews, which help students in the future or while facing interviews. With 32 chapters in all, the author has arranged all these chapters in the increasing order of their complexity.

The first few chapters solely aim at introducing the readers to the world of Java, focussing on increasing their knowledge levels and ensuring that they are clear when it comes to the the fundamentals of the language. On the other hand, the last few itnegrated are completely focussed on providing an advanced learning of the language. The book does not focus on a particular version, but is dedicated to explaining the major concepts of the language, therefore, it is good to go for users of any version of Java.

Nageswara Rao has been a teacher of computer science at several reputed colleges for two decades.

Core Java: An Integrated Approach by R. Nageswara Rao

Another book by the author is The Ultimate C: Concepts, Programs And Interview Questions. The author has worked as a freelance developer in the past for several organizations, and also interacts with students and trainers frequently.


At present, he works with INet Solv Solutions, a specialized, prestigious training organization that provides training in Java at Hyderabad.

He also writes for Computer Vignanam, a Telugu magazine about computer knowledge that is circulated every month. Certified BuyerKolkata. Certified BuyerChinsurah. Certified BuyerPune. Educational and Professional Books. Usually delivered in days? Dreamtech Press India Pvt. Summary Of The Book With a majority rule over the complete software industry, it is very evident that an in-depth knowledge of JAVA is a very crucial factor for software and IT professionals.

Core Java approacy An Integrated Approach. Java 6 And J2Ee 1.

Add 3 Items to Cart. I had the following Questions in my mind while placing the order Is this book recommended for someone who is new to java?

Is this book recommended to clear Concept and gain practical knowledge? Is there ample practical example of each topic in this book? Is this book recommended for doubt clearing before a Java Interview?

Does this book really deals with head first core java? Usually i don’t buy books written by indian authors. Moreover my experience with a black book from Kogent solutions was not very good. So, i never thought i will buy this book. But when i searched for the Java books in flipkartthis was one of the most popular books.

After reading the reviews i was amazed and i thought i really need to give this book a try. When i started reading this book, seeing the first chapter, i thought why the heck is networking discussed in the first chapter. I have read all 3 popular books of java for Beginners: Step by step Process.

Best thing is Ordering of Units. They are ordered in awesome way. Lots of Simple programs. A complete book for beginners. Written way attracts you to read. You won’t lose Interest. Best for learning programs using java in methodological way. No one can beat the Understanding of OOP of this. Explained graphically to influence brain. But not a complete book.

Dev Certified Buyer 12 Jul, I have compared all the books of java and I found that this one is the most useful for IT programmer like me. I’ve read so many books of different times,they all contained something different perhaps those differences and uniqueness made those books very specia, appproach got to admit this book takes me into the same realm ,its a story that is not at all mainstream though it may seem so at first glance but just go dr.g.nageswara u will find something very unusual which is out of common place n incredible ,every boy has some very unusual story whihc he never shares but this guy did so not caring about those characters Why this is Best?


Pravin Zugare Certified Buyer 18 Dec, This book is the best available for a beginner in java like me. I have read it 2days before an interview in a very rqputated company, and answered 8 out of 10 questions asked in Core java. Buy it and start reading: This book explains Java concepts in clear and crisp wayno long long example like others.

I really loved reading this book. If you are new to programming world i highly recommend this book to you. It made me to fall in love with Java. Jagat Singh 14 Mar, This book is just awesome, it take you from basic concept to advanced in a very understandable manner.

Core Java: An Integrated Approach

I love this book and it’s fun to learn core java with this book. Highly recommended for java learner. Neeraj Kushwaha Certified Buyer 1 Oct, Have doubts regarding this product? Safe and Secure Payments.

R Nageswara Rao has been associated with teaching Computer Science since He has worked at various Colleges as Head of the Dept Dept. He has been teaching Java sinceand currently associated with INet Solv Solutions, Hyderabad, a prestigious training division, imparting specialized training in Java. R Nageswara Rao is teaching and interacting with more than new students every month, including software developers, and foreign students.

R Nageswara Rao is associated with ‘Computer Vignanam’, a widely circulated monthly magazine, published in Telugu. He has been on the editorial board of this magazine for the last six years. He published several articles, including articles on Virtual Reality, Mobile communications, Blue tooth technology, Global positioning systems etc.

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