This manual describes the control of the standard series. COMBIVERT F4-Small. It includes: General installation and connection instructions. Explanation of the. Prima leggere le manuale di istruzione 1 parte! Leer manual de instrucciones parte 1 antes! BETRIEBSANLEITUNG KEB COMBIVERT F4-S. Manuals and User Guides for KEB COMBIVERT F4-F. We have 3 KEB COMBIVERT F4-F manuals available for free PDF download: Applications Manual.

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Read Instruction manual part 1 first! Leer combievrt de instrucciones parte 1 antes! Prima leggere le manuale di istruzione 1 parte! Lisez d’abord le manuel d’instructions partie 1! Die in dieser Betriebsanleitung verwendeten Pictogramme entsprechen folgender Bedeutung: Before working with this unit the user must be familiarized with it.


This is especially true for the attention, safety and warning guides. The meaning of the pictograms used in this manual are: Danger Warning Caution Page I – RU Page F – Questo comprende, specialmente, la conoscenza e r4 osservanze delle direttive di sicurezza e di avvertimento sootonindicate.

I mnual usati in questo Manuale di Instruzione hanno il seguente significato: Esto debe aplicarse especialmente al conocimiento de las indicaciones de advertencia y mxnual.

El significado de los pictogramas usados en este manual son: The operation of other electrical loads is forbidden and can lead to disturbances of the unit.

Not only is this unit small in size and in price, it also has the following features: GB – 5 General 1. Maintain a distance of at least 50mm to the elements stored in front.

KEB COMBIVERT F4-F Applications Manual

Make sure cooling is sufficient. When installing a dust-proof housing make sure it has enough heat dissipation. Guide values according to IEC If shorter cycle times are needed, please contact KEB. Dependent on the load, the length of the motor cable and the use of a radio interference filter, substantially higher leakage current can occur. The mamual instructions from the manufacturer and the valid local reqirements combiverr be observed.


For example, with TN-mains this protection is made with overcurrent protective devices.

With IT-mains it is insulation monitoring with a pulse-code measuring method. A protective separation can be used with all mains forms as long as the required power and cable lengths permit this.

The data can be taken from the motor name plate. Climatic category EN Mains choke s. With other pole numbers the inverter must be dimensioned onto the motor combiveft current. Contact KEB for special or medium frequency motors. This data is only valid for units with internal brake transistor see “unit identification”.

GB – 13 Dimensions 2. Wiring diagram 1 Pay attention to the supply voltage and the correct polarity of the motor!

Only permissible with doubleshielding into the motor cable! The braking energy that is refed into the intermediate circuit during regenerative operation is dissipated by means of the braking transistor, the control and the braking resistor. The braking resistor heats up comibvert braking. They are selected according to their application requirements.

The respective formulas and restrictions validitiy range are listed on the next page.

Keb COMBIVERT F4-F Manuals

Preset desired braking time. Calculate braking time without braking resistor tBmin.

If the desired braking time is smaller than the calculated braking time, it will be necessary to use a braking resistor. Calculate braking torque MB and take the load torque into account. Calculate peak braking power PB. This must always be calculated for the “worst case” nmax at standstill.

Selection of the braking resistors: The braking resistors may only be used for the units listed. ON period of the braking resistor may not be exceeded. Longer ON periods require special-designed braking resistors. Take into account the continuous output of the braking transistor.

Check whether the desired braking time is attained with the braking resistor tBmin. Considering the capacity of the braking resistor and the braking capacity of the motor, the braking torque may not exeed the rated torque of the motor by more than 1. To utilize the maximum possible braking torque the frequency inverter must be layed out for the increased current.

GB – 20 Accessories Braking time The braking time is adjusted on the frequency inverter. The following formulas allow an approximate determination of the braking time.


Peak braking power 4. If the value is not achieved, please contact KEB. Mostly they are suitable for short braking comblvert and clock system. The assemblies are made of: In order to detect the overheating of a braking resistor it is absolutely necessary to monitor the temperatur switch.

The overheating can have following causes: Braking resistors can develop a very high surface temperature, therefore install as safe-to-touch as possible! This measure does not protect with a defect of the braking transistor however against the developing extreme overload with acute danger of fire.

By reducing the harmonics the power factor of the inverter improves from 0. With a frequency range from 10 kHz to approximately kHz the values of the conducted HF-interferences are reduced up to 30 db. Additionally the noise immunity of the system is improved and the DC-link capacitors lifetime increases.

F 60 60 80 37 45 05 3 4 14 A 62 41 05 1 10 9 F 84 86 48 64 07 3 6 21 A 62 41 07 1 16 15 F 84 86 48 64 09 3 8 21 A 62 41 09 1 20 15 F 84 86 48 64 10 3 12 30 A 72 50 10 1 25 18 F 96 62 84 12 3 20 30 A 60 60 12 3 30 45 A 60 60 13 3 40 50 A 55 14 3 60 63 A 70 15 3 70 74 A 71 16 3 85 92 A 81 17 3 90 A 91 18 3 A 81 19 3 A 20 3 A 21 3 B 72 50 05 6 22 B 72 50 07, 09 8 33 B 80 60 90 10 10 33 B 80 60 60 12 16 53 B 95 55 13 20 54 B 95 55 14 30 76 B 70 15 40 76 B 70 16 50 97 B 71 17 60 B 81 18 3 75 B 91 19 90 B 81 20 B 21 B 99 22

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