Learn the secrets for gaining muscle and losing fat with full body training from expert trainer Chad Waterbury. This is a hypertrophy workout i’m gonna try by Chad Waterbury (leading strength coach) it can be found here: Anyone tried TBT before?. Training tips de Chad Waterbury: Two days of cardio is fine. Therefore, the parameters of TBT constantly change, compared to older.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Chad Waterbury’s Total-Body-Training This is a hypertrophy workout i’m gonna try by Chad Waterbury leading strength coach it can be found here: Lat Pull-downs Lower back: Straight-legged Deadlift Side Delts: Dumbell Rows or Barbell Rows Lower back: Close-grip chins pulldowns Lower back: Tricep extensions or tricep pushdown Calves: What do you guys think? Got any tips suggestions for me? Workout routine looks really good mate. But I couldnt help noticing.

Where is the Abs, Tris, Bis excersises?? I know you said it is mainly compound but still.

Full Body Training Part 1: Program Design

But other than that it looks good. Great workout, very well built Also ozlifter he has some Tri and Bi workouts, but not any abs If yah do click it, and select “Good Reputation Point” Close-grip chins pulldowns kinda indirectly works bi’s, so bi’s r kinda gettin’ hit twice a week, and tri’s gettin’ hit on the dumbell presses too. A routine like this looks pretty good for ectomorphs who have difficulty building size, like me. Yes im aware of that It just doesnt really seem enough dont you think?

I hope so, as I am cyad an ectomorph was 6’1, lb before working out. What kinda workouts are better for ectomorphs?

The focusing on the compound lifts? I caught you looking at my sig.

Dr. Darden’s H.I.T.

Time Under Tension This looks great to me. Is tempo taken into consideration here or are the lifts simply slow and structured? Truth cannot be brought down; rather the individual must make the effort to ascend to it. Train Eat Sleep DC style “If you always do what you always done, you will always get what you always got”. This looks great to me. Prior to reading this thread I was is desperate need of a new routine.

I have been following Waterbury’s workout for about 4 weeks now and I love it. It seems to be just what the doctor ordered. I do, however, have a friend of mine who takes issue with this routine to some degree. He has been lifting for some time and I respect his opinion somewhat. I was wondering what the general opinion of members of the forum thought of cchad take on things. Following is his email reply to me when I told him about it: First let me say everybody responds somewhat different chqd trainings.


That being said, here is my view: Ttb have a few problems with this workout. It is a glorified circuit training workout. You will never put on the potential size if you desire that with this workout. For decades, men built slabs of muscle with simple, three day-per-week training programs. They trained their whole bodies in one brief workout session and they grew big and strong.

Scoff all you want, but tens of thousands of trainees can’t be wrong. From observation did Arnold train this way? What about Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman, etc None have done this and I from my experience will tell you why.

Your body will respond by realizing that it has to adapt to this stress in order to survive an begin to grow and get stronger. Plus the stress to the area worked will not yield the panic to the body to force adaptation to survive. That being said it does yield a good cardiovascular blood flow, if that is what you desire, but that is not his claim.

Lastly your strength will be diminished because of the overall exertion, therefore not being able to deep fiber stress your muscles, resulting in growth. I will workout my chest 3x sometimes 4x in a two week period. That being said I work out about 4x a week, different body cnad reason blood pump and strength If you desire a stay in shape, get a little bigger, little stronger.

This is a good workout to follow. But his claims of how you will get big chwd strong, naw, not a chance. The results I am having are to good not to. I just wondered what you guys thought. Does anyone think that this workout would work just fine if I don’t do the antagonist training in this program?

Reason being that I don’t want to tie up two different pieces of equipment at once and have to worry about it at the gym. Locked, cocked, and ready to rock! If it was me id add some curls and extensions, but otherwise the concept looks good.

Your friend doesn’t recognize that the blood pump he is experiencing has very little relation to muscle growth. Nutrients are still delivered no matter what degree of pump he gets.


ATP energy molecules and glucose still gets delivered to generate muscle contractions no matter the blood pump. Blood flow only matters most post workout when you are trying to get rid of metabolic wastes hydroxyproline generated during the tvt.

You can do 5lb. Only a newbie lifter would respond to that anyway. Waterbur causes muscle growth is microtrauma to cuad fibers, specifically satellite cell fusion and an oxidative debt to the fibers.

This is acheived by stressing the muscle fibers under load for a period of time: This has very little to do with blood pump. But sometimes the pump becomes a result of choosing the correct loading patterns, volume, and frequency to grow.

The pump, however, can be contributed to wrong training protocols as well. Hell of a deal!! This is a hypertrophy workout i’m gonna try by Chad Waterbury leading strength coach it can be found here: Last edited by Truthseeker; at Waterbury recommends focusing on the compound lifts by doing 6 exercises each workout – 4 compound, and 2 isolation. In rbt example workout, he hit the calves, bi’s, and tri’s twice each tbh as the isolation exercises, but i’ve decided to also include some side delt, and hamstring work.

Who needs ab training when you deadlift, squat and perform standing presses. Well everyone eaterbury trains that is.

After much deliberation, I decided to give this workout a try. I had my first day yesterday.

It felt a bit odd, coz I’ve become use to pumping one muscle group a day. But I am open to learning so I quickly got into it. I hope to have postive feedback in a few weeks. I have 2 questions.

Is it ok that I do about 30 minutes of cardio inbetween training days? And on a training days I do about 10 minutes of cycling to warm up.

Workout Critique: Chad Waterbury’s Total-Body-Training – Forums

This is my current meal plan. Does it seem acceptable Last edited by hsilverbullet; at You seem to be deadlifting 3x a week, why not throw in some variety such as good mornings. You’re also doing both deadlift and stiff legged deadlift on monday, it might be too much, stick to a single joint exercise instead.

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