I am using CFCHART in coldfusion to plot a line graph with 2 series of data (percentage for a date). The problem I’m having is that if one. I just wondering if you could help me with cfchart y-axis. ColdFusion for some reason auto format y-axis with number, for example the value of. Adam Cameron investigates some dodgy behaviour that CFCHART engages in.

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Writing a chart to a variable

Hexadecimal value or supported named color; see the name list in the Usage section. A struct of keys used to style second x axis such as format, guide, item, and label, which is on the top of the chart. Save the file with a different name; for example myBeige. You can create a pie chart using hard-coded values in cfchartdata, as shown below: Subsequent slices are automatically colored based on the specified initial color, or use the colorList attribute.

Number of units by which to display the chart as angled, horizontally.

ColdFusion Help | Writing a chart to a variable

The fontSize specifies an Integer font size used for all text. ColdFusion MX 7 Added style and title attributes.


Using the scales attribute. Creating a basic chart. The default value is rectangle. Set cfchwrt offset for background gradient. Whether to display column labels in alphabetic order along the x axis: Creating a pie chart. The foregroundColor attribute specifies the border color.

You can specify this tag’s attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure.

The first two digits of an eight-digit hexadecimal value specify the degree of transparency, with FF indicating opaque and 00 indicating transparent. Pie chart from database. The showMarkers attribute displays markers at the data points for two-dimensional line, curve, and scatter charts.

ColdFusion determines relative positions, based on graph types cluster stacked percent. The value 0 is flat no rotation-1 and 1 are for a full 90 ot rotation left.

coldfusion – CFCHART to plot a line graph with 2 series of data Error – Stack Overflow

All Data point colors colorList A comma-separated list of colors to use for each data point for bar, pyramid, area, horizontalbar, cone, cylinder, step, and pie charts. Added support for eight-digit hexadecimal values to specify RGB color and transparency.

A struct of keys related to fill such as: URL to open if the user tp item in a data series; the onClick destination page. Set the transparency of a background image so that underlying colors or chart can show. All Border showBorder Use the showBorder attribute to draw a border around the chart. You can control the appearance of charts by doing any of the following: The axis indicates the data category.


Specify the name of the file; for example, mystyle. Added style and title attributes. Use the showXGridlines and tl attributes to display x-axis and y-axis grid lines. Specify the structure name in the attributeCollection attribute and use the tag’s attribute names as structure keys.

Defines the radius of rounded corners.

The valid struct keys are angledepth, and true3d. ColdFusion uses the same rules to look for the chart style XML files as it does for files included using the cfinclude tag.

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