The Ceragon Networks FibeAir P Series Broadband Wireless Network system provides wireless high-capacity digital transmission over short, medium and. Continuing with its tradition of innovative high-capacity broadband wireless network solutions, Ceragon. Networks® presents FibeAir™ P, the latest. Ceragon Networks®, FibeAir®, and CeraView® are registered trademarks of RFU works together with FibeAir R, IP, T, P, and IP-MAX ².

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Table of contents Operation Manual Table Of Contents Chapter 1 Introduction Fibeair System Components Chapter 2 Theory Of Operation Fibeair System Specifications Chapter 3 Installation Installing The Antenna And Odu Installing The Fibeair t All-indoor Rfu Installing The Fibeair sp Odu Xpic Installation And Comissioning Chapter 4 System Setup Initial Setup Steps Additional Setup Using Ceraview Connecting Line Interfaces Chapter 5 Operation Logging In To Ceraview Ceraview For Fibeair p Chapter 6 Troubleshooting Alarm List Table Fault Isolation Using Loopbacks Connection Fault Guide Chapter 7 Protection Configuration Theory Of Operation Fibeair p Protection Configurations Chapter 8 Line Interfaces Main Channel Interfaces Wayside Channel Interfaces Order Wire Channel Interface Installation For Windows 98 Installation For Windows Nt Appendix B Connector Pin-outs External Alarms Connector Pin-out Protection Connector Pin-out Modem-ppp Cross Cable Pin-outs Rj pin Connector For Hitless Systems Wayside Channel Connector Pin-outs Appendix C Frequency Information Fcc Channel Allocations, Qam Etsi Channel Allocations, 16 Qam Etsi Channel Allocations, Qam Deutsch Telecom Channel Allocations, Qam Japan Channel Allocations, 16 Qam China Channel Allocations, 16 Qam Argentina Channel Allocations, 16 Qam Argentina Channel Allocations, Qam Frequencies For Fibeair High Power Don’t have an account?

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