CATALOG-GUIDE Aluminum Panniers + Equipment Soft Luggage Touratech BMW R GS AIR COOLED () R GS ADV AIR COOLED (). Offroad with BMW RGS HP and Honda Adventure Sports in Tuscany. The whole story is available in the new Touratech catalog from mid-January So it is already for the third time that Touratech has won in the luggage The coveted prizes were awarded last night at the “Motorräder Dortmund ” fair.

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Legal requirements for corrections do not exist. After a period of intensive restructuring, cutting-edge production has improved the quality of our products still further, and our new logistics centre boasts delivery processes which are fast and efficient.

Service-oriented offices throughout Germany and a power- ful distribution network cztalogo the globe ensure localised customer advice, expert service and reliable product availability. As part of the Pelzer Swiss Holding AG, Touratech is now well positioned, with innovative products, to continue as a trendsetter in the motorcycle and travel scene. But for all this technical perfection, Touratech products are primarily a means to an end. With this holistic approach, Touratech has developed a portfolio — the only accessories manufacturer in the world to do so — which goes far beyond the technical components for your machine.

Over more than two and a half decades, a product world has emerged which embraces all the different facets of motorcycle travel. Our range of products stretches from vehicle accessories with unique luggage solutions, own spring elements, innovative seats and the most compre- hensive range of protectors, to riding gear with premium components from head to foot, navigation solutions, cattalogo equipment and smart travel accessories, through to an extensive media offering.

And beyond the hardware, Touratech has always been an integral part of the global travel and adventure com- munity. The Travel Event, where every year more than catalogoo, motorcycle travellers from all over the world come together to exchange their experiences, is not all.

Touratech plays an important role in shaping the way in which motorcycle touring can become a direct experience — the latest example being the Adventure Country Tracks ACT project developed youratech Touratech — a leading-edge concept, allowing you to carry out your own authentic adventure tours independently, while keeping touratrch a manageable time budget. Two destinations, Portugal and Greece, have already been opened up, other European countries will follow shortly.

Whether product, event or concept — the driving power behind all catallgo activities is the fascination of motorcycle travel. We are looking forward to a great season tourafech in The Touratech Team 3. Los FaisanesUrb. Unit 4 Pelbel 2 Blgd.

Via Maestri del Lavoro, 6 Trento Tel: V Saint-Petersburg Tel: Carrer Nicaragua, 48 Barcelona barcelona motocenterlevante. Calle Ancora, 23 Madrid madrid motocenterlevante. A Alejandro Schroeder CP: Triumph Tiger XC p.

Revolution Not Evolution Whether on the roof of the world or in deepest Africa, few products embody the spirit of ad- venture so much as Touratech Desierto fairings, which have proven themselves time and again on extended journeys across all continents over the last 17 years.

The first Desierto fairing, inarose from the need to optimise the somewhat scant wind protection on the R GS.

While the name, which is Spanish, evokes the deserts of the world to cross on this motorbike, it also says a lot about the thinking behind the design. The first version of the Desierto replaced the entire tourqtech structure and touratch rectangular headlight.

This was the touratecn that Herbert Schwarz rode to Mount Kailash in Tibet, as documented in the first Touratech travel film. It was a spe- cial challenge for Touratech chief desig- ner Bart van den Bogaard, who collabora- ted on this project with co-designer and consultant David Robb. In response to customer requests, Touratech offers two different wind- screens for the Desierto IV: Both are available in a cataolgo version and various degrees of tinting.


In addition, the middle section of the easy-to-install Desierto IV fairing is available separately, since it can be combined with the original screen for the R GS and also functions as a headlight bezel.

Motoviajeros Perú

Based on their de- sign drawings, sketches and paper models, a clay model was produced, which was then used to jointly define proportions and surfaces. After the thumbs-up from the designers and subsequent approval process, the model was digitised and then plotted in 3D. The characteristic Desierto sweep above the headlight is striking at first glance, as are the distinctive wedge-shaped side sections creating a concordant link between fairing and tank. The dynamic styling emphasises the agile nature of the R GS LC, lending a new aesthetic dimension to the familiar Desierto look.

The windscreen itself is at a steeper angle than the original, which gives a superior ride feel, enhances the sense of space, and at the same time optimises wind protection without adding turbulence at helmet level.

Since the standard The Touratech anti-glare shield has an extremely positive effect on the BMW. It makes the whole headlight look more appealing. The black plastic shield is easy to fit behind the windscreen. There is a significant reduction in turbulence and wind pressure against the helmet. It simply fits onto the windscreen, and is secured using the snap closure.

When going off- road, the spoiler is easy to remove in seconds. A high quality brand lock secures the spoiler against unauthorised caalogo. Thanks to countless miles of adventure ex- perience and to the know-how of our production department, we developed a wind shield that unites an appealing adventure design and an optimal function touratecj every application. Replace your original windscreen with the Touratech wind shield and discover much better driving properties!

The form and function of the upper edge of the wind shield is based on our rally experience.

Vehicle Equipment

The aerodynamic optimization guides the air streams over the head of the pilot without unnecessary turbulences. Raising the handlebar by 15 mm results in a more upright, much more relaxed seating position. The ad- justment range of the handlebar angle is increased, which further increases rider comfort. The Touratech handlebar riser also makes riding while standing less tiring, which is of tremendous benefit to taller riders in particular. The overall result is a noticeable increase in stamina and concentration.

Long stretches on the motorway are less nerve-racking, and even fast, difficult sections off-road are easier to handle. Our GPS brackets all fit perfectly on its 12 mm brace. For easy, safe attachment of your GPS. With no impairment of the view of the instru- ments.

The base mount with the power supply strip and control buttons on the side which is supplied with the BMW Navigator is integrated into the Touratech handlebar mount.

Using the original BMW base mount on its own does not sufficiently protect the Navigator against the vibrations that occur specifi- cally on motorcycles. Another feature of our handlebar mount is that the BMW Navigator securely locks into the motorcycle mounting.

The Kaoko Cruise Control replaces the original handlebar end weights. The tojratech knurled screw secures the accelera- tor in position. This significantly ccatalogo the strain on the right hand during long journeys.

Thanks to the continuous adjustment, the accelerator can also be fixed to decelerate very gently – leaving you enough time to take your hand off the handlebar for a moment without immediately losing throttle. Despite that, the motorbike decelerates in a gentle and controlled way. This catalobo is illegal in road traffic in Germany and could be dangerous if used incorrectly.


We are unable to accept any responsibility for it. This enables cataloogo grip width to be set individually. Having the lever in the right position for your hand size and the way you ride means fatigue-free riding even on long journeys and cataloogo roads. The additional folding touratevh together with the defined, predetermined breaking point ensures maximum safety and allows you to continue riding even after a fall.

Control and manageability are key factors for safety and riding pleasure without stress. New durable stainless steel model now available with quick release fastener!

Now you can clip on the headlight protector and detach it again as needed. Just bolt the sturdy and secure side struts. And of course the protector caalogo with everything you need to fit it. This head- light protector has been developed for off-road use and is not street legal. The excellent light output is made possible by the latest lighting technology and high-performance LEDS with a higher level of efficiency.

Power consumption just 13 watts per headlight! Very bright Xenon light for consi- derably safer driving at night. The Xenon light is activated by the high beam and provides much more light. The 20, volt transformer uses only 35W to produce double the light.

Dakar 2012: Touratech USA sponsors Jonah Street

This considerably reduces the risk of the hand brake lever mounting breaking off if you fall and thus making it doubtful whether you can continue riding.

The hand protector can be combined with various spoilers and then offers optimum protecti- on against wind and weather. A very strong, sturdy construction which has proved itself time and again in many rallies and on other motor cycles. Very useful and pleasant in rain, snow, hail and cold. The spoilers are made out of resistant and light synthetic. Tested in Madagascar as well as various other locations, the cataogo has more than proved its abilities.

Replacement of the yokes and calliper support is expensive and annoying, and additional parts may also be destroyed. The hard part is made of laser-cut stainless steel and tough plastic parts which absorb the impact. A 22012 section is also muffled by a resilient rubber pad. The steering stop is barely restricted by the hard part.

The stainless steel part is coated with black plastic powder. It fits all water- cooled R GS and Adventure models – inclu- ding the model update! During develop- ment, we also paid attention to compatibility with the original BMW and Touratech crash bars. Thanks to innovative production technology, there are no disturbing welds, which are often considered to be a vulnerable point.

The unique design of the 4 mm thick aluminium part guarantees effective protection, high sta- bility and gives your GS a sporty, modern look. The RALLY engine guard encloses your manifold like a protective sheath to protect it from all sides, in the best way possible.

It hugs the body of your BMW, guaranteeing maximum ground clearance. The positioning of side slots ensures that there is no need to worry about overhea- ting, and cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner is a breeze.

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