Category: Seduction Method Dating Seduction Technique · Inner Game · Missions · Q&A Carlos Xuma’s Favorite programs for dating and the Alpha Lifestyle. Seduction Method is an e-book written by Carlos Xuma; a self profess guru in this topic with lots of hands-on experience. Here, he shares his understanding and. – Carlos Xuma – DD Publications – All Rights Reserved –. PENGUIN BOOKS THE ART OF SEDUCTION Falling in Love by Francesco Alberoni, make .

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Thank you for your great books.

My programs will change your life for the better. Press play to hear Simon You know that learning and improving your seduction skills is something every man should do.

Free Carlos Xuma Books: PDF Download

I have always been the type to show of and throw money at women. She goes in and says “I had fun – I’ll call you sometime.

And yes, ultimately, the women will come. Now, imagine if you could get a little practice aiming, and that you were lined up in meethod of the board. I only wish I had a photographic memory to remember it all The three qualities you should test a woman for when deciding whether or not you are interested in her Share Your Opinion Enter your name Use sdduction alias “made up” name if you prefer to remain anonymous.


Are you tired of wasting time and money reading dating tips in self-help books and newsletters that don’t give you any idea on what the real deal is about what women want? My ego was blinding me to the fact that I didn’t know everything, and I could find a way to get more women and sex in my life.

Psychology of seduction gives readers a delightful insight in a woman’s psyche. Press play to hear Rion A complete glossary of seduction terminologyso that you know how to think and understand the terms used in seductionboth online and off. How to turn the introduction around so that you are ‘testing’ the woman instead of the other way around How to avoid the obvious to appear seductjon to women you meet mehhod different than any other guy they’ve met that night The 17 Seduction Types – the 17 personalities of women you must understand so you can adapt your game to her type Xuma contends that men in the post-feminist era born after lack advantage with women in terms of socialization.

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That would be a very helpful piece on information in your quest to sort of understand a woman When I gave seductiom having to be right, and I started being a student again, learning from those who were doing what I wanted to be able to do, I started getting laid as much as I wanted.


I know I’ll be reading it over and over againand learning new things that I’ve previously missed Xuma is noted as saying: I’ve been featured as an expert advisor in magazines, radio, and television. You need the complete suite of tools that will turn you into a total ladies’ man. You’re going to get the true methods of initiating a woman’s interest and attraction for you, as well as the complete progression to take it from the first meeting to the first sexual encounter.

Books by Carlos Xuma

Great quality once again! Supreme Self Confidence eBook. What you need to say to her to put her into a passionate, suggestive state You’re out on a date with Virginia, the hot babe from accounting, and you’ve just walked her to her front door, being the gentleman that you are. Aren’t there dating rules to prevent this?

Are you the kind of guy who goes out on dates with women and winds up paying for the dinner, the movie, and then you don’t even get a kiss goodnight?

S – Annapolis, MD.

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