8th Edition Army Books are hardcover and full color. 8th Edition was released July Army, ISBN, Release Date. Wood Elves. So after toiling away for nearly the entire day (almost 12 hours straight, back says ouch!), I’ve finally finished the Bretonnia book, my longest to. Bretonnia 9th Ed and 8th ed update out now! This update As for the fluff, I need to read the TK book thoroughly first. While the 90% tax.

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I’d like to think that it wasn’t as simple as this, but I do find myself looking at some of the units mainly the Forest Spirits and consider what agmy are required to really get them pulling their weight. I think that just removing the minus to Ld will solve the balance issue. Scouts are a separate special choice now, and when compared with Glade Guard they effectively lose their core status and pay 1 point for the addition of the Scout and Skirmishers special rules.

Anonymous 2 March at In keeping with prior Wood Elf armies, armor is slight or absent. Technically 8tg you can’t do that since your general has to have a Vow.

People have been waiting a long time for its replacement to arrive, and there will doubtless be a level of disappointment after so much anticipation. I don’t really want the M A to be equivalent of Empire State Troopers in that they come with a ton of weapon options, but rather have them with a fixed given role.

Foot Knights 10 pts, free morning stars. Aemy Read Edit View history. Even their steeds are Strength 4.

There should be a modification to the unit types section and the Fear special rule so that Chaos Ogres still fear Daemons especially ones of equal sizeArachnorak Spiders are scared of Bloodthirsters and other things.

So those are effectively the army-wide rule changes.

Warhammer Armies Project: Bretonnia 9th Ed and 8th ed update out now!

I’m not sure Warhammer should really have entire “expert” armies – races that are too tricky for beginners and really need an experienced hand to make them work. So your basic building block was archers that could be fielded en masse, and who had the ability to move into position or back off as they shot. Clocking in at nothing less than pages, this tome contains pretty much everything there is to know on Bretonnians, with tons of fluff compiled from both 5th boo 6th ed army books as well as Knights of the Grail from WFRP.


You cannot play this army without Knights, so embrace the men of horse and steel. Books are in brand new condition. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Bretonnia army book 8th edition | Bretonnia

Now I’m kind of tempted to do a point army of Bretonian outlaws lead by a faceless, not the most viable force but it would be kind of a cool theme.

Unfortunately GW knows that you will need boxes of Knights to build bretpnnian army, you will get neither enough in a single box nor a decent price.

Apparently they get old and bored, and stop paying attention. Just ignore this post if I’m wrong with my assumption here. Email required Address never made public. What resilience and staying ary the army had came from Forest Spirits.

But it is a surprise to see it.

Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Army Book Bretonnia

Bretonniaunofficial army book. A Level 4 Ancient will set you back points and can’t get any magic items, but good luck making an Elven Spellweaver anywhere near as resilient.

A single large unit of bodkins that makes a really good target for augment spells. Armour will pose a real problem if you can’t bring your targets down with Arcane Bodkins and Waywatchers. Miniature Musings of a Bear My wife thinks I am having a second childhood but actually I never left the first one. This may particularly be the case given that the old book was competitive enough when it first arrived, but it had fallen well behind the curve a long time ago.


Upgrading my Bretonnian list for 9 ed. The old Tree Whack attack returns, however it’s a bit different from days gone by.

Putting a hand on the reigns or pointing heroicly will do fine. Lords and Paladin no longer has to be mounted but shame on you if you don’t! They are to survive, not destroy, without magical help. I say go for it!

The sixth edition rendered these obsolete. Anonymous 25 April at A wealthy commoner wouldn’t go to the expense and trouble to own a Pegasus or Hippogryph and becoming a Lord, Baron, Questing Knight or Grail Knight is still exclusive to nobles. Thanks for your time. And that is pretty badass. All in all, they are a far superior unit to Dryads, and are the same price until you buy them shields.

The old Bretonian men at arms had these options and it’s strange that they restricted their weapons so severely. Get to Know Us. Men-at-Arms have spears by default, can add shields or replace spears with halberds. This is funny, because they are only 10 points more expensive than they used to be. What they do not have is the ability to move and shoot without penalty — this is gone, although it bretonnian effectively be replaced using special arrows as discussed below.

You are commenting using your WordPress. If the player is left thinking that way, the list is flawed. I don’t think so. Oh sorry, for 8th, should have posted that. Finally, they are 8tn humans who discard the technology of the empire and instead fight with faith and chivalry. Posted by Hoodling at

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