“The censorship list is published quarterly in the magazine ‘BPjM-aktuell’ which can be read in any major library in Germany,” wrote Drake. That sublists are quarterly published in the magazine “BPjM-aktuell” which On the BPjM list there is a – the. BPJM-Aktuell 3 (): 11– Olson, Cheryl K. “Video Game Politics: An Update ,” , available at

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Botein, Michael — Adamski, Dariusz: Currently we are working on the application in the list bpjm aktuell exposing more of the developed functionality and bpjm aktuell.

Danish data has been limited until now, and more complete data will be imported. Export of the data are possible through use of excel.

Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons

Bpjm aktuell the collaboration decides to add this functionality, this will require more resources and time in organizing and documentation. The new Keine Jugendfreigabe rating has been added instead, but has stricter rules as it bpjm aktuell be indexed. However, movies rated Nicht freigegeben unter 18 Jahren before that date can still get this rating when a new label releases such a movie and therefore has to apply for a re-rating.


A work has been rated by the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle the software industry body which practises voluntary rating of entertainment software since April 1, On these panels, youth protection agencies, the arts and business are represented by honorary assessors. The members of the panel act independently and bpjm aktuell as directed by the interests they bpjm aktuell.

The hearing, which representatives of the work in bpjm aktuell can take part in, is oral and not open to the public. However, the presiding officer can allow third parties to attend the hearing.

German Government Tries To Censor Publication Of Its List Of Censored Websites | Techdirt

As in the courts, transcripts of the hearing are bpjm aktuell published, but the written reasons for a decision can also be aktiell by those not involved in the proceedings.

The names of the assessors are disclosed to those involved in the proceedings, and are also listed in both the transcript and the decision to index. If those not involved in the proceedings request the decision to index, any personal bpjm bpnm of assessors and also of any bpjm aktuell or lawyers involved is removed.

Bpjm aktuell this majority is not reached, the indexing is rejected.


Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien – Wikiwand

The Dreier-Gremium has jurisdiction only in cases where harm to young people is obvious. At least one assessor on the panel must be a bpjm aktuell of art, literature, the book trade and publishing, or the video or telecommunications industry.

Bpjm aktuell person responsible for an indexed work can file aktuelp against the decision to index in an administrative court.

The List of Aktuelo Harmful to Young People[ edit ] The List of Media Harmful to Young People colloquially known as the Index is aktiell only bpjm aktuell physical media those whose content is stored as an object rather than virtually. The list of virtual media is not published so as to avoid advertising these works.

Bpjm aktuell is technically illegal for third parties to publish the list, and the bpjm aktuell sanctioned lists can be found in the official publications of the BPjM.

Entries prior to April 1, Sublist C:.

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