Title, Csillagszoba: Út a szakkarai piramisfeliratok magyar nyelvű olvasatához. Author, Borbola János. Contributor, Írástörténeti Kutató Intézet (Budapest). Book subcategory, Other. Author, Borbola János. Publisher, Gebauer Pharma Kft. Year of publication, ISBN, I am trying to find a record of my great grandfather’s death. Born Janos Kalmar, ( changed to John Kalmar in America). He was born 22 Sep in Tét.

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For months, psychologists struggled to reach the eight year old boy in the burn unit of the Pediatric Hospital of Tacubaya, in Mexico City.

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He had been discovered in the basement of a house, tied to a water tank after being burned along the backs of both legs with a clothes iron by his uncle and aunt, who were later arrested.

Dulas is a computer-generated character created by Julia Borbolla, a Mexican child psychologist.

Dulas, like all of these characters, comes from a planet called Antenopolis and knows nothing about life on earth, not even what a mother or father is.

He is red, the color children associate with burns, jnis wears bunny rabbit slippers because he remains in a hospital — so children can count on his companionship.

In the corner a TV screen was set inside a cutout of a s-style spaceship, with mailbox slots for children to place notes or drawings. Mateos went to an adjacent room and Dulas appeared on the screen. Speaking through Dulas in a software-altered cartoony voice, Mateos used keyboard strokes to make him move and express emotions.


When I visited Mateos recently at the Tacubaya hospital, he told me that, within 30 minutes: Therapists have been using puppets to help children unearth and process their feelings for decades.

To begin with, the children interact with the characters or cyber-puppets in a room without adults present therapists monitor with cameras. The characters also have attributes and stories that are both designed to borboa rapport and make it easy for children to project their feelings upon them. Like many children, they prefer not to interact with adults.

Perhaps most important, therapists must undergo several months of training and practice, under observation, before they can use the tool. Not all therapists receive certification, Borbolla says. Borbolla originally got the idea to use a drawing of an animated character to communicate with children when she was working as a school psychologist in the s. Years later, in private practice, jmos worked with a cyber-puppet maker to develop a software version.

She spent six years refining the tool. Inshe established a nonprofit foundation, Antenas Por Los Ninossupported by grants, to disseminate the work.

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The impetus was a comment made by her daughter Juli, who is now 27 and is also a clinical psychologist. Juli had been born without a right ventricle in her heart, and as an infant and child she had undergone repeated surgeries and hospitalizations.

I wanted to know if I was going to die. I wanted to know hnos else was going to happen to me. Antenas characters have been used to assist children who are experiencing a range of difficulties.

Therapists in Tacubaya use them in pre- and post-operative therapy and burn rehabilitation. In Morelia, one character, Bompi, is employed to assist children with disabilities.


One of the first times Borbolla used the Antenas character was with a five-year-old girl jnso parents brought her in because she jnoss been wetting her bed. But therapists also follow up with the child and the family to confirm facts.

In such cases, therapists have to handle the information carefully.

One principle of the work is that a therapist must not reveal that she knows something that was said to an Borbolla character privately. The psychologists I spoke and emailed with said they loved the tool.

José Rodríguez de la Borbolla – IMDb

Some psychologists have concerns about children being deceived into thinking they are confiding with a character when they are in fact talking to human adults. And she is careful to add that Antenas is no substitute for therapy. She likes to limit its use to six sessions. She is developing an Internet-based application to reach children who are immobile.

And she dreams of having jnoos resources to bring the tool into disaster areas, like Haiti. How are they faring? What Everyone Needs to Know. Home Reportajes Dibujos animados que curan.

Fixes November 22,8: Antenas por los Ninos Talking about abuse to Dulas, instead of an adult, has been therapeutic for some traumatized children. Dibujos animados que curan.

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