‘Blown for Good’ is Marc Headley’s autobiography, documenting him growing up in a family influenced by Scientology, joining the Sea Organization and finally. “Marc Headley, a former insider at the church, has written a tell-all book, called Blown for Good, about his 15 years of work with Scientology. And folks you. The latest Tweets from Marc Headley (@blownforgood). Blown for Good, my book on my 15 years @ Scientology Int HQ & eventual escape is on sale.

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For years, Michelle LeClair, former president of Scientology’s international humanitarian organization, tried to reconcile her same-sex attraction with the anti-gay ideology of the church. Michelle finally ends her horrific marriage, finds the love of her life, a woman, and ultimately leaves the Church.

But the split comes at a terrible price. In this tell-all memoir, Michelle offers an insider’s perspective on Scientology’s pervasive influence, secret rituals, and ruthless practices for keeping members in line. Commodore’s Messenger begins by taking the listener into the life of the first family of Scientology in Australia: Yvonne and Peter Gillham and their three children, Peter Jr. Life for the Gillhams is not without its challenges in Australia, but nothing compares to what happens when the family moves to England after dealing with the banning of Scientology in Victoria.

Things spiral out of control, as Hubbard leaves England and takes to the sea. Award-winning journalist John Sweeney investigated the Church for more than half a decade. During that time he was intimidated, spied on, and followed, and the results were spectacular: Sweeney lost his temper with the Church’s spokesman on camera, and his infamous ‘exploding tomato’ clip was seen by millions around the world.

In Paulette Cooper wrote a scathing book about the Church of Scientology.

Blown For Good – Order Page

Desperate to shut the book down, Scientology unleashed on her one of the most sinister personal campaigns the free world has ever known. The onslaught, which lasted years, ruined her life and drove her to the brink of suicide. The story of Paulette’s terrifying ordeal is told in full for the first time in The Unbreakable Miss Lovely. The only book to examine the origins of Scientology’s current leader, Ruthless tells the revealing story of David Miscavige’s childhood and his path to the head seat of the Church of Scientology, told through the hdadley of his father.

Ron Miscavige’s personal, heartfelt story is a riveting insider’s look at life within the world of Scientology. Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, was raised as a Scientologist but fog the controversial religion in In Beyond Belief, she shares her true story of life inside the upper ranks of the sect, details her experiences as a member Sea Org – the church’s highest ministry – speaks of her “disconnection” from family outside of the heaeley, and tells the story of her ultimate escape.

Her year-old daughter was on the threshold of building a new company, and they both thought this program might help her achieve her dream. But quickly, Catherine saw a sinister side to what appeared to be a self-help organization designed to help its clients become the best versions of themselves.

From Rugby League players trying to improve their game, to Hollywood superstars and the depressed sons of media hewdley, Scientology has recruited its share of famous Australians. Less known is that Australia was the first hradley to ban Headldy, or that Scientology spies helped expose the Chelmsford Deep Sleep Scandal.

Numerous Australians have held senior posts in the organisation, only bolwn fall foul of the top brass and lose their families as a result. A former top insider reveals the nightmare world of violence and abuse at the highest levels of the Church of Scientology.

Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology

This starts a quarter of a century journey of manipulation, betrayal and sexual, physical and mental abuse. This hwadley leads to the highest management echelon and one woman’s courage to break free. Based on more than personal interviews with both current and former Scientologists – both famous and less well known – and years of archival research, Lawrence Wright uses his extraordinary investigative ability to uncover mafc us the inner workings of the Church of Scientology.


Former insider Chris Shelton grew up in Scientology and worked for it for 25 years. This critical analysis covers the key aspects of its beliefs, practices, and structure from the bottom to the top, including not just the confidential Xenu story but details of all of the upper-level scriptures. Chris goes into detail about what goes on inside Scientology churches, why its members get involved in the first place, and what it takes to get out ofr someone decide to leave. Scientology, created in by a prolific sci-fi writer named L.

Ron Hubbard, claims to be the world’s fastest-growing religion, with millions of members around the world and vor financial holdings.

Its celebrity believers keep its profile high, and its teams of “volunteer ministers” offer aid at disaster sites such as Haiti and the World Trade Center. But Scientology is also a notably closed faith, harassing journalists and others through litigation and intimidation, even infiltrating the highest levels of government to further its goals.

She had no choice in the matter – none of the girls did. Her mission was to give birth to and raise many children in devoted service to msrc shared husband.

Susan was 15 years old when she became the sixth wife of Verlan LeBaron, one of the leaders of a rogue Mormon cult, who was engaged in a blood feud with his brother that from to claimed up to two dozen lives.

In this gripping and eloquent book, Susan Ray Schmidt tells the mac of growing up on the inside and of her ultimate escape with fog children from an oppressive and violent life.

The outspoken actress, talk show host, and reality television star offers headlry a no-holds-barred memoir, including an eye-opening insider account of her tumultuous and heart-wrenching year-plus association with the Church of Scientology. From the day he was born, Nick Traina was his mother’s joy.

By 19, he was dead. This is Danielle Steel’s powerful, personal story of the son she lost and the lessons she learned during his courageous battle against darkness. Sharing tender, painful memories and Nick’s remarkable journals, Steel brings us a haunting duet between a singular young man and the mother who loved him – and a harrowing portrait of a masked killer called manic depression, which afflicts between two and three million Americans.

In this searing memoir headlye survival in the spirit of Stolen Innocencethe daughter of Warren Jeffs, the self-proclaimed Prophet of the FLDS Church, takes you deep inside the secretive polygamist Mormon fundamentalist cult run by her family and how she escaped it.

Born into the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Bolwn, Rachel Jeffs was raised in a strict patriarchal culture defined by subordinate sister wives and men they must obey.

Pavlinac had come forth and confessed, implicating her boyfriend and producing physical evidence that linked them to the crime. Authorities closed the case. There was just one problem. They had the wrong people. And the real killer wasn’t about to let anyone take credit for his kill.

Her time in the Church, the s, includes the secretive illness and death of its founder, L.

Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology by Marc Headley

Ron Hubbard, and the ascension of David Miscavige. Hall compellingly reveals what drew her into the religion – what she found intriguing and useful – and how she came to confront its darker sides. Marc Headley provides an insider’s view of life as a member of Scientology’s “Sea Organization”.

Marc worked at Scientology’s secret desert compound, which houses mzrc Scientology management, for 15 years. The acre property is located deep in the California desert. The local townspeople were told lectures and films were made there. But is that all that was happening? It is the location of a multi-million-dollar home for L. Ron Hubbard, built two decades after his death. It is the home of Scientology’s current leader, David Miscavige.


So what dor happens at the Int Base? Are the stories on the Internet true? How does Scientology conduct management of its day-to-day operations?

Could stories of armed guards, weapons, staff beatings, and razor-wire fences be true? If so, how could a facility like this exist in modern-day America?

Hundreds of staff tried to escape over the years. Some succeeded but were never seen or heard of again; most failed. Why were people kept here? What really went on at the headquarters of Scientology? This is the story of what happened behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology. Or a professional voice actor.

An hour or so in, and none of those madc perceived shortcomings mattered. Scientology tell-alls are an admittedly very narrow genre, but this is easily the top of that class. I love listening to a first hand account read by the author. If you have read about Scientology in the past, you’ll enjoy this one!

Marcs book is defiantly one of the very best out there as he takes you behind the doors and into the very heart of Scientology showing you all those details they try so very hard to keep hidden. It is guaranteed to shock, appall and leave you very angry that such a ‘religion’ is allowed to abuse so many people on mass shielded by the first amendment.

This book covers his life in the cult from the lowest positions to some of the highest giving him access to the leader David Miscavige, the dictator that rules over the cult goov an emperor. The story he tells is what it’s really like to work, day in and day out, in such a strange organization, from the lowliest laborer mucking out excrement in a Gold Base pond to what kind of luxuries the celebrities and high-ranking members enjoy. Tom Cruise amongst other celebs are exposed for their blinkered view of abuse and how they justify the subjugation of regular Scientologists to appalling abuses.

The reviews on this book are not the best as some complain about the narration, but is honestly not that bad, just check the sample. It is an important book as it goes to the very centre of the cult. Glad this is on Audible now. I read the printed version a while back, and Mr. Headley did a great job as the narrator.

Definitely good insight into the insane leader of Scientology, David Miscavige. This first hand account of life at Scientologies Gold Base is eye opening. Enjoyed the gokd narration. This was one of the better audiobooks. Marc Headley obviously wrote this without a ghost blkwn and seems to have read it for this audiobook in his strong SoCal intonation.

Initially I felt both of those things were distracting and at times somewhat grating. After a few hours of the story, I changed my view.

I then thought, if this guy had to ‘live’ under these horrific conditions for over 15 years of his adolescence and early adulthood, then he truly deserves to write his own damn book and read it any way he wants to.

I have read many books on different cults, but Scientology has got to be in the top 3 of horribly demeaning brain washing cults there are. He was somewhat high up and around a lot of the influential people including frequent interactions with the deranged David Miscavige, so he has great information about the way its run.

A great listen and a great warning for anyone approached by a Scientologist – RUN! This is by far the most heart wrenching tale of a cult that I have read.

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