Read “Binding Krista” by Jory Strong online on Bookmate – Fallon Mates, Book One For Adan d’Amato and Lyan d’Vesti, only a shared bond-mate will ensure. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jory Strong has been writing since childhood and has Binding Krista (Fallon Mates Book 1) – Kindle edition by Jory Strong. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Fallon Mates: Binding Krista [Jory Strong] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book 1 in the Fallon Mates series. For Adan d’Amato and Lyan.

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Read an Excerpt Read the Reviews. Kindle Nook Kobo Smashwords. The Council scientists have found a match in Krista Thomas-a genetically compatible human. Only by including Rykken in the mate-bond will there be hope for Belizair. One look at Cyan and the mating fever of his race swamps Rykken. Without the wings of the Vesti and Amato she seems fragile, in need of a strong male to care for her.

Lethal grace and poetic beauty, Cyan finds it impossible to resist Laith and Rykken. Come to Earth and claim the perfect, genetically-matched mate, the catch—it has to be done in pairs, a feather-winged Amato must share a lover with a bat-winged Vesti.

The stories set in the Fallon Mates series can be read as stand-alones, though like any series, the enjoyment is deepened for having met the characters who overlap from story to story. Humans were packed in like miners on an old Ewellian transport.

Between the noise that their mechanical machines made, and the sound of their voices, it was enough to send a less-seasoned warrior running for cover. His mood was echoed in his mind-thought. The Council wastes our time. Our mate will arrive. Whoever watches over her would not send us to this location if she were not going to be here. You have too much respect for the infallibility of the Council and its genetic scientists. Their predictions and equations do not always hold true in the real world.

Have I not told them so each time I was hauled before them to explain my actions? It would amuse them to send us on a wild chase, or mate us to a human with nothing of the Fallon in her.

But if this human mate is unsuitable, then I will have one of my own choosing. The Vesti take what belongs to them when the time is right to take it. We do not beg at the table of the Council.

No doubt you have managed to offend someone on the Council, if not all of the members. But I have been a model citizen.


In front of the warriors, a red light suddenly began flashing. A siren screamed and an elderly human female with blue-tinted hair squealed in a tone pitched high enough to shatter Sarien glass. Only reflexes honed by hours of training and years of experience kept Adan and Lyan from using the Ylan crystals on their wrists to transmute the offending machine into particles so small that it could never be recovered.

Coins began tumbling out of the machine the elderly human had been hovering over. Lyan shook his head in amazement. It has been thousands of years since our ancestors were here and yet these humans continue to evolve at the creeping pace of a Tresor slug.


No wonder our appearance gave rise to their legends of angels and demons! Be glad that some of the Fallon were drawn to these humans and bred with them. If not for the genes of our shared ancestors, there would be no hope for either the Vesti or the Amato and both of our races would be doomed to extinction.

Lyan fought down the fury that always threatened to consume him at the mention of the fate awaiting those on Belizair. Nor would there be children for any of the Amato or Vesti females. So far the scientists had found only one way to defeat the Hotaling virus. All hope to avoid extinction rested on the unmated males, yet each male carried both the fear that there would be no match and the knowledge that it required a Vesti or Amato co-mate in order to produce offspring.

Lyan forced the tightness out of his chest. He was the first of his family to be matched. The continuance of their line rested with him-and Adan. He had never been drawn to females outside of his race but… Even as the thought took form, a woman entered the casino and need shot through him. Suddenly he had to fight for air, fight even to keep his balance. Adan took a sharp intake of breath, his eyes zeroing in on the woman. And yet her body was made for pleasure, not fighting.

Against the black material, her hair was a golden torch. Lyan could imagine the silky heat of bining burning its way across his skin and inflaming him further as it flowed over their writhing bodies.

The mating fever of the Vesti race shimmered just below the surface of his control. He was rock hard, ready. Instinct urged him to pounce now, to take her, join with her, make her completely his. A low growl vibrated along his throat. It is not one or the other, it is both or there is no conception at all.

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He snarled, Curse the Hotalings and their get. Let our people hunt them down one-by-one and rid the universe of them for their use of the bio-gene weapons. Kkrista for now let us be glad that our scientists have found a way for us to avoid extinction. Do we stand here and argue what cannot be changed, or do we go and secure her so that through her womb our lines may both survive?

As he did so, the woman sensed his movement and looked at him. He was too skilled a hunter not to see her tense, ready herself to escape. Her reaction flooded his being with the desire to protect her even as blood pounded through him in anticipation of a chase. The victory and mating would only be that much more intense. On his wristbands, the gold crystals swirled in tune to his anticipation of a mate, an heir, the jiry of his race.

She must accept us willingly or there is no bond. Do you really doubt our ability to secure our bond-mate? Before this night is over, she will belong to us in all ways.


As an added treat, Strong delivers a tantalizing setup for the next tale in the series. Romance readers should head to their computer and quickly buy this book!

The desire, tenderness, and protectiveness that Adan and Lyan felt towards Krista were very genuine. They complement each bindiing very well. Their relationship is not conventional but it is intriguing and progresses at a believable pace.

Binding Krista (Fallon Mates, #1) by Jory Strong

Strong has written a very creative futuristic tale that I enjoyed very much. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about multi partner relationships. The relationship between the three main characters kept me turning the pages. The air around them sizzled right off the pages and kept me riveted. The characters felt real to me, and I felt like I became involved in their lives…The sex in the book is sizzling, with two men willing to do anything to please their woman.

This was such a great story! Not only was there fabulous sex, but the plot was great as well. Jory Strong created such a heart-warming story. Krista had brains and she used them in the most logical way. I felt this was a great story and kfista wait until Ms. Strong brings out her next one. Adan and Kista are very intense and sensual both strojg and apart.

Put them together and you have pure dynamite. Krista is ktista in a difficult position, but is determined to do the right thing and put her ex behind bars where he belongs. She never thinks that she will find the two men that will complete her. The love scenes in this book are incredibly hot, so keep some ice handy to cool you down. Jory Strong has done an excellent job of creating a memorable plot and colorful characters that kritsa reader will remember long after the book is done.

It goes without saying the erotic level is steaming hot. It was so good let me tell you. I am not one that likes to read too much more then one-man and one woman, but this book pulled it off with me. I so loved this story and did not want it to end.

If you have not read this book or any previous books by this author I would not walk but run to buy all the books she has out, I know I will.

Strong is well known for her ability to keep people hanging on to her every word from start blnding finish kirsta her books. Good sex, good characters, and a fast paced plot that makes your head spin is always a good combination. I dtrong enjoyed this book and eagerly look forward to the rest of the Fallon stories. You must be at least 18 years old to enter this site. Back to Top Click here to increase or decrease font size: We will see if you remain amused as this plays out.

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