Color profile: Generic CMYK printer profile Composite Default screen Your security PIN!! You will only need this feature if you plan to set up Call Barring. Manufacturer: Binatone, Model: Fusion , Type of document: User manual, Category: Cordless Telephone, Number of pages: 2. Sun, 14 Oct GMT binatone fusion manual pdf – View and. Download Binatone Fusion. user manual online. Digital cordless handset.

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Binatone Fusion 2510 manual

You will only need this feature if you plan to set up Call Barring. The base unit has a default PIN personal identity number of There are two methods of resetting the system. The PIN will be reset to For instructions on how to operate the answering machine, refer to the user guide for the base unit telephone.

Important note — emergency calls The Fusion cordless handset is not designed for making emergency calls when the mains fusino fails.

If you need to call Emergency Services. If you have a Fusion Twin, Triple or Quad system, you already have two, three or four handsets. Altogether, you can have up to five handsets registered to the base unit, as numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5. When the other handset answers, you can speak to the user. To transfer the outside call to the other handset: Press and hold the OK button until the handset comes to life. The OK button switches the handset on and off. If so, the keypad is locked. Turn to Section 8 to find out how to unlock it.

If you have problems, contact the Binatone Help Line for more advice. For example, in a two-storey house, the first-floor landing is an ideal place for the base unit. Move the handset closer to the base unit. This equipment should be taken to your local recycling centre for safe treatment.

Call barring may have been set. See Section 7 for more information. Try moving the handset closer to the base unit. Try a different position for the base unit — perhaps higher, or further from other electrical equipment.

See Section 6 for more information. Check the Battery Level symbol on the display. If it is low, replace the cordless handset on the charger pod to recharge the batteries. The Fusion must be serviced by trained engineers. NEVER attempt any repairs or adjustments yourself — you could make the problem worse and invalidate the Guarantee. Move nearer to the base unit within 20 seconds, until the tone stops.

Otherwise, your call may be cut off. These are base unit numbers. If the display still says not subgo through the registration procedure again from step 1.

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Move to a different position to clear the interference. If you do not move, your call may be cut off. If either handset user presses PHONE to hang up, the other user will be left connected to the outside call.

On its display, your number appears, and the INT biantone flashes. You now have 3 minutes in which to register the handset. To fusiln whether a handset is registered, make sure mains power to the base unit is switched on and the handset is within range.


If the display shows not binnatoneyou need to re-register the handset. Call the Binatone Help Line if you need more advice. To register a new handset or to re-register a handset Conference calls To binwtone up a three-way conference between yourself, an outside call 250 an intercom call with another handset: Disconnect the mains power lead from the back of the base unit, then wait 30 seconds before reconnecting it.

Move closer, or your call may be cut off. Make sure you are keying in the correct number 1 to 5 for the other handset. You may need to replace the batteries Clean the battery charging contacts with a dry cloth. Check the connections between the charger pod and the mains power socket. Please note the following the batteries, but safety warnings: The best way to make are low.

Adjust the volume as decribed in Section 6. If the display says search 1make binarone the mains binatond lead is plugged into the back of the base unit, and the adapter is plugged into the mains socket with the power switched on.

Make sure the other cordless handset is within range of the base unit, and is not busy on a call. When you first make a call, try pressing the CDS button for a pause between the outside line access digit e. You should later be able to redial the number. When storing numbers in memory, you can include the outside fysion access digit e. If your PBX requires you to wait for a second Dial tone before dialling the telephone number, press the CDS button for a pause between the access digit and the number.

Call the Binatone Help Line for advice. It will help if you have your PBX documentation to hand when you make the call. Press during programming to move through the menus.

Press during a call to change the volume in the earpiece. OK button Press briefly while programming to confirm your fuslon. Press and hold to switch the handset off. Press during a call to adjust the volume in the earpiece or speakerphone.

Press during a call to mute the microphone.

Press to begin answering machine functions. While the battery is being charged, the level shown will keep changing. The EXT flashes, without the phone symbol, while your binatoje is ringing for an incoming call.


Before you can use the handset to make calls, you need to fit and fully charge the batteries. Programming You are programming the handset or base unit.

For instructions on how to install the base unit and charger pod, and to fit and charge the batteries, refer to the user guide for the base unit telephone. If the level is low, or the symbol is flashing, fusiin closer to fuaion base unit. If you need to insert a pause when keying ffusion a number, press the CDS button.

THREE times so 8 By default, display messages are shown in English; you can change the language to French, German, Portuguese, Spanish or Russian or other languages which may be listed on the display if you prefer.

You can change this to anything with up to eight characters. But with auto-answer turned on, when your handset is resting on the base unit and it rings for an incoming call, you can answer by simply lifting the handset. You can turn the tone off if you prefer. There are four levels of Call Barring: This is the default. When the battery level is low, as well as seeing the symbol on the display, you also hear a tone. For example, to key in jane — press 5 once, press 2 once, press 6 twice and press 3 twice.

If a name is displayed, to check the number: You can turn this off if you prefer. If you subscribe to this feature from your service provider, you can see the phone numbers of people calling you, before you answer. The Fusion will store the numbers of the last 30 incoming calls. Each Caller Display record includes: Last Number Redial To make a repeat call to the last number you dialled: Signal level then press OK 6 Modify the name if necessary, pressing to clear characters from the display before keying in the correct ones 7 Press OK 8 Modify the number if necessary then press OK You can now carry on modifying numbers, or press MENU again to go back to standby mode.

Binatone Cordless Telephone User Guide |

To answer a call When the handset and base unit ginatone Each number can have up to 20 digits, and you can store a fusikn of up to eight characters with the number. Press to generate pauses when using the phone on a PBX. When you dial a phone number, it is shown here. With the keypad locked, you cannot make emergency calls to or It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

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