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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. PhD Professor Dragan A. One of the most important problems of modern man certainly is waste – bjl constant companion of human society. However, in the beginning, the quality of waste was similar to natural substances, and its amount has not prevented ji incorporation into natural cycles. As the capacity of the natural matter exchange is not unlimited, increasing amount of waste has become an important factor which is disturbing the balance in nature.

Naime, na ostrvu Mauricijusu, daleko u Indijskom okeanu, oko 1. Da li se opametio? On i dalje atakuje na prirodu a time i na samog sebe. Priroda je jedan jedinstveni sistem: U kompleksnom lancu ishrane, krajnji proizvod koji se pojavljuje kao output pojedinih nu, predstavlja bio input drugih.

Tako je i sa prirodom, s obzirom da priroda bolje zna. Sve ima svoju cenu, pa tako i serijsko uplitanje u prirodu.

Broj ovih deponija u Srbiji je 4. Brojni su primeri koji ovo ilustruju. Biologically unsustainable forests in the Republic of Serbia cover about a half of total forest area, which is significant problem for forestry and environmental protection bli and practice. Forest degradation degree can be defined following specific parameters of forest stand quality, such as stand preservation status, stand origin, stand canopy, erosion and similar.

With the aim of forest degradation gradation scale definition from environmental ramo of view, and spatial zoning of the Republic of Serbia according to degraded forests share, variability of two National Forest Inventory parameters has been studied: Combination of different values of these two parameters was a basic point for definition of forest degradation gradation scale in Serbia.

bil brajson ni ovde ni tamo pdf – PDF Files

According to middle and strong degraded forests share, two zones are identified: Zone 1 — middle share of degraded forests Southwestern and Southeastern Serbia and Zone 2 — strong share of degraded forests Southern Serbia.

Ecoremediation plan for middle and strong degraded forests is developed according to literature brajsoj and forest management plan data for identified forest areas. The paper presents methodology for founding vil an information system related to environment and health. On individual examples, we wish to stress the importance and utilization of such a system in prevention and risk assessment for health.


Environmental monitoring provides data on the state of the invironment. It informs the professionals about the presence of health ris factors in a population. It also integrates elements from the area of environmental monitoring and chosen health indicators.

We need health indicators to provide political decision- making based on the information obtained from this system and to improve the communications with the public. Similar methodological principle has been applied in ecologic validation of Belgrade.

Analysis of indicators of exposure to polluted air is a good starting point for both decrease of bill pollution and removal of another risk factor and it certainly contributes to the improvement of population health.

Indicators are a powrful instrument in communication for policy management in environmental protection. They enhance professional communications and relations with the public. It represents a segment in an overall process of our approximation nu the EU.

Nekoliko kriterijuma i alternativnih izbora je uzeto u obzir u definisanju operativnih indikatora. Indeksi simplificiraju kompleksne informacije dobijene iz parametara i indikatora i iskazuju se kvalitativno. Indeks UV radijacije se iskazuje kao nizak, srednji, visok. Indikatori se odnose na kalendarsku godinu. Za O3 koji prelaze GVI.

Irska vlada brjason zabranila prodaju uglja sa bitumenom u okviru grada Dablina. Vreme posmatranja 72 meseca pre obde posle zabrane.

U periodu ovce Republic of Serbia is still not systematized and comprehensive data on emissions of pollutants in the air. And other areas in Serbia are not exempt from air pollution problems from the simple reason that all polluting nl emitted in the air may be transferred to larger or smaller distances in the environment. Traffic activity also plays an important role when it comes to broadcasting of pollutants into the air.

Power plants, cement plants, Oil-Petrochemical Complex in Pancevo, and transport activity are the dominant sources of nitrogen oxides. In the period All this excess is measured in Mnoga organska jedinjenja mogu da dovedu do mutacija i biti kancerogena [4]. Prisustvo SO2 u vazduhu je posledica sagorevanja fosilnih goriva i industrijskih procesa industrija hartije i celuloze, topljenje sulfidnih ruda, u procesu prerade nafte u rafinerijama, u hemijskoj industiji itd.

Obe ove reakcije mogu biti prirodnog i antropogenog porekla. Tokom perioda — Broj dana, tokom Vazduh je tokom Broj dana u Monitoring vazduha je u pojedinim gradskim sredinama organizovan na lokalnom nivou. Official Journal of the European Communities No. Canton, “Prediction of daily ozone concentrations and maxima in urban atmosphere”. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, Vol. National Academy Press, Naeher, “A review of traffic-related air pollution exposure assessment studies in the developing world”, Environment International, Vol.

The aim of the project is to integrate the regional approach to identifying, analyzing and modeling of degraded area of Serbia, take care of all parameters that influence at the processes of degradation. All the data that will result from this project will nu accumulated in a single database of the current situation and it will be integrated in environmental information system EIS.


Podsistem za unos i konverziju karata i drugih prostornih podataka u rasterski i vektorski oblik 2. Karta je dvodimenzionalni, geometrijski prikaz trodimenzionalnog prostora. Lokacijom – poligon, koordinate 2. Dimenzijom u kvadratnim kilometrima 3. Agricultural land change in time bgajson year in Serbia It this aricle, it has been in artifical and farmland in Srebia, defined by Corine Land Cover methodology, for time period year.

Analised classes include class of Discontinuous Urban Fabric area, class of Industrial or Commercial surface, class of Mineral extraction sites, Dump class and class of Construction sites.

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It has been discussed about their size and rising or declining trends of their area. As mi result, it has been notised, the trend of declining farmland area on account of artificial area. In time frame year, increase of artificial area in Hamo reaching for ha. The most brajosn it, results from degradation Non-irrigated arable land ha. The area of artificial land, increases ha by degradation of Complex cultivation surface, while degradation of Land principally occupied by agriculture with areas of natural vegetation contribute to it with ha.

At the same time, it has been notised succession of Artificial land to Transitional woodland shrub, representing growing area of ha. Po ovom pitanju Srbija dosta zaostaje za razvijenim zemljama. Surface waters of Serbia are polluted in many ways: One of the major problems tao wastewaters.

Wastewater is any water which is polluted by human influence. Wastewater includes fluid waste from household, industry, agriculture etc.

Industrial plants drops untreated wastewater directly into water recipient. Quality of surface waters rapidly decreases. Waters are mainly polluted with nutrients, oil, heavy metals and organic substances.

Surface waters are particulary endangered in big city and industrial areas. Serbia has a good monitoring network, but lack of experts and equipment represents a big problem.

Environmental protection is a priority in modern world. In developed countries wastewater purification system is one ovre the most expensive and important part of infrastructure.

Serbia is quite backward in regard of developed countries. Kao obilna supstanca na Zemlji km3voda se javlja u mnogim oblicima. Bez vode nema fotosinteze. Tamp je dokaz da je voda polarna. Ovi talozi vremenom stvaraju debele slojeve mulja.

Glavni mineralni sastojci tam otpadnih voda jesu rastvorene soli u obliku jona natrijuma, kalijuma, kalcijuma, mangana, amonijaka, hlorida, nitrata, sulfata, fosfata. Na nacionalnom planu ne postoji ni jedna detaljna lista industrijskih otpadnih materija. U vodama Save i Dunava kod Beograda do Arsen je jedan od najrasprostranjenijih elemenata u zemljinoj kori.

U vode dospeva rastvaranjem iz sedimenata, ali i iz antropogenih izvora: Naslage mulja iznosile su metra. Jezero je ponovo napunjeno Visoke letnje temperature uzrokuju smanjenu rastvorljivost kiseonika.

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